Monday, November 16, 2020

NuLucas Alert!

 Here we go... it's MONDAY!! 

Carly figures out about Nelle's necklace. Avery tells her she found it outside the cabin. Carly calls Jax to come over.  She shows Jax the necklace. He says yep. Looks like it. Carly says Jax shouldn't tell Nelle, it was be bad news. Jax thinks he should. Oh geesh. 

Olivia, Sam at GH. Julian walks in "is it Leo"?? I must have missed something? AND THERE'S A NEW LUCAS APPARENTLY! that's him up there! WHAT? I don't think he'd be a replacement (temp) because why bother to put him in? He's never there. If Ryan DID leave, why not announce the reacast?? Strange???? Anyway a kid fell needs a tetnus shot.  Lucas tells Julian he's a terrible parent basically. 

Sasha still on the floor. Cyrus tells Brando to get her out out --so Brando takes her out and calls SONNY?? lol Then at GH, Jason calls Michael to go to see her.  Um, ok? Lucas says she OD and the coke was "super coke" (well something like that LOL) . Cyrus shows up and goes to turn off the breathing machine and Michael hauls him out of the room and yells at him for being a scum drug dealer. 

Chase has a beer at Charlie's... Willow texts him "I think we should talk" Willow comes to see him. 

Valentin and Tad Martin talking about Charlotte and custody. Val then asks Nina to be her guardian in case anything happens to him. 

Brook and Ned talking. The apologize to each other. Brook is still leaving--to "get clarity". And-- I think so the old Brook Lynn can come back. 


OMG so, Brook says goodbye to Valentin at the Metro Bar. He walks away and she PULLS OUT A PREGNANCY TEST!! 


  1. Do the women on this show not know what birth control is?

    1. Obviously the writers don't since they love these pregnancy scenarios. This "It was an accident" excuse is ridiculous. You don't accidently fall on a guy's P****.

    2. "Di says, This "It was an accident" excuse is ridiculous. You don't accidently fall on a guy's P****."

      BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Life is stranger than fiction! ROFL!

    3. On the other hand...why don't men use condoms??? Goes both ways.

    4. Men don't wear condoms cause women don't insist. If no condom meant no sex they'd have some on them at all times.

  2. I like this Brooklyn, don't want the other one back

    1. Me too. And I like the spurt of maturity that she's now gained.

    2. I did like the other but yeh this one has REALLY REALLY GROWN on me. Sad to see her go. She's like the grown up Brook.

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  4. I liked the new Lucas. Great speech to Julian. Bryan C is working on a couple of movies so maybe he's not coming back. He obviously doesn't work enough on GH to earn a living now that the baby sl is over.

    Sasha seemed to be conscious when Cyrus was trying to turn her vent off. Maybe that will shock some sense back into her.

    1. Yes this new Lucas is HAWT! He actually even looks like Sam now! Good casting! Nice eye candy for me... 😂🤣

    2. Amen to the new Lucas, very easy on the eyes!! But I was totally surprised about the new actor!

  5. They interrupted most of the show in NYC for a stupid news report . . . Glad I got the skinny here.

    1. Same here in PA. I'd rather see GH than here Biden spewing his stupid ideas. That is what news used to be for

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  7. Sonny's office:

    Jason and Sonny: Oh I like how remorseful and guilt ridden Sonny is about his past. :)

    Cyrus's home:

    Cyrus, Brando, and Sasha: Oh no!! Sasha is having a heart attack! Get rid of her?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!I love Cyrus yelling! :)

    Brando on the phone: Oh Brando calls the love of his life. The man of his loins. His sweetheart Sonny!! Cus you know, Sonny is a doctor.

    Q home:

    Chase, Willow, and Michael: First of all, who would have sex in a child's room? And second of all, what's wrong with knocking?!?!!

    Michael and Chase: They are having a lovers quarrel! Chase caught his honey buns Michael cheating!!! Oh how could you Michael?

    Ned and BLQ: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. :( Great scene!!!! When BLQ comes back, will the scar be gone? Plastic surgery off screen?

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Chillow: Hmmmmm Willow changed shirts? Why? Did Michael's "stuff" get onto her shirt when they had Carona sex? I WANT CHILLOW BACK TOGETHER DAMMIT!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Jax: Is it time to give up? Or no?

