Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Wet Paint


So, there I was, complaining on Friday that the show was boring (that day) and BOOM! All hell broke loose!  People coding, Alex sliding away-- seizures, drugs, sex and almost some rock and roll! No wonder Chase has a headache! 

Pancakes. That's what I want. 

SECRET SHARING OF THE WEEK: Oh, Franco's Tumor secret only lasted like 5 days? That's a record for GH! Liz was rightly upset and really wants Franco to get another opinion. Franco is scared he's going to go all JAMES Franco as the tumor grows. I don't think he's going to die so I'm wondering if Kevin's brain study will have anything to do with the conclusion. 

HEARTBEAT OF THE WEEK: BLOOP! All you need to know is that Sasha was hooking up with Cyrus to get some "blow" (as she called it) and it looked like a bad '80s movie. BUT! She had a seizure and heart attack looking episode after taking some powder and now is flailing all over the floor. Cyrus is upset. Brando rushes in. We'll see if she makes it Monday.


SOFT PORN OF THE WEEK: It involved a ladder, paint and two bland characters that really looked like they were filming an after-school special than a sex scene. I know Millow fans loved that they finally gave into their 'passions" but... like I've said I'm more of a "I'll stab you and then we'll angry sex" sort of girl. Anyway, Chase walked in to tell Willow he wubbed her and--BLOOP! 

PUZZLE PIECE OF THE WEEK : Oh I see another LIE coming. Or... lie by way of non-admission.  Nina finally finds out from Phyllis that her baby girl was given to a couple in Florida (where Nelle is from). She doesn't know her name or any other details but she knows that the necklace was given to her as well. Adorable Avery found it in the woods and Carly finds it in her backpack. Carly's going to call Jax. Heh. Will Jax tell Nina? Another bond between Jax and Carly. BUT--tell me, Nelle is dead--right? Isn't this a non-happening? Or is she alive? What? 

THE PETERING OF THE WEEK: Yep, it all PETERED OUT. Damn it. Just when we thought the whole thing would be's not! Why? Alex slithered into the water and Anna's not going to tell him she's not his mama.  Lord have mercy on me but Dante better take that guy out with a big bullet to the brain. 

RECOVERY OF THE WEEK: Finn! Up, talking and seeing his Daddy!  This guy is a good actor and Chase even looks like him. Win-Win. 

Must be Cam has it off because we just got these three arguing over what everyone's feelings are. I really wish the dialog was snappier--it's just not 'teen worthy'. Plus no one is ever on their phones it seems like. I DO appreciate a more pissy Dev though. At least he as some personality. 

THE JULIAN FACTOR: The problem with knowing an actor is leaving is that it takes away the surprise of it all. Yes, Julian may just leave town, but he could also be killed. Either way, we know WDV is exiting.  Julian bought some time with Sonny by saying he was stopping Nelle and he won't tell about Taggert but it's just a little reprieve. It's coming. 

SNACK OF THE WEEK: Ok, so last week it was Franco's chocolate and this week Maxie and Lulu noshed on chips. You know me, I do have a strange like of seeing people eat on soaps. 

CLUE OF THE WEEK: Jordan, Curtis and Laura all find the house that Cyrus has been using to stash someone. Do they find that someone? No. They DO find an oxygen tank and a love note. I'm betting on Cassandra. She was into synthetic drugs and had a lung condition. Oh, and hello, Laura! Seems like that 40 year old report from the PCPD might be about Laura? (hello David Hamilton?) 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Oh there it was. Sonny telling Jason about Karen Wexler. Girl he drugged to relax her at his strip club. When Sonny first came to town he was a scum-ball no matter how you slice it. Ergo, hearing about Sasha and Cyrus he had a pang of regret. Jason did try to set his mind at ease but at least we had it acknowledged. 


