Friday, July 12, 2013

Nice Maxie/Georgie Scenes

.. I'm so glad Georgie was on--- that was my highlight!  It was so bittersweet! ahhh... I so miss her and I really really wish they'd just her back. Period. I don't even care how!! She and Kirsten did a nice job.

Sam to Silas: "He's burning up--Silas, what's wrong with him"??
Yeah. He has a FEVER. And you'd think he'd be in the hospital if he's getting chemo? Ah, what do I know.  Silas and Sam embrace-- is it starting? 

Ellie wants to have Spin's baby. She "Changed her mind".  At least Spin has to go to NY.

Sonny and Connie and Olivia. Geesh, poor Sonny...two ladies throwing themselves at him. What to do. WHAT.

Lulu mentioned Dillon!! yeah!!  and Molly mentioned RIC! ..and Sam mentioned Jason! Mention day!!

Ava and Tranco and Alexis.  Whatever.  Wasn't feein' it today, just boring.  
then there's Ava and Silas!! NICE!!


  1. I'd love it if Dillon, Ric AND Georgie returned. I know Dillon can't at least I don't want him to because I don't want a recast but still... a girl can dream.

  2. It was wonderful to see Georgie again, and I also wish she'd never left the show. However, I feel compelled to comment on her scenes with Maxie, which will involve me saying something about my own life which I never will mention again, and will ask everyone here to never refer to it or mention it either.

    Years ago, I lost my own beloved little sister, who also was very young, like Georgie. Watching Maxie lose Georgie was very painful, really bad. But when Georgie "showed up" in Maxie's office, I was sooo frustrated about what transpired. If I saw my sister again, I would throw myself at her feet, hug and kiss her a million times, and ask her about Heaven and what her experiences are. I would want to know everything about the afterlife, and would treasure every moment.

    Maxie spoke about her own situation (which is why Georgie came to her, I know), and then fought with her. At the end, they did embrace, but someone would do that first, not last.

    Life is strange--people are very strong, and are able to go on after unimaginable losses, but you never really get over them, a part of you always is sad.

  3. The hospital: Eva wins the line of the day!

    Eva: Thanks again nurse.

    ROFL! And the look on Alexis's face hahaha! Wow baby Cheeto has a high high fever, and yet he is so calm. :) He isn't crying. Even when his mommy is yelling at Dr Silas!

    Crimson: I LOVE YOU GHOST GEORGIE!! :) Hmmm Ghost Georgie has a little bit of laryngitis. How did that happen? Great scene between Ghost Georgie and Maxie!!! :( Altho one thing that was odd. Ghost Georgie hates Elie?!!?! HUH?!!?! Ghost Georgie you sit in the corner until I tell you to! Bad ghost Georgie bad!

    Kelly's: Ellie wants to have Spinny's baby? HUH?! Why Ellie? Feeling really guilty about lying to Spinny about baby girl Spinny? Ghost Georgie is watching them! Awww! Ghost Georgie whispers to Spinny! Awwwwwwww! Okay Ghost Georgie you are redeemed. :)

    Sonny's home: Ra ro! What to do now Sonny?! Oh Olivia is doing the nobel thing!

    Lante home: Georgie shout out!!! :) Yes Lulu you were very mean when you were a teenager! I remember!! Too bad Ghost Georgie didn't pop up when Lulu was talking about when her and Georgie were teens. :) OH! Maxie! Did Georgie get through to you?! Are you going to tell them the truth?! :)

  4. Bring her BACK...killing Georgie off was the biggest mistake GH ever made.

  5. Georgie - what a waste to kill off that character. I will never forgive Guza for that awful crap! The actress is good and has chemistry with Storms. Good to see her back again if only for a day...Wish they would have had a scene with Felecia or Mac and her though!

  6. AntJoan: I was not a Georgie fan, but clearly she was Maxi's delusion,even in the Spin scene.

  7. That is to say Georgie was just an aspect of Maxi.

  8. Cosmoetica said... I was not a Georgie fan, but clearly she was Maxi's delusion,even in the Spin scene.
    If Georgie was just a delusion, then how did Maxie know Dante said to Spinny that he won't let his daughter date until she is 30? Was Maxie there?

  9. Cosmo: Also, Georgie did go to Kellyl's and whisper something to Spinny, so I do think they are showing her as a ghost. As an aside, they must have excellent hair salons in Heaven!!


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