Friday, April 13, 2018


I made it. Here's hoping I can deal with the whole show. 

Carly's in Griffin's office checking on her neurological status I presume. He finds out she's had TBI (Sonny shooting her)...falling incidents, passing out and she tells him she was 'hospitalized' for 'nervous breakdowns". Hmmmmmmm.. ok. That's what we are calling it now.  She goes on and on about her kids and how she felt powerless in some situations.  The Nanny calls her to tell her Mike wants to go to the park with she and Avery. Carly said she'll be there as soon as she's done with her CT scan. Carly goes to the parking garage and finds a flier on her car.  It says to meet at Noodle Buddah tonight which is where Carly last saw Morgan and gave him that bracelet, remember? 


Mike lost his glasses. Sonny found them. Sonny wants to talk about Croton because everything is all about the MOB. Maybe he meant CRONUT.  

Sonny talks to Stella about what Mike's doing and how his memory is changing.  There's a great scene with him talking about his childhood and they show Mike playing with Avery in the park, being all joyful.  The stupid Nanny goes and gets hot pretzels and of course Mike and Avery are gone. (he called her Courtney too) 

Stella told Sonny about OT services for Mike and some meds. BUT DIDN'T MENTION SPEECH THERAPY? or MEMORY CARE with a speech pathologist.
Oh, man. :Sobbing: I'm going to find the writers and just be so mad!! 

Anna wants Jason to be Emma's bodyguard so she can go look for Heinrick on her own. She even bought him a new outfit!! We are in Switzerland you see-- and we are lucky because it's NOT a cafe. It's a hotel room. 
ROBERT SCORPIO IN THE HOUSE!!  Ok, maybe this will get tolerable now. BYE JASON you can GO HOME NOW!! 

OH previews show SAM is in Switzerland Monday? Huh? Okay whatever. 

Carly's CT scan came back before she could even get out of the parking lot LMAO and Griffin says to himself "normal".  ( know)

LAURA AND WES  were on Food Network's "The Kitchen" 


  1. Of COURSE Sam JUST HAPPENED to go to Switzerland. SMH & RME.

  2. Sam has not been missed. wish they would kill her off. I like jason without her.

  3. Ditto on NOT happy that Sam is in Switzerland. Ugh!!! (Not just in Switzerland, but the at same hotel. And floor?) Please tell me that Carly will keep that note before it disappears. Or at least she could take a pic of it. So in the previews, she goes to Noddle Buddha ALONE? Oy! Was great to see Robert!

  4. #1 Fan of Robert Scorpio here from when he first hit the scene in Port Charles back in the day...GREAT to see him back today but I have to admit I am a little depressed because this is the first time his age really made an impression on me. Don't get me wrong, I hope I am half as spry if I reach 71, but I could just see that Tristan is getting older. The chemistry is instantly there with Fin and the others though and I'd love to see him get a year or 2 contract with GH and be around more. Time to bring the character in from the field - he is in his early 70's for Pete's sake! Get him an administrative WSB or FBI job in the NYC field office and let him appear on GH often. Then, when Fin decides to go - LET THEM GO INTO THE SUNSET TOGETHER. Get them on a beach drinking fruity drinks like they talked about back on Night Shift.

  5. Today was a little better, less ff. I loved the scenes with Mike and Avery at the park. Laughed when Robert called Anna Annie!! That bs with Griffin already having Carlys results, wow! I just had a ct scan and still don't know my results. gmab

  6. Thank you for continuing your page, I have been enjoying it from the being!

  7. Now I really do want a cronut. Almost as boring as yesterday, great to see Robert though. Jason apparently has no idea how to be a real boy, grandmaCarly picks out all his clothes for him and probably ties his shoes too...sheesh. sam??? Ugghhhhh, have not missed her one tiny bit. Wonder how many more times she'll cry on Monday, guess she lied to Drew about taking the kids in vacation without jason. I can at least stomach Drew without Sam.

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  9. Couldn’t be happier to see Robert Scorpio! I hope he is around for awhile. Little Emma has really grown and is still delightful.Dumb idea to bring her to Switzerland. So glad the Franco/Drew/Harvey storyline is over and no sign of it for two days. I would even rather see Sonny. Too much Carly in loudmouth mode. Mike and Avery were adorable! Love Ava’s new do.

  10. April 12th episode.

    The park:

    Nina and Curtis: Yeah!!! Keep digging!!!!! :) Get to the truth!!!! :)

    Ava's home:

    GrAva: Yikes! NIGHTMARE!!! Oh come on Ava! What is the point seeing that test again? You already seen it, and it tells you nothing!!

    Ava: I love you.

    Griffy: I'll see you tonight.

    Ouch! Really Griffy? Still?!!?!?! Ava stop telling him you love him!

    Ava and Janey: Oh sure Janey rub it in her face that Griffy didn't say I love you back. I guess Ava isn't your friend.

    Hiney's office:

    Lulu and Hiney: Oh Lulu stop whining!!!! And you are so wishy washy! So basically,

    Lulu: No more articles about Hinerick! Oh wait this is my job I should do it. No but Maxie hates me. Wait this will be closure for her. No in her eyes this will be a betrayal! But wait..

    UGH! Wait a second. Why does Hiney want Lulu to find him? Will he have a stand in? A fake Hiney? Hmmmm.

    The hospital:

    Lamaze class:

    Michael and Maxie: Awww Michael is so excited to have a baby!!! :) Awww but it made Maxie sad. :( Great scene though and in Lamaze class! Michael won the line of the day!

    Michael: Heeee heee hoooo.

    ROFL! HAHAHAHAHA! It was when they both did it the same time.. So funny!!! :) Oh oh Janey shows up all jelly!!!!! I want a scene with Michael and Francesca!!!! When is he going to call her to ask her out again?!

    Carson home:

    Sonny and Max: Okay what is this storyline about Crotan? Will the body be dug up? How does Mike fit into all this? Was he there? And if so, why was he there? Hmmmmmmm.

  11. Hiney's actions make no sense. The only thing I can figure out, and some of the characters have said this, is that he's trying to flush out his mother. And, from the clues in the book, it looks like he wants to kill her!

  12. The writing has gotten really sloppy again.

    1. I pretty much am ff thru anything except the Franco, Drew stuff. Although I did watch Mike and Avery on Friday, cuteness overload. Also watched Robbie and Annie LOL!! Glad Emma is back in town to hang with her grandparents. Ducks that Sam is already back.


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