Thursday, May 7, 2020

Flashback Friday- I mean Thursday

Hospital: Michael and Sasha in the elevator. She tells him to stop being so nice. 

Finn and Willow. Finn says he's sorry his brother is such an idiot. He thinks Chase told her the truth? WELP that's a no.
When Michael and Sasha step out of the elevator, Willow is there. 

Portia and Trina talking about Trina being nervous to walk home. She's also worried about her mom a lot. FLASHBACKS to Jordan telling Trina about Taggert. MORE flashbacks. 


Metro: Laura is eating, Carly asks her what is up. They talk about the custody hearing.  WHY AREN'T WILLOW AND MICHAEL MARRIED YET? I mean?? Wasn't this all about the custody hearing?  Nelle flashbacks. 
Then Cyrus comes over an snarks. I had such high hopes for this character. YAWN

Docks: Sonny, Curtis and Jason talking about what TJ remembers. FLASHBACKS GALORE ..More Flashbacks. 
Curtis wants Cyrus dead.. and Sonny to do it. FLASHBACKS to the shooting. 

PCPD: Mac is investigating the whole thing. He tells Jordan what TJ remembers MORE TJ FLASHBACKS! ;..More flashbacks. 

Later: Mac realizes something is fishy with Jordan and the whole kidnapping story.

Sorry about the blog but the entire show was a bunch of flashbacks. I mean it was painful 




  1. You are not the one who should apologize. Today's show was a disaster. Every second sentence brought a flashback. It would be much better if they distributed them more evenly through the week. So actually it's flashback Thursday and Friday. What a mess.
    The whole baby story is so freaking stupid I totally don't doubt that at the hearing Willow and Michael will be a married couple.
    Sorry to complain but it is disturbing to see a show that you enjoy so much be so hard to watch. What are/were the writers/editors thinking.

  2. Why show Jurtis wedding? That was only a year ago. Sorry to say this, but are they too lazy to dig up old GOOD episodes

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  3. It was really painful today. When they show such recent flashbacks it's also very confusing. I would rather they had a complete flashback episode and save the new material for new episodes so we can at least try to figure out where all this is going.

  4. Cyrus is just a bland, repetative "Sonny Enemy" or what I call a "Sonnemy." An evil Godfather (or Godmother) used to prop up Sonny as the "good mobster."

    Past "Sonnemies" have been Luis Alcazar, Sorel, The Balkan, Lorenzo Alcazar, Anthony Zacchara (and Johnny and Claudia), Faith Roscoe, Manny Ruiz, the Jeromes, Damien Smith, Joe Scully and probably more that I am missing.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Boring.

    1. Oh geez! The Balkan!!! That was one of the worst characters!!!! UGH!

    2. Manny Ruiz!! He was so very creepy, I loved him, lol!

      But you're right...they were all Sonnemy. :)

    3. I loved lorenzo alcazar and faith roscoe.

  5. Yup. Cyrus is more boring than some of the others though

  6. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Cyrus, Laura, and Carly: Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback. Although Laura did win the line of the day.

    Laura: Oh an apology, followed by however.

    ROFL! Cyrus is failing being charming! ROFL!

    The pier:

    Sonny, Jason, and Curtis: Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback.

    The hospital:

    Sasha and Michael: Oh come on!!! All that blood? Yeah right! ROFL! HAHAHHAHAHA! It's a gusher!!! :) Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback.

    Portia and Trina: Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback.

    Sasha and Finchy: Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback.

    Michael and Willow: Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback. They probably got married off camera!

    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Mac: Flashback flashback flashback flashback flashback.

    "Karen says, Sorry about the blog but the entire show was a bunch of flashbacks. I mean it was painful"

    YES! Very painful!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!

    "Karen says, TOMORROW's CLASSIC EPISODE; Jurtis Wedding."

    YUP!!! From November 27, 2018!!!!