    Nina and V.C.: Now why the hell does Nina want anything from V.C.?!?!?!!?! Why would you even tell him anything about your daughter?!!?!? How can you even trust him?!!?!?! I don't get it. I'm so confused!!!! Well, Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: I don't want you to die. At least not right now.


    V.C. and Marty Tad Grey: I love love love when they are in scenes together. :) Enough said. :)

    BLQ and V.C.: No goodbye Carona sex?

    V.C.: Don't ever lose your impulsiveness because it is wildly attractive.

    OH! ;) I hope when BLQ comes back they can have carona sex again. :)

    BLQ and pregnancy test: :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0

    Carson home:

    CarJax: NO NO NO NO! ENOUGH LYING! Great now CarJax is going to bond some more!! Hmmmmmm. Well, I do love when they bond. :) But enough lying please! DON'T DO THIS TO NINA!!!! :(

    The hospital:

    Sasha and Cyrus: Ohhh Cyrus! Why are you there? You going to kill Sasha? Don't make me beg! OH HE IS GOING TO KILL HER!!!!! :)

    Michael and Cyrus: Oh rats. Cyrus was so close. Oh but I do love angry Michael! YAY! :)

    Sonny and Brando: In the same room and sending text love notes. :) How romantic. :) Why did you have to have Jason see them? Those love notes are private!

    Brando and Cyrus:

    Cyrus: Next time I tell you to get rid of someone, that doesn't mean to bring them to the emergency room.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Creepy!!!!! MORE MORE MORE! :)

    Julian, Olivia, Sam, and NEW LUCAS?!!?!?!!!?!

    Olivia: You know what I mean Lucas.

    LUCAS?!?!?! Excuse me?!!?!?! This was very upsetting and confusing!!! They can't just drop him like that to us without any warnings!!! There was no this actor is being played by!!! Nothing!!! GAH! Also he looks very familiar. Also why is he so tall? It's like he is 16 years old and had a growth spurt. I am just so out of sorts. Sorry. Anyway, I hope Leo is okay!

    Julian and Fake Lucas: Oh shut up Fake Lucas!!! I don't want to hear your crap! I want to here it from the original Lucas!!!!

    Julian, Sam, and Olivia: OH COME ON! There is a difference between Julian and Jason? Really Olivia? Jason is not the end all and be all superhero man!!! GAH!

    Sidenote: WHERE THE HELL IS LAURA?!?!!?!

  8. On the she knows website.

    "General Hospital spoilers for Thursday November 26:

    The soap will air an encore of its December 23, 2019 episode featuring Finn as Ebenezer Scrooge with A Christmas Carol twist.

    Be sure to stop by between the appetizers and dessert to find out what we — and your fellow fans — are most thankful for.

    General Hospital spoilers for Friday November 27:

    General Hospital will not be seen, due to college football."

    Why are they showing a Christmas episode, when it's Thanksgiving? What are they going to show for Christmas? A Thanksgiving episode? :)

  9. When Cyrus was on the phone in Sashas room talking about trying out our product to someone my first thought was he's working with Cassandra.

  10. Very interesting show yesterday!
    1. I like new Lucas, but was very confused by that! I thought he and Mumbles looked good together. Maybe more inappropriate sibling chemistry is on the way now that Julian is leaving. :)
    2. Sorry to see BLQ go. Like many have said, she really grew on me! And NO NO NO NO to her being pregnant!
    3. I like Millow. Sorry, lol!
    4. Michael yanking Cyrus out of Sasha's room was a whirlwind, I loved it! And yes, angry Michael is a good thing!
    5. Jax lying to Nina? NO NO NO!!
    6. Enough procrastinating from the would be PC mobsters. Get on with it already. Same for Dante whacking PLP. Worst most ineffectual criminals ever.

    1. Peter. I call him Parking Lot Pete as he came on the show after Frank V. the producer met him in the parking lot when he was with Laura Wright (Carly) who's his girlfriend.

    2. "Julie H says, Peter. I call him Parking Lot Pete as he came on the show after Frank V. the producer met him in the parking lot when he was with Laura Wright (Carly) who's his girlfriend."

      Ohhhh so that is why you call him parking lot Pete! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I haven't heard that story about Frank V met him in the parking lot. :)



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