Monday, July 22, 2013

The Bridge of Stupditiy.

Oh the actress with Michael was bad.. oy. He saw Kiki instead of her. ahahaa.
Kiki and Morgonic are so...AJ said "You guys are like 10" when they told them about the marriage. That's it, they are young.
And have zip chemistry LOL
Michael leaves with Penny.

Laura's moved to Jake's!!  Same shirt, different table. Lesley gives her the folder.  Laura want to go talk to Tracy.

Janco on the bridge... Jason's bridge..and along comes Liz. Here's a FauxLiason scene for you ahha. Oh geesh. appears this was a dream? Because "Franco" shows up behind Liz-- in a hood. While "Jason" holds Danny while talking to "Liz"
Ok, just drink. Everyone just DRINK.
and it gets worse!! 
"Franco" has on a C077x tshirt on, takes "Liz" hostage at knife point, then "Jason" Shoots her and throws her over the railing. (but Liz is really at GH tending Sam) 

You see, "Franco" needs to talk with "Jason" to tell us about his early life and slide into madness.
and actually, not the best writing I've ever seen. But
"Franco" decides to kill himself..then have "Jason" kill Danny.
Carly walks up.

And if you don't understand this, just watch the show because I can't write no mo' !! 



  1. So, I didn't watch last week's episodes daily, but I saved them up and had a marathon yesterday. And, maybe it's just me, but when I watched them all in a row, I actually thought last week was pretty great! The pace was fast, the dialogue was snappy, the acting was mostly good. When strung all together, even though we only may have one or two scenes with Patrick and Sabrina one day, then one or two with Britt another day, it didn't feel so disjointed. It sort of felt like a mini-series. And to be honest, if I had been flipping channels and not already been a GH fan, many of these stories and twists and turns and plots and machinations would have kept me glued to my TV and tuning in today. However, I can see how watching them each day would have probably driven me crazy, because it would have seemed very cut and paste and disjointed.

  2. Today was the most bizarre eppy I have seen in a LONG time. As the days go on with this whole "Jason thing " the more convinced I am that Ron and co. are just doing all this to put the screws to Steve Burton....lord.

    AJ was the highlight of the episode with his snarky comments :-)

  3. The Franc/Jas/Todd thing was making me a little dizzy. Guess they are trying to show that he really does have a brain tumor and Franco should not be accountable for anything that he did "before". I guess all that video saying he didn't do any of it didn't fly with anyone.

    Morgan and Kiki don't even have one brain to share between them. Oh Lordy I shudder at the thought of them reproducing.

    Oh and Morgan if the truth always come out the fact that you knew that Morgan and Kiki were not related at all will come out too.

    Laura is so still in love with Luke I actually feel bad for Scotty now - She Steamrolled right over Leslie when she tried to get Laura to not run after Luke.

    It was nice to see Monica again even though it was for about 2 minutes and I am sure she won't be on again for a month.

    Royal baby Boy!

  4. Lord help us. Ron's now discovered that you can have Rodger acting like 2 people at once, talking to himself for half the show. I guess McSilas talking to his twin will be next and then we won't need GH stars at all. or they'll be reduced to props like Elizabeth. What a waste of a good actress!!

  5. Michael called AJ "dad". Best part of today's show.

  6. Di, absolutely, I was thinking the same thing, let's just have all the Trancos and McSilases talking with themselves, as if they haven't populated the show enough already!!

  7. Didn't really get it and lost interest in 5 minutes. I thought Todd/Franco/Jason's hair looked the best under the hood though. This was a total snoozefest today. I did enjoy all the comments from AJ and Tracy about Morgan, that was funny.

  8. Q home: AJ wins the line of the day!!!

    AJ: You guys are like 10!

    ROFL! Good one AJ. :) Monica and Tracy scene love it!

    The floating rib: Oh go ahead Michael! Go rebound on that blond girl! :) Oh! He is gonna have sex with her YESSSSSSSSS! :) Leslie and Laura scene love it!

    Sam's home: Awww McSilas is helping Sam. Carly is sticking up for FranJasTod now!

    The bridge: Oh look! It's Franco AND Jason! :) FranJasTod rode the bike while holding baby Cheeto! ROFL! Jason shot Liz! ROFL! These scenes are so funny! Finally little Cheeto cries. :) Since this is all in FranJasTod's head, I was waiting for Franco to throw baby Cheeto in the water! :) OH OH! THERE FrANJASTOD GOES! GOING TO THROW BABY CHEETO IN THE WATER! Oh Carly is gonna stop him. :)

    The hospital: Oh look! Liz is still alive! ROFL!

  9. My favorite dialogue today:

    Tracy: I need a drink. Anybody else?
    Morgan: Yeah, break out the bubbly!
    Tracy: We have juice boxes in the kitchen.


  10. I am really not enjoying GH these days. Can't get into these stories. Patrick, operate already so Roger can be unconciousness and allow a few other GH actors to have stories. Liked RH as Todd, but the Franco thing is just dumb. NOT working.

    The best part for me is that Laura obviously still loves Luke and will always go to save him because that is what the two of them do. They could always practically think like one person, so I have no doubt she will find him. But it may take all summer before we see him found (lol!)

    Much as I always liked the OLTL people, GH has WAY too much of them these days--WAY, WAY too much. It is time to get Anna working (was Finola off doing her directing stint during this period and that is why she isn't around?) If we can't see Anna, then we should be seeing Alexis, and if not Alexis, then more Laura and Lucy and Leslie and so on. We need GH people now and lots of them. I am already a bit weary of Ava, and while I always like Roger as an actor, it is going into overkill now with his air time.

    Today was bad. Far TOO much time on the bridge. It was supposed to be tense but it was just boring.
    Why is Monica never home while all these people are using her living room for repetitious dialog?

    And the Morgan-Kiki thing? SOOO stupid. He has no job, owes money, has no life of his own, really, and is just a guest in the Q mansion. What can he offer a bride? And yes, they are about '10'.

    Just a guess, but is the newcomer (Connie's boss) possibly Sam's dad?

  11. Actually a good day- the new girl is WAY better than Kiki already, and it turns out she's Anna Donely (Sean's daughter- acc. to spoilers).

    The Franco deconstruction of Jason as a killer who gave up love and family for $ and a gun was great, and DEF a screw you to Steve Burton.

    Loved it.

  12. I never thought of that being a way to get back at Steve B. So maybe there is a reason for that train wreck we had to watch yesterday

  13. Sean was a WSB agent with Anna and Robert


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