    1. It's hardly classic if it's from a year and a half ago. lol

  7. I agree with everyone. Painful episode. And I sure won't be watching the Jurtis wedding, seems just like yesterday. We were all wishing for the old Jordon, too! Give me Nurses Ball episodes!

  8. Definitely not watching today. So sick of Nelle and that stupid storyline. Carly did a lot of terrible things in the past but she wasn’t evil like Nelle. I do like seeing a real detective-Mac!!

    1. I love that we're seeing Mac on the job now too. I hope they keep him in charge of the D's or even have him replace Jordan when she's fired or gone.

    2. I love Mac as a cop too!!!!!!!!

  9. So, November 27, 2018 Jurtis wedding. It was on a Tuesday.. I'll copy and paste what I said back then.

    The wedding: Awwww Stella approves! :) Jordan is beautiful but she looks like a marshmallow. They are MAAAAAAAAAAARIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Ashford! :) Hmmmm She doesn't have to change her last name! ROFL! She is actually Jordan Ashford Ashford. :) Griffin is looking for Carmen Sandiago! Where or where is she?

    The reception: Nina catches the bouquet! ROFL! Who is Nina gonna marry next? Wait what about the men catching the garter? Why didn't they do that?! Griffin still lookin for Carmen Sandiago!!!!

    Q home:

    Oscar and Drew: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Love the scene! Love how Drew is holding on to him and hugging him! :) YAY!

    Oscar and Alexis: Oscar wins the line of the day.

    Oscar: You're fired.

    ROFL! Alexis is so happy to hear that! :)

    CarlyKim and Charlie: Oh give me a break CarlyKim!!! Grow up!!!! Just break up with him already! You two don't belong together!!

    Carson home:

    Carly and Joss: Great scene!!!! Carly has such great wisdom now!!!! :) Joss you can learn a lot from your mother! :) Sure Oscar took Joss's choices away from her, but listen to Carly! :)

    Kiwi's home: Where oh where is Carmen Sandiego!!!! Is she in the bathroom? No. Is she on the floor? No. Is she in the bedroom? No..... I thought maybe she was on the floor at first. Hmm where did Ryan take her?

    Ashford's honeymoon suite:

    Ashford and Ashford: I was thinking, oh oh Kiwi is dead in their bedroom isn't she?! I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I have been watching GH, and really, soaps in general for way too long!!! :)

    1. Thanks sonya...better than watching it!

    2. "zazu says, Thanks sonya..."

      You're welcome. :)

      "better than watching it!"

      HA! Yeah. :)

  10. And this is my Flashback Friday!! When Monica and Alan first moved into the Q home!

  11. So, I just watched the scenes at the Floating Rib where they are grieving over Holly. Anna tells Felicia about the WSB file. So Holly was allowed to work with the WSB?? It sounds like Holly's "death" had nothing to do with Peter??? Is this going to be a new story line? To be done right they'd have to bring back Emma Samms though. Thoughts?

    1. "lindie says So Holly was allowed to work with the WSB?"

      Yeah I noticed that too right away!! I wonder when she started working for them.

      "It sounds like Holly's "death" had nothing to do with Peter???"

      Are they trying to redeem him? UGH!

      "Is this going to be a new story line? To be done right they'd have to bring back Emma Samms though. Thoughts?"

      Yeah I don't know, but it sounds interesting already! :) I hope they bring her back!!

    2. If they did this right and bring back Emma Samms, this could be exciting. I think that they need to keep the dynamic of Robert, Anna, Mac and Felicia going. As a group, they have so much chemistry and history. PLEASE let Peter be found out for the scumbag he is. AND, give Anna back her brain. I didn't like Anna when she first came on GH as I was a huge Holly and Robert fan, but Finola won me over quickly and to this day she is still one of my all time favorite actresses. I really like the STRONG Anna though, not what they have turned her into.

  12. Here's another nice flashback of the Quartermaine's


  13. The good ol' days


    Holly, Robert, Anna and Sean


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