Monday, November 30, 2020


 PAST SHOWS: Loved Laura hugging Cameron; bomb aftermath looked real... I'm kinda team Alexis right now. Only in soapland because you know, I wouldn't really be all "keep drinking" but damn. Laura telling Sonny about David Hamilton was SO Genie Francis. 

Lulu and Franco had the same skull caps. Maybe they got a sale on the whole lot? LOL 


Lulu's still out. Tracy talks to Laura, she's going to try to find Luke..back in Amsterdam? She's not staying?? 

Olivia's set on cooking that turkey!!

Alexis tells Sam she's putting Jason-loyalty above her kids wellbeing. (She's not wrong) . 

Oliva invited Alexis to Thanksgiving and she went. OMG, Olivia invited Robert to set the two up!! AHAHAHAA..They don't get along well. AND THEN--Robert overhears Alexis and Ned talk about sleeping together!! OOPS! 

Turkey burned up. They had to get Pizza. 

Epiphany tells Sasha Michael sat with her all night. Then Brando comes in to check on her. 

Laura tells Dante they might have to move Lulu to somewhere else. 

Carly and Sam talk about 'the life'... and Sam says it might not be worth it anymore. 

The entire Q fam go to GH to see Laura and Dante-awwwwwww. :) 

OMG THEN TRACY WALKS IN!! So unexpected. I cried a little

Ava goes to see Julian--and has a gun!

Sonny and Jason find out Julian was the one that planted the bomb.



  1. wow Genie Francis is so talented. and Sam talks common sense, for the first time ever. sonny and jason need to go. amateur mobsters, scene was too fake almost funny

    1. Yes witch...Jason did ok but Sonny thumping him ever so often...laughable. 🤣😂🤣

  2. Genie Francis is such a good actress. She can play emotional so well

  3. Loved the episode. Teared up when Tracy walked in and Laura was bawling. Loved that the turkey got ruined and they had pizza again, but I was very disappointed that they went with a prayer and not the song. I thought they'd have the song after.

    Brando was great was Sasha. I hope they keep her sober with him in her corner. And I'm really hoping Ava kills Julian herself rather than having Sonny get him.

    Amateur gangster scene was terrible.

  4. No song? They have sang that song for decades

  5. Is that you, Karen????????? I just don't know why Sasha is still around.....I actually like her with Brando......LOVE LOVE Tracy

    1. Thinking the same, she and Brando were good together. Maybe friendship first then...something later?

  6. Yes! Such a good show! I loved that Teacy showed up and that everyone showed up at the hospital. Teared up both times. Julian gonna get it....
    Excited for tomorrow!

  7. Genie never ceases to blow me away! Loved everybody going to GH to support Laura and Dante.

  8. Wyndemere:

    Ava and Jules: WHAT?!!??!! Ava is got a gun!!!!! You are not really going to kill your brother are you?!!?! I mean he is packing up and leaving!!!!

    The Q home:

    Olivia, Ned, Robert and Alexis: Uh okay what?!?!?!!?! Olivia is trying to set Robert and Alexis up?!!?!?!! No no no I don't see it. They don't have chemistry Olivia!!! You and Robert have chemistry! :) And what's with you laughing Olivia? :) Robert wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: You two have a lot in common.

    Robert: We do?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's my question too!!!! :)

    Olivia and Robert: No Olivia!!! No no no! No Robert and Alexis!!!

    Olivia and everyone: Cook 3? Hahahahaha. Oh Cook 3 let Olivia do everything hahaahhaaha. Where did cook 3 go? Wait Olivia burned the turkey?!?! BAHAHAHAHAHA! PIZZA TIME! :)

    Ned and Alexis: SHHHHH! Don't bring up the 1 night stand or someone will overhear you! OH! Hi Robert. :) Oh oh.

    Ned and Robert:

    Robert: I don't know what I stumbled into, between you and Alexis, but you see, Olivia she's my friend. You hurt her, and I swear to you, you'll still be in a wheelchair by Christmas.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Carson home:

    Alexis, Sam, and Carly:

    Alexis: Is it really more important to you to be loyal to Jason, than to be a responsible mother?


    Sam and Carly: Oh my! Is Sam changing? Is Jasam dead? I hope so. Then Jason can go and sleep with Britch. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny, Jason, and the bartender: Whenever Sonny was thumping his finger to the bartender's forehead, I was cracking up hard!!! Hahahahaha.

    *Sonny grabs bartender's phone and hears Julian's voice*

    Sonny: SON OF A BITCH!


    The hospital:

    Dante and Laura: OH! Take Lulu out of town! Yes yes yes! I rather have that, then have her die. Tiffany did that with Shawn after he got shot. Took him out of town.

    Nik and Laura: When Nik was talking to her about that Lulu will never wake up, my first thought was, will Lulu still get her period while in a coma? ROFL!

    Laura and Tracy on the phone: TRACY! YAY! :) Wait a second. If Tracy hasn't been living in Amsterdam, then where the hell has she been living?

    Lulu's room:

    Lulu and Dante: Alien Lulu is still in a coma. Awwww Dante. :(

    Sasha's room:

    Brando and Sasha: Oh look Sasha is alive. And in denial.

    Nurses station: Prayer for Lulu! YES!!! Family together! YES! Pizza! YES!!!

    Tracy: Not so fast! First we sing then we eat.

    YAY! :) HI TRACY!!! That hug between Laura and Tracy made me cry!!!! Wait that's it!?!?! It's over? No singing?!!?!?! :( They are going to skip singing this year? :(

    1. I hope this means Sam will leave and we'll be done with her for a while at least. I just can't watch her.

      And I sang the song for them.

    2. "Di says, I hope this means Sam will leave and we'll be done with her for a while at least. I just can't watch her."

      I hope she breaks up with Jason and is on her own for awhile.

      "And I sang the song for them."

      Awwww! Great! :)

    3. I to hope sam leaves. least favorite character. sonny and jason are close behind.forgot to mention carly, she acts like endangering her children are worth being with sonny.

  9. Okay for Di, lindie, and others who love the we gather together song, here it is.

    A montage.. :)

  10. Missed you! The show was preempted for the Philly area because of TORNADO warnings. Thanks for the update!

  11. Genie Francis best actress on daytime tv and nighttime tv

    1. Agreed, witch! She just lights up every scene she is in - really remarkable! And she shows such realistic actions and feelings. Love her!

  12. I think I know how they will try to redeem Peter. Hope I am not right but he is probably the one to take down Cyrus.

    1. "lindie says, I think I know how they will try to redeem Peter. Hope I am not right but he is probably the one to take down Cyrus."

      Oh yuck!!

    2. The thought of that actually makes me sick. I was hoping Julian took him out, or Dante.

  13. Great show yesterday, especially with Tracy showing up. Loved the hospital scenes. Sam is finally wising up but Carly never will. Lulu's head gear looks like it has Christmas lights.

  14. I am still trying to figure out why they are letting Lulu go. It seems like such a strange time with Dante returning. Sasha, Brando, Peter would all be more understandable choices.

    1. Maybe they are letting her go temporarily. She has young kids and every thing is really bad there now. She can be home with her family for a few months, otherwise she wouldn't be able to see them.


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