Thursday, November 12, 2020

Brook and NYC


It's Thursday! 

Franco tells Liz about his tumor. She's upset about Terry but he says it was a doctor-patient prive thing. He tells her it's inoperative. Liz wants a second opinion. Franco says he's too afraid he will turn psychotic again. 

Brook Lynn is at GH trying to see Finn. Oh, she was trying to find CHase. Which she does and tells him she's got a one way bus ticket to NYC. Chase doesn't want her to go. 

Brando is on the look-out for Cyrus at the Metro who's having dinner with a woman "don't let Sonny's wife interrupt us" . Brando is trying to convince Cyrus he hates CarSon.  Sasha is meeting Cyrus. Asks if he sent the coke up to her the other night. She says she know he did. 

Nina is talking to Sasha. She hopes she's not using anymore. Then she sees Carly and Jax together. Gets Jelly

CarJax talk about Nelle. Her death was ruled an accident. 

Willow is painting a room at the Q house. Michael walks in on her dancing-- and it's....weird LOL They have a whole soft porn type thing going-- ugh. Michael catches her off the ladder. PFffffffft. They talk about her seeing Chase after Finn was shot. They hold hands. Yada yada. Oh, the annulment papers are delivered. 

SO, I don't know what's up with my TV but I swear at 2:30 it just decides to cut out. I get that wheel thing going back and forth. It's not my wifi as I can use the computer still! I have to finish the episode tonight! I'm sorry AGAIN@@!! UGH I'll see if Wubby Hubby can fix it? I must just reboot the whole thing. 


  1. Friz's home:

    Friz: Great scene!!! Awwwww! :( Yes get a 2nd opinion!!! And yes it could be different this time! :(

    The hospital:

    Brooky and Chase: They are so adorable!!! :) No don't leave Brooky!!! Listen to Brooky, Chase! TELL WILLOW THE DAMN TRUTH! AND STOP SOUNDING LIKE SASHA! GAH!

    Q home/Wiley's room:

    Willow and Michael: This was a stupid and idiotic scene. What is with her wearing her shirt like that, and showing her bra? That is so OCC! And she had to make a freakin big deal about Michael having paint on himself! SO WHAT?!!?! What was with catching her and twirling her? HUH?!!! And did you see the little birdies flying over their head?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and Cyrus: Oh another drug date. :) How adorable and romantic. :)

    Nina and Cyrus: OH damn! Nina telling Cyrus off, but he is such a great manipulator! :)

    CarJax: It is really bugging Carly! Something is grabbing her and she just doesn't know what it is ROFL!

    Carly and Brando: They should just talk in code. That would be cool! :)

    Sasha and Brando: Brando wins the line of the day.

    Brando: Do you really want to go down that rode Sasha? You're dating the guy.

    ROFL! Yes! This is the 2nd drug date. :)

    Sasha and Cyrus part 2: Yes let's eat! Oh look drugs on a plate! :) Why is there always just 1 small baggie? She should get like at least 4 baggies.. Cus she uses the small baggie all in one day!!! I'm surprised she hasn't overdosed until she is dead yet.

    Nina and Mrs. Coffee: Awwww a reunion!!!!! :) Now let's get to where the baby is!!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch Amy sing with the band* Hmmm. Doesn't sound like her voice.

    1. Where is everyone? Hi Sonya! Lol!

      I agree with line of the day and there wasn't much to choose from. Brando looks pretty good in a suit. :)

      I like Mildew (!) but yesterday their scenes were pretty sickening and weird.

      Seriously there should have been a kilo of whatever laying on Sasha's plate. Cyrus is really a creepo!!

    2. "Julie H says, Where is everyone? Hi Sonya! Lol!"


      "I agree with line of the day and there wasn't much to choose from."

      Yeah not really. There was Brooky's line about how she wasn't stabbed in the eyes and can see that he still loves Willow. ROFL! But Brando's line was funnier.

      "Brando looks pretty good in a suit. :)"

      Hell yeah! :)

      "I like Mildew (!) but yesterday their scenes were pretty sickening and weird."

      ROFL! Yeah it was. It was like a Disney movie Hahahaha.

      "Seriously there should have been a kilo of whatever laying on Sasha's plate."

      Yeah poor Sasha keeps getting the short end of the stick. Such a small doses of drugs! :)

      "Cyrus is really a creepo!!"

      Yeah he is haha. Love it! :)

  2. Ok I can't be the only one who loves Michael with Willow!? I thought her dance was cute. Sue me. LOL! Their whole scene I liked. I do hope they cancel the annulment. It looks like it's leading up to that. I mean you'd rather have him with coke girl? LOL!
    They better not kill my Friz or Franco!
    They haven't had a moment of happy since he became Franco again. I mean true happy.


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