Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Revelations


SPOOKY FUN WEEK!!  And by the way, I'm so tired of apologizing for loving the show.  I think it's just on point and really building stories. This week was all I wanted and more.  I think it's the best soap going and I enjoy it as much as some of the other prime time stuff I'm watching. So there. You might not like the direction things are going but there's a story...and a damn good one in most cases! Actors seem to be loving life as well. Nothing is better than watching the cast do their stuff. 

Since you know you have leftover candy from last night, unwrap those suckers and eat!! 

So much came out this week, it was delicious!! There were so many revelations. They also used a real office and the parking lot! What the heck?? Here are some revelations for you and they are in no particular order because I couldn't rank them.  Hope you liked the show as much as I did: 

REVELATION ONE OF THE WEEK:  TUMAH is back!! It can't be operated on!! Franco is the one that messed with Ava's painting. Wow.. and he saw his monkey, the knife and some spray paint. Him fainting in The Rib was just perfect. Caught me totally by surprise. Good seeing Terry again. He wants to keep it secret? Didn't we just do this with Oscar? Either way, Roger will act the hell out of it all. I REALLY hope he's not leaving but we know he's an East Coaster and maybe the restrictions are just too much. Hmmm...?? 

REVELATION TWO OF THE WEEK:  First the Peter is Alex' son reveal and then the wonderment of watching Finola and JPS. Two great actors. They made me care about this story. Val is off to save Anna just as Alex rounds the corner, knocks her out and shoves her in the basement. :Giggling: 

REVELATION THREE OF THE WEEK:  So, Taggert's in town as Darth Vadar and sees Trina (dressed at Leia). He sees him when they fight and he realizes he saw him on the pier. THEN Finds Trina's phone with his photo. Taggert sees Sonny and Jason tells him that guess what? Sonny bought Kate Howard's house and they are going to hide them there. I've wanted her house to be used for years lol. I thought Jax would have been the perfect neighbor. 

REVELATION FOUR OF THE WEEK:  Oh my GOD but I love a scared Peter!! It was glorious to see that he was so fearful of the Helena call. I was trying to figure out if it was Spinelli but then he walked around the corner. THEN it was revealed to have been Sam! First time I've liked her in over a year. Great set-up. Awesome and I hope to hell they get Peter right where I want him; 6 feet under. 

REVELATION FIVE OF THE WEEK:  Ava and Nikolas. It was so fun watching them circling.  I have not had a SHIP IN SO LONG!! I'm just into them so much. When he got stabbed accidentally and then they had zex? SO SOAPY! Just  a flesh wound I guess. LOL. Then he was so concerned for her when he saw her after the Ryan visit. Even Julian had to gag. I hope they last and build this into a glorious soapy love story. 

REVELATION SIX OF THE WEEK:   So, Finn and Jackie DID have a thing! She was doing a story in the residents in Boston hospital. She and Finn flirted but did nothing. He introduced her to his Dad. Whooops. Then on her wedding night, Finn and she give in to their passion. They never tell the Dad-- or anyone about it. 

REVELATION I REALLY DIDN'T SEE COMING: Ava reveals the "divorce papers" to Ryan. He knows they are fake and freaks the hell out. Even Ava was shook!!  THEN?? Ryan calls SONNY??? He's going to out Julian to the one man that will kill him in a heartbeat? Wow.. interesting. So, Sonny's gunning for Jules and so is Cyrus. This could be a who-dun-it. OR as some are suggesting on Twitter, Nikolas could help stage Julian's death. That's what I'm hoping for! 

WUBSY PICK OF THE WEEK:  I loved this scene. Playful and unexpected. Just like Epiphany and Milo breaking up. I loved her singing at the Rib and Cyrus flirting with her too. Just might turn into something delightful. Ephipany ends up killing him just because she's so pissed? LOL 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Hard to choose between this and The Ryan freak out but..NLG was just so perfect in this I had to give it to her.  This Julexis scene was everything; it showcased the wonderment of NLG and WD together and it laid out why they can't be together. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Don't take Epiphany's last chocolate bar@!!!! 


Franco has an inoperable brain tumor

Alexis is still drinking and taking no prisoners 

Cyrus threatens Julian (again)

Sonny threatens Julian (again)

Ava and Nikolas share feelings for each other; Ava accidently stabs Nikolas

Ryan doesn't believe Ava that the divorce papers are real

Spinelli and Sam trap Peter with "Helena's" Voice 

Valentin vows to save Anna

Anna gets knocked out by Alex who takes over for Anna handing out treats

Liz tells Nik about her part of the blackmail plot

Franco tells Ava his part of the blackmail plot 

Sasha is coked to the max, goes on a 'date' with Cyrus 

Brook Lyn tries to sing, finds out she can't 

Epiphany broke up with Milo who is opening gyms across the country 

Michael and Willow have Steamy Shower Sex fantasies (JUST fantasies) 

All the kids get together; Taggert makes an appearance but Trina doesn't know

Finn and Jackie talk about their past, including sex on her wedding night

That's it!! I was loving the UPS and DOWNS of everything so much. I didn't think Anna would find the DNA results so fast. Franco having a tumor? Nope. Ryan freaking out that bad? NADA. Alexis going full throttle with Julian? No no no. Finn and Jackie were also a great backstory. Peter's in a trap and looking ill. Bring it on. Soon, Jackie's hubby and Chase/Finn's Dad will show up. Lulu might be leaving (I think Emme wants out) and so, how will that go? Who will kill Julian or will he flee? Ryan? Alex? I'm telling you, this show has a LOT going on. 

