Friday, November 13, 2020

It's official: William DeVry Out at GH

 After quite a bit of cat and mouse and speculation, William DeVry took to twitter to say goodbye to cast members and fans as he was leaving GH. "Fans made Juliexis Love forever" .... He will be missed. While I was one who said Julian needed a direction or had to go, I was hoping they'd find something for him story-wise. He and Ava were some of the best siblings on TV! 


  1. They needed to give him a story. Some of the others need to go before him for sure. Will Lulu be recast? She is a central character. So stupid

  2. too bad they wrote him into the ground. he is one of their best actors. couldn't they get rid of sonny, jason or cyrus?

    1. I agree. He is a good actor. Sad to see him go instead of others


Sunday Surgery: Runnin' On Empty

  And NO BLOOD!  You sure you want this? I'm not sure I want this!! Tough week for me while watching. So here we go--  Gird your loins.