Nelle's death was ruled an accident by the Pennsylvania side of the police

Anna shoots Alex on the boat, Alex slips into the water (dead? doubt it) 

Finn codes but is saved by surgery

Anna doesn't tell Peter that Alex is his mother

Lulu angers Cyrus by publishing an online story

Brook Lynn wants to leave for NYC

Laura, Cyrus and Jordan all find clues at Cyrus' Oregon hideaway.

Sasha suffers an episode after snorting coke provided by Cyrus

Nurse Phyllis tells Nina she took her baby to an adoptive couple in Florida

Carly finds the second half of Nina's necklace and knows the daughter is Nelle

Julian lies to Sonny and says he was helping Nelle

A 40 year old PCPD report stuns Laura

Franco tells Liz about his tumor

Dante breaks into Peter's office and copies some files 

Jason and Sonny discuss Karen Wexler

Taggert almost runs into Cyrus

Ryan is in a coma 

Finn's Dad comes to town. 

Willow and Michael make love while painting 

Dev gets mad at Joss for not kissing back 

Chase walks in on Millow mid-kiss (they were going for a second round)

I HOPE I haven't forgotten anything! Geesh, a lot did go on. Little Avery appeared and Sonny read her a book which was cute. I think they are setting Lulu up for some danger from Cyrus. Oh, I ran a poll on Twitter: Carly curly or straight hair? 60% went for curly! 

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  1. Replies
    1. I like both...but straight definitely lol! Love it short!

  2. NO straight hair Carly - I LOVE her hair..

    I always try to think 'why this and that' cause I don't think it's filler.....SO was the whole thing of Ephinany and Milo breaking up so that Terry and Ephinany would be at Liz's house and Terry wouldn't tell Elizabeth? LOVED those scenes but seemed out of the blue.
    SO I am confused - Cyrus maybe has Cassandra and just wants LEVERAGE on Laura or do you think he IS connected to David? AND if LULU dies, NO REASON that Luke and Lucky shouldn't come back to the service.....Anthony Geary JUST said never say never...SO happy Laura has a storyline from the past and LOVED that she didn't excuse Jordan 100 percent!
    Sasha - go away - cause the explosion at the Floating Rib......Alexis go away - I am already weary of her......more Diane!!!

    1. Alexis go away? She needs help.

    2. Is Cyrus David? A brother? Can't be a dad.....age wouldn't seem right....He's obsessed with Laura (and Lulu) for a reason...ALSO - I'm not happy they are killing off Lulu....she's a legacy....killing off / sending off Spencer's is as bad as killing off Quartermane's.

    3. NOOOOO bite your tongue! David was good looking if I remember. Ponytail is ugly and evil!! Although I was awful young watching GH when that sl came out I don't remember David all that well. Refresher please?
      As for Lulu Emme isn't saying yes or no if she's been fired. Not sure what the big deal is. She says she can't comment and she did say her house they JUST moved into was sold so basically they are traveling with 3 kids dogs 2 cats and who knows what's going to happen?

  3. They better not kill off Lulu. She is a legacy character.

  4. Anna and Finn won't last now and neither will Peter and Maxie

  5. I do not think that Lulu will be killed off. She will probably leave town with Dante (for some reason). Maybe Laura will even encourage them both to leave, due to the Cyrus situation.

    Where are Bobbie, Lucas and Kristina?

  6. I had to laugh when the police report was from Hanover PA because the real Hanover is on the SOUTHERN border of PA, below Harrisburg! Isn't PC near the Great Lakes?

  7. The Petering, bwahahahahah!

    I will repeat what you said. Maybe saying it twice will make it happen, lol!
    "Lord have mercy on me but Dante better take that guy out with a big bullet to the brain."

  8. I think Lulu will go in hiding and Laura WILL know the truth but pretend her daughter is dead....although not sure how that works with CHarlotte and Valentin.

    1. Hope that is case. Dont want her to die or Laura to think she's died. She had to go through that with Lucky and Nicholas

    2. Maybe that is why Nina is getting some kinda guardianship now...since Emme is iff.


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