Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Ah...Mike. The only thing on GH worth watching. Glad Michael is in the story. He got a high def phone to use to record him for Avery and future grandbabies.  All of a sudden Mike thinks he's a kid again and has to get home to his parents or they are gonna kill him. Sonny yells at Mike "Your Parents are DEAD"!! Which is not the way to calm him. He should have said "I'll call them now". Which Michael knew to do!! Yeah to the script writers. That's perfect. Don't yell at Alzheimer's patients--live in their moment, even if it's false until they process and calm. Michael talks about Sundowning and what happens at sundown to some people. :clapping: 
Then, Mike Remembers "Croyten"?? or a field in Croyden?? Sonny acts like it's nothing--but it's something. 

OF COURSE Morgan wore cologne!! And Ava has a giant ass'd bottle of it now!!  Nello is going to steal it to terrorize Carly's nose. :eyeroll: 

Ava peeks at Griffin's DNA tests for Peter. 

Carly and Bobbie talking about BJ..she's been gone for 24 years. Carly's thinking ABOUT MORGAN.  She tells Bobbie about the phone calls and scarf. Bobbie says she had grief moments like that too. Carly's saying No..they were real. 

I think Pete is acting scared to Griffin--but he's really not? he's evil? Did you see his face outside the door? Or did I imagine that??  Pete sounds like a 10th grader trying to be all drama in his first HS play. EESH

Anna and Jason..he wants info. She's like You'll Kill him!!  They figure out Heinrick has Faison's lighter. 

Kevin hypnotizes Franco... Franco remembers he's afraid of.... Harvey. Oh thanks for that revelation.


  1. I hope Griffin catching Ava snooping and we can be done with that silly romance. I FF'd through most of Carly telling the scarf story yet again. And if they don't start having franco remembering something new soon I'll come back next month and catch the end of it.

  2. P.S. I thought the same thing about Peter as he went in that room. He so put it on and it was over acted like a high school play.

  3. I agree peter is evil. also sick of nelle , franco and mike stories. they all need to come to an end

  4. I missed a day or two. What happened to Betsy. Last I saw she was taken to the hospital and Franco hadn't seen her

  5. The hospital:

    Griffy's office:

    Griffy and Hiney: Oh Karen!!! Yesterday when you said that the actor who plays Hiney, his acting was so Shakespearean, I noticed it today!!! Yikes!!!! Anyway, Oh Hiney don't get so upset, or the vain on your forehead will pop!!! ROFL! Does anybody notice his vain in his forehead? ROFL!

    BobTodd's art room:

    Doc and BobTodd: BobTodd is skeered again! Awww. :(

    Doc's office:

    Doc and BobTodd: BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: You got your pocket watch?

    ROFL! Actually, these are great scenes!!! Why are you afraid of Harvey?!!?! TELL US!!!! What did that pig do?!!?!?!


    Harvey: Oh there is the pig!!!! I want to punch his face!!

    Ava's home: Oh! Ava got a haircut!! I like her hair longer and more fuller! When she has her hair cut shorter, it's always thinner. I don't like.

    Ava and Janey: Listen to Ava Janey!!! Besides, you suck at gas lighting Carly!!! Give it up! Carly was a lot better doing that when she was your age or younger!

    GrAva: NO AVA NO! Don't look at the results!!! GAH!

    Carson home:

    Mike, Michael, and Sonny: Technically all three are Michael hahaha. Michael Sr, Michael Jr, and Michael the 3rd. :)

    Mike: I got to go! My parents are going to be worried so sick about me!


    Sonny: You're parents are dead!!

    NO SONNY NO! DON'T SAY THAT!!!! That is not a good way to calm him down you idiot!!! Yes Michael yes!!! You are doing the right thing saying what you said!!! Michael you are a life saver. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna and Jason: Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney Hiney. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Carly and Bobbie: BJ MENTION YAY! 24 years!! WOW!

    "Karen says Nello is going to steal it to terrorize Carly's nose. :eyeroll:"

    ROFL! Terrorize Carly's nose! :) I didn't even think about her taking the cologne to get to Carly! DUH of course!!

    Preview for tomorrow:

    Benchy and Kiwi: Oh looks like Kiwi is going to tell him off! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!

  6. "Di says And if they don't start having franco remembering something new soon I'll come back next month and catch the end of it."

    ROFL! Or still the beginning of it. :)

  7. SES, Last I saw, Franco did see Betsy in the hospital, but she was sort of out of it, and didn't divulge anything.

    And, we last saw Kiki crying in the storage closet last week . . .

    These choppy, stop-and-go stories are very frustrating, IMO.

    Just finished working, going to Port Charles now . . .

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  9. Anyone else creeped out by Franco calling Harvey "Uncle Jim"? Don't remember him calling him that before. Harvey is so coming for Liz and if he goes after Jake at all Franco's going to come unglued in a bad way. Gee Jason, when was the last time you read a book? The word Epitaph was apparently a foreign language in mob land. Peter was once again over the top with his blah blah at Griffin. How is Ava going to learn anything from the test results if they don't have names on them? Someone is someone else's father.oooohhhh ahhhh. Means nothing.
    Sundowning is a real thing and happens frequently with Alzheimer/dementia patients. I have no idea how many elderly people asked me to find or call thier parents for them. Very sad and we deal with it in long term care all the time. Redirecting and not arguing work best, they are definitely pulling out all the stops for this story with Mike.

  10. Alicia, Franco called him "Uncle Jim" while under hypnosis so it's probably what he called him when he was a kid and Jim was living with Betsy. In all the "adult" Franco scenes he had dropped the "uncle"...

  11. People here said that Hiney's acting was "like he was in a high school play" in his scene with Griffin. I thought that that was the idea, that he put on an act in front of Griffin to keep him from divulging his secret, so the actor had to make it look like the character was acting, and most people are not great actors. But, I am somewhat confused, maybe this was not supposed to be a manipulation? Anyone know?

    Yes, I was going to say, as a kid, Franco would have called him "Uncle Jim," very common for adults who are dating your mother, or just close family friends.

    Alicia, you work in a nursing home or assisted living facility? My mother is in an assisted living facility, and has some dementia. I so identified with Sonny when he yells at his father while trying to tell him what is true. It was so helpful when they showed Sonny doing this, and Michel correcting him. Like you say, redirecting and not arguing is the way to go.

    1. Yes, I have been an LPN in a nursing homefor the last 10 years. Rewarding and heartbreaking at the same time. The unit I'm on now has a mixture of dementia patients and those with just physical limitations so everyday is an adventure.

  12. Ant Joan said...People here said that Hiney's acting was "like he was in a high school play" in his scene with Griffin. I thought that that was the idea

    *** I guess you misinterpreted me because I felt that he was doing it on purpose. I felt the actor did a good job of it. I'm still not sure if he's good or bad or just sitting on the fence. I can't wait till he and Anna come face to face as mother and son for the first time and he learns the truth.

  13. Oh, I said I was confused . . .


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