Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Afternoon Soapy Memos!

Even MORE good stuff to talk about this afternoon! 
There's a Facebook Page set up for the Rally tomorrow in NYC if you want info. People are WEARING RED for the event. 

Today's Humor: The Facebook page for THE CHEW has 133 likes. The BOYCOTT THE CHEW page has 1200...!! GET In there and "Like" that Boycott Page!! How funny is that!!? 

Today is Scott Reeves Bday-- Dr. Steven Lars Webber. Son of Heather and Jeff, not that you'd ever know that. I wish they'd call him Steven Lars too. They ALWAYS called him that. Audrey's the only one that would remember. *sigh*

Watching AMC because Dixie's due back, I hope more than a ghost. I am wondering of that Eric Doppleganger is someone who loved Jackson long ago...who would that be?? 

OLTL: Final airdate is January 20th according to SID. Happy Holidays. It was so fun today!! Marty was a riot.  Her talking to the baby.
I was really mad that Natalie can't remember anything.  Dang.
I love how Destiny was giving Matt the cold shoulder-- usually it's the guy that does that!!  OMG, Shawn overheard Matty say he had sex with Destiny!! eeeeeeeeee! She fixed it though!! 

GH: Fell asleep again.  I know that Alec came back to Brenda... and I saw Lulu and Dante and Alexis and Sam and the Jax.
I did hear Carly yelling at the hospital. Good Lord. Carly Carly CARLY!! She's on EVERY second! LOL 
This can't be sweeps. OH SAVE us!!


  1. I feel so sorry for poor Brody...he has no idea what's coming....

  2. OLTL WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! :) Natalie forgetting was so soapy!!!! :)

    GH today The Jax and Jason scene has lasted wayyyyy to long!!! I'm on team Jax and Jax come on go be with your daughter! Jason you have NO RIGHT! You are not even Joss's step father! And even if you were a step father you still don't have a right!!! Glad Alexis stepped in!!!! Is Jax the new AJ? DAMN! And the Spinny and Brenda scene, Woah she is acting just like Sonny! He is mine!!!! Mine mine mine!

    Spinny and Sam scene, Damn Spinny that gift was so inapropriate and gross!!! It's none of your business! Stay out of Sam and Jason's sex life! And more from Sam about I don't know if I want a baby or not! UGH! Carly tells Sonny that Brenda has to buck up and be an adult?! SHUT UP CARLY! And don't say it to Sonny! Say it to Brenda's face!!!! :) Carly vs Brenda LOVE IT! Altho lately Brenda hasn't been telling Carly off!!! :) Dante and Lulu the recapping couple! Zzzzzzz.

  3. Carly STFU. Brenda, STFU. Jason, STFU.
    Even Spin, STFU!

    Love Alexis, & Jax as always having each others back.

    And Carly says Brenda needs to be an adult? When has carly ever been one herself?

  4. I don't know why I find it strange that when Alexis and Sam were talking there was no mention of the fact that both Sam and Alexis had a child by Sonny.

  5. So sick of Brenda, omg...hope she leaves soon...looks like they are setting up for a sonny/carly reunion AGAIN!

  6. Can anyone tell me what happened at the park? ie: Cliffhanger on Friday?? Did anyone get shot??
    I was asleep until about 3;30

  7. Anonymous said...

    Carly STFU. Brenda, STFU. Jason, STFU. Even Spin, STFU!
    BAHAHAHA! Yes please! :)

  8. Loved how Jax was not backing down to Jason. He brought up everything we were thinking about Jason's dangerous life (and Sonny's). I am so sick of Jason right now. So much that I would rather Liz and Lucky get back together and I am a DIEHARD Liason fan...not anymore. Jason and Carly on my screen just makes me sick.
    Please writers, please, Just this once, let someone else win besides Jason and Carly. Let Jax win Josslyn. Let Carly finally learn a lesson. Let Liz help Jax with Josslyn and I wouldn't even mind if they date (over Lucky) ;)

    Brenda was also spot on when she was yelling at Spinelli (who I am also growing tired of!)

    WHy the HELL did Carly choose to help Sonny when she KNEW her daughter was being released from the hospital...yeah, great parenting to the best mom in the world. She sure deserves to win Josslyn in the custody battle.

