Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Briana Lane Exits GH as Brook Lynn


Briana Lane exits GH as Brook Lynn. She sent out a tweet last night thanking fans and cast/crew of GH. She will be missed. She replaced Amanda Setton who left to have her baby. Interestingly enough, when Brook was leaving, she had a pregnancy test with her. I thought Briana did a great job, she will be missed. 


  1. I'll miss her too. She did a really great job. She was given a great story. I hope they give AS good material too.

  2. She was a great stand in. Too bad she couldn't stay or have played someone else and stayed.

  3. She did a great job playing Brooky! In the beginning I didn't warm up to her, but then Brooky's throat got slashed and she went into the hospital, and that is when I started to warm up to her. Hey sometimes you take to a recast right away, and sometimes you don't. Good luck to whatever she wants to do! :) I love her name. Briana Lane.. Pretty.

  4. She was really good in the role. The new Lucas is Matt Trudeau and he isn't a temp. per Daytime Confidential.

  5. I really liked her. SHe is an actress I wouldn't mind coming back as another character!


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