Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday: Do It Yourself Blog

I need a break today! I will watch later but here's a spot to write your STUFF in. I hope you've read the spoilers about Tranco. LOL. Another Tumor. More tumors in PC than anywhere else on earth!


  1. Lante home: Olivia's vision! ROFL! That won the scene of the day! :) Yes Maxie is stabbing Lulu in the back! Just not with a knife.

    The hospital: Boy Ava must have one huge secret that she is keeping since she doesn't want New Todd and Silas to be in the same room together! So what is it Ava? Is Silas the father of Kiki? :) Oh oh new Todd seizures!!! Double oh oh it turned him into Jason! ROFL! Spinny in incognito with balloons and sunglasses following Ava! ROFL! Spinny what has happened to you?! You used to be good as a PI! Hahaha! What an awesome drama filled, comedy filled show today! Yes Spinny should be with Maxie in lamaze class! That's perfect!! I mean gee he IS the father for crying out loud! Britch and Nik scene YAY! And in Lamaze class. Awesome. Liz jealous of Britch and Nik hahaha! I was wondering why Dr Steve Hardy's picture was in the conference room! Cus of his anniversary of his death! :(

    Kelly's: Carly, Spinny, and Ava scene. Oh come on Carly! You used to be a better liar than that! ROFL! Carly and AJ scene YAY! :)

  2. Looks like I'm going to have to watch the hospital scenes.

  3. Carrie said...Looks like I'm going to have to watch the hospital scenes.
    Uh yeah you do!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. I'm beginning to like Britt more and more. I know, she's the Britch, but her background is sad and she seems so grateful for Nik's attention.
    Funny, but as my softening on Britt grows, my lack of it for Sabrina also grows. She just isn't interesting...

    Was Toddfrank's fit for real? He certainly isn't Jason. Toddfrank actually has a sense of humor.

    Maury is an awesome actress, but I'm tired of her already. There's too much of her. I want to see my faves: Anna, Laura, Alexis, Lucy.

  5. After the wonderful surprise of Georgie things are still not good. At least J. Franco's Franco was believable as an artist, but this one is just a joke to watch. The seizure was so poorly acted. RH is no longer fun and a freaky character such as this should not be front burner. I like Ava but would rather see Anna everyday instead. AJ and Carly fun as usual and Nik and Brit are fine with me as long as Tyler has plenty of screen time. Sabrina needs to go. Nice to see Liz and more would be great.

  6. I liked Brit yesterday and I agree Sabrina is Not growing on me.

    The stabbing in the back vision was great.

    I loved the Carly and AJ scenes. They are great together.

  7. There must be something in the water. My cousin did a study in high school about cancer rates and local water supplies, and one of my local neighborhoods had a shitload of stuff in their water, which she believed led to the higher rates of cancer in that area (it was about 15% higher than the other areas whe studied).


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