    Sorry, GH ticks me off so much these days.

    FF through Sam and Spinelli, Lulu and everyone.

    Did enjoy Alexis and Sam talking like a true mother daughter. Why can't we get more of this? I can actually stand Sam when she is on with her true family.

  9. Karen no one was shot, our big cliffhanger on Friday was simply a warning shot fired by Dante. Stupid.

  10. While I have long been a Jason fan, I don't like this bent toward being self-righteous that Jason has developed. He is wrong, wrong, wrong about helping Carly in her schemes. She has always had him by the short hairs. Friendship, obsessive or not, has hurt Jason over the years. It has cost him alot while Carly has not paid out anything for Jason's friendship. And, I'm not talking about money here, folks.
    Isn't it about time Carly stood on her own two feet without Jason shoring her up in whatever she wants to do?

    If Jason and Sam have a child, I hope he leaves the mob behind. He is a killer, plain and simple. He is not one of the good guys. He is just saner than Anthony. . but for how much longer?

    I would really like to see the end of the Zacchara's -- father, son and daughter's fugly ghost. I hate it that Anthony is used as a foil to Sonny so Sonny can be seen as a good guy -- he isn't!

  11. I turned it off when Brenda was screaming like a banshee and asking why Sonny didn't take her. Look in the mirror while you're in psycho mode girl and figure it out.

    And I certainly didn't want to watch Sam saying how sad it is that Jake's gone and she knows she can't replace him when she's the one who stood by and watched the child get kidnapped, and who sent an armed gunman to terrorize him and his mother. Do the writers even remember that? Sorry but her and Jason as a coupe now just makes me want to barf!

  12. They sure seem to be working overtime to make Jax a total jerk. It always seems to be about Brenda. Carly needed to be more sympathetic and understanding about Brenda losing her child. So Carly goes to help rescue Brenda's child and bring him home, and he's mad at her for taking off with Sonny again. Now I can't stand Carly, I've had more than enough of her...but it seems to me that this time she just can't win for losing. Shouldn't he be happy with her for finally helping his Brenda? Looks to me like Jax is the next person on the hit list and will be walking off into the sunset with his Brenda. I also hear that Edward could be leaving soon due to health issues. :( When they're all done destroying and firing all of our favorites, what will be left? Sonny, Jason, Carly and Sam all sitting on the couch playing video games on Spinelli's computer?

  13. Karen, I really, really, really, really hate you. For the past couple of weeks, i've been reading the praise you've been heaping on OLTL and i've been pretty resistant. However, (as you've pointed out) GH is really, really, really, really stagnant and (as evidenced by today's ep) all they seem to do is stand around and talk (usually two people per room).

    So, since I knew Roger was coming back, and the last time he was on was probably the last time I watched OLTL, I decided to tune in for his return...

    I have now added a season pass for OLTL and it's all your fault. :)

    And let me tell you something, it's like a breath of fresh air compared to GH.

  14. Oh, and I just HAD to "like" the Chew so I could make some comments that i'm sure'll be deleted within the hour...

  15. OLTL is the best soap on the air. Love Destiny and Matthew the fake Todd vs real is mustsee TV! GH sucks I am glad that the ratings are tanking sick of Sonny, Jason, Ethina(hey I thought they were suppose to bring in big ratings)? Haven't watched in months and donbot intend to!

  16. I am only watching AMC because Dixie is back. GH stopped watching glad that the ratings suck and I loathe Ethina!

  17. DJ.. I am SO SORRY. LOL. (not really though)... OLTL so deserves all the praise heaped on it.
    you can send me your bill heh

  18. Anon, how can you loathe a couple that hasn't even had a chance yet?
    Just sayin'

  19. I didn't watch all of yesterday's yet, but why in the world doesn't Jax get either a court order and/or the police to assist him in getting Joss out of the hospital? Not only is she being kept there longer than she needs to be, and what chld would feel comfortable there for that long, but Jason has no legal right to keep a father from his child. This is beyond ridiculous.

  20. Hey Karen! I bet that would be a VERY expensive bill ROFL!


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