Tuesday, May 5, 2020


So, we have a local presser on CLINICAL TRIALS in our area..and NO GH.

I'l watch it on Hulu and get back to you! 


  1. ABC Boston channel was interrupted here from 6 minutes after it started until 15 minutes from the end. So they would have seen about 20 minutes of the show. Our Citytv showed it all. I'll wait again until you see it to comment.

  2. Good show today - no flashbacks! Really good Ava/Franco scenes and I kind of liked seeing Krissy tell Sam off. And Martin Gray was back.

  3. The clothing drive:

    Krissy and Sam:

    Krissy: Whine whine whine whine whine whine whine.

    Sam: Whine whine whine whine whine whine.

    Krissy: The only reason why you and Jason are still in love is because of me!

    Alexis: OO

    Molly: OO

    The hospital:

    Liz and Nik: Geez Liz what happened? I thought you weren't upset with him anymore and didn't blame him for what he did to Spencer? Well, glad you are back to being upset with him. :) I forgot to mention yesterday, that I think that Ava got Spencer to write to his father!!!

    Nik: Of course you are a real artist. Don't listen to that condescending fool.

    Liz: Watch it. He's still my husband.

    ROFL! Liz would have won the line of the day, but Nelle wins it instead.

    The Metrocourt restaurant:

    Marty and Nelle: TAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Ahem here we go! Nelle's line that got her to win!

    Nelle: Shilo was the love of my life. I cry myself to sleep every night grieving for my husband.



    BobTodd and Ava: Great scene!!!! Thank you BobTodd for calling Ava out on her sabotaging her life!!!


    Carly, Jax, and Nina: Nina has really fallin in love with Nelle like she is her daughter! Like she knows Nelle is her daughter. Nelle can brainwash the pants off of people! ROFL!

    Nelle and Nina: Appreciate Nina sticking up for you eh Nelle?

    1. I'm still hoping that Nina is playing Nelle hoping she'll drop her guard and give her some ammo for the trial.

      And yaah, no flashbacks.

  4. Two "normal" episodes in a row. Dare we hope the flashbacks are over? I loved, loved, LOVED seeing Kristina read Sam the riot act and calling out her love for "drama." And as always, Maura West (Ava) and Roger Howarth (Franco) were excellent. I am cautiously optimistic that things are getting back on track.

  5. Am I awfully, but I was really cheering on Kristina ripping into Sour-Faced-Mumbles. Best part of the show for me. Ava and Franco were excellent as were Liz and Prince Nik!

    Did anyone see Tad, um Marty, give the waitress a double take leer when she walked by? It was hilarious!

    Nina is an idiot. I am not liking the direction of this little story.

  6. Nina really is an idiot. They have played her dumb from the beginning. Don't like it

  7. Still can't watch Sam.
    This Nelle custody dragging out both the Wiley baby story and the Nina daughter story at the same time is ridiculous. She'll probably win full custody anyway.
    No flashbacks was nice.

  8. And Peter will nevet be caught for the murderer he is. The End

  9. The clothing drive:

    Alexis and the Davis girls: Oh this has gotten so boring. When is this going to be over? It's been like what 3 days?

    Krissy: Jason would die for you, but his first priority is my dad and Carly.

    Okay that was a good one! :) GO KRISSY! :) Sam is all pretending that what Krissy said didn't bother her, and it doesn't bother her that Carly and Jason are friends. HA!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Jax: MY CARJAX!!!!!! :) Carly said she had to sacrifice what she really liked and wanted for baby Michael!!!! COUGHCOUGHJasonCOUGHCOUGH! :)

    The floating rib:

    Robert, Anna, Mac, and Felicia: Robert is all drunk! He is in so much pain!!! No Robert! Where is your WSB training!!!! :( Where is your WSB instincts!!! You haven't seen Holly's body yet!!!!! This is depressing! :( Oh I like that Felicia's hair grew out. :) Looks nice! Oh oh Maxie and Hiney showed up!!! GO AWAY HINEY! Hiney had to bring up the late Holly Sutton. Robert won the line of the day.

    Robert: She's not really dead. She's just late.

    ROFL! Hmmm looks like the actor who plays Hiney was trying not to laugh. :)

    Outside the floating rib:

    Hiney and his wingman:

    Hiney: What is wrong with you?!!? Distract Scorpio I said, not kill Holly Sutton!

    Wingman: We were monitoring her that's all. We had nothing to do with the incident!

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?! I.. I.. I.. :0 :0

    Mike's room:

    Mike and Sonny: THIS IS SO DAMN HEARTBREAKING!!! :( Sonny really wanted to know what Mike wanted! He wanted Mike to remember! :( Sonny even showed a picture of Dante. Mike whispered something to Sonny, and I didn't hear what he said, until Sonny told Felix that Mike was talking about the Yankees! And yes Sonny and Mike were watching it! :) When Sonny was talking to his dad about what was going on with the Yankees, and he looked over to see Mike, I thought oh oh is Mike dead?! :( Sonny and Carly think he is sleeping. Is he!!?!?! :(

    The gym:

    Brooky and Michael: Brooky helping Michael to get all his frustration out by boxing! Well it's a hell of a lot better than beating up on that tree! Uh Michael, you should really take your shirt off while boxing. :)

    Brooky, Michael, Chase and Sasha: Brooky accidentally punched Sasha! BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA! The look on Brooky's face tells me it was an accident. She even said that. Wait the Whiley hearing is tomorrow?!!?!?!?! But but but Michael and Willow are not married yet!!! What is happening? I'm so confused. Or did they get married off screen?

    Brooky and Chase: Chase is giving her a ticket for hitting Sasha!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA! Brooky ripped it up, so Chase arrested her with handcuffs!!! Oh yeah they are going to be having sex really soon! :)


    Nina and Nelle: Nelle is manipulating Nina really good!

    Nina: Oh you are good.

    Yeah she is!!! Glad you noticed!

    1. Totally agree about the line of the day from Robert Freaking Scorpio. I laughed and felt bad all at the same time. And what exactly did Anna read in that WSB report? Inquiring minds need to know, and not 2 years from now! Lol!

    2. "Julie H says, Totally agree about the line of the day from Robert Freaking Scorpio. I laughed and felt bad all at the same time."

      Yeah me too!!!!!! :(

      "And what exactly did Anna read in that WSB report? Inquiring minds need to know, and not 2 years from now! Lol!"

      Yeah I want to know too!!!!! 2 years from now? ACK NO! ROFL!

  10. Arggghhhh! They are making Neener (yup, she's back to being Neener) so stupid! I can't stand it.

    Brooklynn has really got to stop hitting people, this is what the 3rd or 4th time now? Everyone's reaction was pretty funny though. And PLP needs to take a long walk off of a very short pier. I am so sick of him not getting caught for all of his nefarious deeds. Now they're trying to whitewash the freak by saying his "guys" were only monitoring Holly. Give me a freaking break.

    I really wish Alexis and Sam had told Krissie and Molly exactly what Sam said. She was so god awful nasty and needs to be called out on it, not forgiven. Mumbles is someone Brookie should pop in nose!

    Have a good day everyone!


  11. Best line ever was when Robert asked why Faison’s rape baby “a Complete unadulterated dirtbag like you” gets to live!



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