Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Swiss Cheese

You didn't think I'd let you have ALL the fun, now did you? 
Thank you to the SOAP GODDESS that Robert showed up yesterday, right? Geesh, the week was going to  be a total melt-down loss for me and then he popped up! I was like: WHO cares we're in a "SWISS" Hotel and Emma's on a "mission" that could be dangerous!!? HURRAY! Grandpa Scorpio is here!! 

You know what we are eating today don't you? Yep...get the CRONUTS out.  

This week was well, weak for me.  I know it contained a lot of the Franco 'ending' and there was some stellar acting but--eesh. We all knew It was coming and had been waiting for it since forever (it seems).  Franco's demons jumped out at us in full force and I just ...didn't really feel an impact. I think it's partly due to how they chopped up and filmed the therapy sessions with Kevin. Those could have been so much better and so much more than they were. I realize hypnotizing a character is a great way to get flashbacks and 'real-time' reaction but it's been done before. The "Kevin's Office Visits" were also edited into the rest of the stories so the impact was basically lost. 

The other thing that was off for me was the fact that it was Franco who was molested.   I really felt it was yet another attempt to flip this character around instead of a tragic back-story. They've been trying to do it since Roger took over the part and-- well, although you know I enjoy it, I'm over the "explanation" of why Franco was like the was. He was like that because James Franco wanted to play a crazy serial killer on a soap to then do a project about being on a soap. End of story. He's had the Jake Island Scarecrow mystery, the help Jake be an artist story, the tumor in a jar-- you name it. I wish it was part of Drew's past and Franco was trying to help him or something. Would have been way more powerful and not alienated people that don't like the character. Anyway, there it is...  I do give huge props to the actors and dialog writers for these scenes, I'm not a total bitch! 

Second objective? Secure this relationship.-- Friz were perfection. I know there are tons of Elizabeth fans that hate this. I'm finding Roger and Becky captivating. 

Mike's story is my main fave of the show. I like having Stella help Sonny, I only wish she was on more. Having her recommend OT and medications was great as well. I am waiting for the mention of speech pathology and memory care however, and they'd better get that in there! LOL... Sonny's starting to lose it because he's so powerless over the situation and I think Maurice is doing a superb job. 

Mike was happily playing with Avery in the park when Sonny was talking to Stella about his childhood. Very well done and touching. Of course Avery went with the Nanny who, despite knowing not to leave him alone, totally went to get pretzels and--LEFT HIM ALONE. Of course she came back and he and Avery were gone. Carly's too busy with Dead Morgan Clues to have gone to the park like she said she was going to. I'm sure she'll feel double guilty about that. we have Mike wandering around with a kid he thinks is Courtney. Will they end up in Bensonhurst? Hmmmm. 

This happened. Luke of @DaytimeConfidential put this on twitter and I stole it because it's so perfect. Tristan walked in that room and...well, everything changed!! Even if they literally just sit in the hotel room and talk for a couple of days I'm cool. 

Ok...let's talk about the whole "find my kid" thing. I... well, where do I begin?  Every time I see Anna talking to Silas  Finn  about this...or Jason...or the wall... I flashback to the Alex/Anna story with Valentine that went completely sideways. I'm still confused by that whole thing (and the point of it--and the weird way it was time-lined) --this certainly doesn't help.  Jason wants to find Heiney to kill him for keeping him hostage for so long and I guess because instead of living his best life now, revenge. Even though Faison is dead--  we have to go search for Heinrick. Got it. Somehow Valentine is Bruce Wayne and Peter/Heinrich is Robin. Only without the fun fights or humor.  
Why doesn't Anna just tell Jason? What's the big deal? Seems everyone in the 80's from this show has one so-- meh. 
Are we to believe that Peter is staying in PC, where he could get caught at any moment because... Maxie?  Mmmm'Kay. 
If Peter is Anna and Faison's kid....why is he SOOOOooooooooo DULL? 

Then again, this got us Robert so I'll shut it for now.  

OH! How convenient! Here I thought they might be getting 3-4 characters together that don't interact with this "Swiss" adventure but...why..LOOK! It's a JASAM vehicle. 

PLEASANT SURPRISE OF THE WEEK: Light fun and anything that pisses Nelle off, I'm all for!  


  1. Thanks once again for my Sunday morning entertainment. I loved Robert coming back and the scene of the week for me was Michael and Maxie and the breathing. We need a gif ..with sound. lol

    P.S. The thought of Sam at the end of the show just wiped out any good stuff for me.

    1. Maybe Maxie and Michael should get together?

  2. Does anyone know, did Sam just HAPPEN to be at the same hotel as Jason on the same floor, or did she somehow know where he was going? (How would she have known that?)

  3. I am just happy that they are together

  4. Sunday Surgery was a good read as usual
    Didn't Anna have some sort of blood disease? Was that's cured or I missed something? Roger was phenomenal even with a crap story. Agree with SS that Drew's memory issue, somehow,should have been tied in to the Franco story.

  5. Still not feeling Friz... it is forced at best. I liked the chemistry between Michal and Maxie! Didn't see that coming but loved it. I somehow know that the. Babies will be switched, stolen or swapped. Two pregnancies on a soap always does that.



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