Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hamilton and Harrison's Father

 Sonny and Jason. Ryan's in a coma. Jason tells Sonny that Franco asked him to kill him.  Then Taggert comes in. This is in Sonny's office in the restaurant. Tagger's just wandering around. Oh, then Cyrus comes over. 

Scotty is at Franco's house. Scotty's mad that Franco didn't call him when he was in the hospital. Wants to go over his life insurance policy.  Franco's asking what could happen if he died a violent death. 

Laura at the Cyrus House. She is following up the same lead as Curtis and Jordan. She asks Jordan why she's not in the hospital because she heard she was on medical leave. Jordan tells her the truth, it's a cover. Jordan tells Laura the entire Cyrus story and backstory. 

Finn's Dad at the hospital. I like him. He and Chase look so much alike. They all banter a bit. 

Lulu and Maxie gabbing an eating chips in Maxie's room. Lulu's moaning about Dante..Maxie's just listening. 

Peter and Anna talking about Alex and how he could have killed to protect Maxie. Valentin comes out of the elevator. Yada, Yada... The real deal is she says "I was protecting my grandchild". MEANING...she's not telling Peter and neither will Val. Damn it.  BUT..hey, Finn knows, right? No he just knows the results came in. He asks Anna what they said. 

Date is at The Invader Office and looking at Peter's computer for "off shore accounts". He puts in a zip drive. 

PETER walks in on Dante...Dante reaches for his GUN. OH DAMN Dante gets out of it by saying someone was trying to break into the files on his computer and the IT Guys called him. Dante leaves with the zip drive. 

Ok, so ... the whole "40 year old PCPD report" That Cyrus is using and that Jordan keeps saying that is "heavily redacted" has to be Laura killing David Hamilton. She was like 15 or 16?

END: Franco tells Liz about his tumor. Laura calls someone and says "we're in trouble"


  1. Yup Laura was about 15 or 16 when she killed David Hamilton

  2. David Hamilton had two unnamed children who supposedly died along with his wife. What if Cyrus is one of his children and that's why he's so obsessed with Laura.

    1. How many years did he have on Laura and how old may his children have been at the time? I was leaning toward brother.

    2. He was Rick Webbers college roommate so I'd say probably mid thirties to early forties.

  3. Oooooh, I love that Laura is getting a storyline. I missed Genie so much!!! GH has been so good since coming back.

  4. I really appreciate weaving some history into the stories - you have a rich canvas and characters to pull from, it's almost a crime to not use them (such as the Qs). This is a pretty good summary of David Hamilton He tried to defraud GH...hmmm. And maybe Laura called Scotty (who she was dating at the time). Looking forward to it

    1. I totally agree. I am definitely on-board for this storyline.

  5. Friz's home: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty and BobTodd: Well, you big dummy. You think you are going to fix your financial problems by committing suicide?


    Friz: I am so glad that BobTodd told Liz the truth! :)

    Sonny's fake restaurant/Sonny's office:

    Jason and Sonny: What!!?!?! Ryan is in a coma?!!?! CRAP!!! HEY!!! Sonny's bodyguard looks just like Ethan Lovet!!! :)

    Outside the office:

    Cyrus, Sonny, and Jason: Cyrus looks so handsome in that dark outfit. :) Cyrus should go find Piffy and ask her out. :)

    The hospital:

    Finchy's room:

    Finchy, Chase, and Gregory: HI GREGORY!!! :) Hmmm Chase and Gregory look like each other. :) Great casting. Of course if Gregory is his grandpa, then they look alike because they are family! :) Yes Gregory you really should meet little V!! She is adorable! :)

    Maxie's room:

    Maxie and Lulu: Lulu is still whining about Dante. You already talked about this with Maxie yesterday! How long are you going to be whining about this?

    Near the elevators:

    V.C. and Anna bot: NO V.C. NO! Don't encourage Anna bot to lie to Finchy!! UGH!

    Oregon home:

    Jurtis and Laura: Jordan looks very constipated.

    "Karen says, the whole "40 year old PCPD report" That Cyrus is using and that Jordan keeps saying that is "heavily redacted" has to be Laura killing David Hamilton."

    Hmmmm. I wonder how Cyrus would know David Hamilton... Is David his best friend? Brother? Father? Candle stick maker?


    Laura: We're in trouble.

    Hmmmmm. I wonder who she called. I wish it was Luke! It can't be Scotty. He wasn't part of what happened with David.

    The invader/Hiney's office:

    Dante: I must complete the mission.

    Oh! Dante is talking about the book called I must complete the mission, by Captain Doctor Kirk! :)

    Hiney and Dante: Shoot him Dante! SHOOT HIM!! :) Hiney looks suspicious. Like he knows Dante is lying. Shoot the idiot Dante!

    1. Great line of the day, lol! Scotty never disappoints! Candle stick maker? HAHAHAH!

    2. "Julie H says, Great line of the day, lol!"

      Hahaha yes!!! :)

      "Scotty never disappoints!"

      No he doesn't! :)

      "Candle stick maker? HAHAHAH!"

      Hahahahaha. Well, he could be! ROFL!

  6. That was my first thought about Laura, I love the fact that they are bringing history into these storylines

  7. Maybe Laura called Leslie? Just love that Genie is back, and I loved her conversation with constipated (thanks Sonya!!) Jordan. I also love Gregory as the dad!

    This PLP thing is so beyond ridiculous. Dante really let me down yesterday. Good old Hiney will never be told the truth, he will never be caught, and he will never be killed because he's Laura Wright's boyfriend. I am resigned to the fact that he will be annoying me for all eternity. Kind of like Mumbles.

    1. That is what I thought -- Laura called Leslie. Maybe we'll be seeing her again, soon.

  8. Yes Julie H. PLP is not going anywhere. I can't stand him either. Anna lying about it and Finn lying or omitting about Jackie will break them up. Is Hayden coming back? Read something that the actress is back at work.

  9. I haven't watched yet but I love that Laura is back too. As I've said before she is my favorite

  10. Laura also killed rick weber's girlfriend .he was cheating on Leslie. it was a rewrite story so Laura could be written off, and sent to shadybrook. I think she killed rick weber to. does anyone remember?

  11. Finn's dad doesn't look much older than Finn, be he and Chase look like father and son. Nice surprise with Laura. How much longer do we have to put up with Peter? Ugh!

    1. ME is 48 and Gregory Harrison is 70; a very handsome and fit 70. lol

    2. ME is actually 53, but still within the realm of possibility. GH is very handsome and youthful for his age.

    3. Oh, thanks, I was sooo wondering about the Finn/Gregory father and son thing. I was thinking yesterday that ME is about 52, and his father looks to be in his 60s, so how could they be father and son? I think ME is supposed to be younger than 53 on the show, I don't know how old Anna is supposed to be on the show, maybe 20 years older than him? She is close in age to her "father-in-law" to be.

    4. Finola is 61. Finn is supposed to be 48. Think of them as Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. lol ( Although Blake is only 44.)

      Anna could have a fling with both of them like Jackie did. muyhaha


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