Have a great Sunday.  Next week will be an interesting one for MANY reasons. Here's hoping GH doesn't get interrupted with "Breaking" anything.  It's NOVEMBER already! 2020 is another month into being over!! 

Photos thx to: @Twynk @DaytimeConfidential 


  1. I think Emme was let go, I don't think she wanted out. I saw her INSTA post the day of and she posted a photo of her kids and partner hugging her and comment made it sound like she was fired. 😥

    On to the Surgery....loved it! Loving the show! Loved all the reveals! I truly thought oh God is Hells alive?? LOL! So yeh even I liked Sam for a minute!
    As for Franco I'm super sad! I Love RoHo! I don't want him to die!!

    1. If it's a matter of Covid restrictions making the commute for Roger too onerous, maybe Franco can become unresponsive and put in Turning Woods or another long-term care facility. Then, after the virus has passed, a miraculous tumor cure?

    2. Agreed. Emme was definitely fired. Her Instagram post and the comments, lay it out without any doubt. I hope Julie returns as Lulu.

    3. Yes, Emme said this wasn't her choice.

  2. Thanks for the great SS. I really love the fast pace of some of these revelations. So happy Anna knows the truth. Nikolas helping to stage Julian's death would be great. I'm also hoping Franco decides that since he's going to go tumah crazy again and then die he might as well do everyone a favor and take out Cyrus. lol Then they can spend some time trying to figure it all out.

    I'm actually looking forward to the show this week.

  3. I love ROHO. He is GH's best actor

  4. Great SS and I agree that the show is great now. I don’t even fast forward any scenes. Val and Anna scenes are outstanding, as are Julexis. Loved the Sam and Spinelli plot and looking forward to Peter’s downfall.

  5. I still think Franco's tumor is going to be about Drew's memories....SO tired of him always saying don't tell Elizabeth.
    Julian is gone - he has to be - because Alexis very words were the following:
    I cannot wait for the day where I never have to look at you again....
    I mean come on - THAT said it - and I think she will blame herself and honestly I thought NLG overacted that whole bar scene...
    Maybe Sasha can be blown up too ----- I don't want her with Brando or anywhere.....
    Nik and Ava are THE reason to watch the show
    and you forgot - what Carly is forgetting I THINK is the necklace - she keeps saying 'it's something I am supposed to remember'.....
    and if Alex is on there a long time and no one NOTICES it's not Anna - I am gonna be mad mad mad...….
    WOW Kelly M is looking rough and those pics are Instagram are old pics.

    1. I agree about the Anna/Alex thing. You think after the last switch Anna would have given Robert a safe word if he was unsure it was her.

    2. I would think someone would know its Alex. Finn would know if someone different is having sex with him. Also Robert and Valentin know Anna well too.

      I am probably in the minority but if they don't put Anna back with Robert, I want her with Valentin. I know he is a jerk but they have great chemistry and he loves her. I think Finn is not going to tell Anna about he and Jackie and something will come between Anna and Finn over Jackie.

  6. Great SS as always. I like the show right now too. Spinelli and Sam have great chemistry when they work together to solve crimes. I liked that scene too of them working together to get Peter.

  7. I know CT is retired, but I have this fantasy that Helena is alive, aware of the scam that Spin and Sam are running, are will use it to show up. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

  8. My favorite line of the week was when Spinelli bumped into Val and squeaked, "Darth Cassadine!"

  9. I'm really loving the show right now and I'm glad I'm not the only one! I really hope they write the Lulu and Julian exits in such a way that leaves recasts or returns open.

    1. Presumed dead. Or, I wouldn't mind at all if Julie Marie Berman was coming back as Lulu. Would feel really bad for Emme Rylan though if that were the case

  10. Thanks for the SS! It helps with my weekend withdrawals 😂

  11. SS was great, thanks so much! I agreed with just about everything you said. GH has been really good and I look forward to it every single day!

    I'm saying too, if the good folks of Port Charles don't figure out Alex is playing Anna I'm going to be mightily pissed. Franco not telling Liz is so stupid and so old and so old school soapy. Come on writers...surprise me and let Liz in on it! Nik sneaking Jules out of town would be fantastic and WOW, Ryan was awesome this week!

    Too many lines of the day this week. It was like a comedy club! LOL! But yup, Darth Cassadine....had me laughing out loud.

    Thanks again Karen! Can't wait to watch the vote episode today!

  12. SS is great. The show is so good. It is must watch again. Glad they did something good with the COVID time off. They came back swinging.


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