Friday, November 13, 2020

Pennies From Heaven

Sonny reading the "Enchanted Penny" to Avery. Awww...Oh! Avery is wearing the 1/2 heart charm!! DOH! 

Phyllis Caulfield said Nina's baby lived. She had a girl. Nina asks what happened to the baby. Phyllis took her to North Florida. 

Michael and Willow kiss (COVID Style) Michael doesn't want to sign the annulment papers. They decide not to sign right now. They have COVID zex. 

Brook Lynn tries to convince Chase to tell Willow he still loves her. He's going to talk to Willow, she's going to go talk to her father. 

At The Q house, Monica tells Ned to grow up when Brook comes and sees him. 

So Chase and Brook get to the Q house but Chase decides to wait a bit to see Willow. (which is when Michael and she have sex). Willow and Michael think sex was GOOD! No! Great! Oh lord. "Mr. Corinthos, you've got moves" (barf) 

Brook Lynn tells Ned she's leaving for NYC. Ned begs her to stay in PC. 

Cyrus gives Sasha more coke. She smiles. We called them coke whores back in the day. Sasha goes back to Cyrus place. Brando tells Cyrus that Sasha is 'trouble" . Brando leaves but listens at the door. Sasha is dancing and "flying' around. Tells Cyrus that the coke was great . I think it was probably made at GH, it will be synthetic. I also think Cassandra was the one in the house with the oxygen tank. I think she had some condition-- and she WAS making synthetic drugs too. 

So Sasha flips out on Cyrus...then has a seizure and grabs her chest! 

Carly is REALLY upset about Sasha doing coke and goes to Jason about it. (WTF? WHY). Then Sonny walks in. Carly's like WE HAVE TO HELP SASHA. Jason says "no we don't"/ . Carly leaves. Jason and Sonny talk. OMG--WOW Sonny mentions Karen Wexler!! How he gave HER drugs and he's making no excuses for himself. !! WOW KAREN WEXLER! They have a convo about life choices. 

Carly sees Avery's necklace, figures out Nina's daughter is Nelle. 

Chase walks in on Michael and Willow kissing. 

Sasha falls to the floor. 


  1. Ok, I’m a little confused. The father of Ninas baby would be Finn? Finn is at a minimum, Chase’s brother and possibly father. Weren’t Chase and Janelle involved? Or is someone else the father of Nina’s baby?

  2. Those heart neckaces are a dime a dozen. They are a noveltey thing, and unless engraved, there are tens of thousands of them out there that are identical. At least they could have made it something unique. Didn't Willow have one too, at some point?

    Was surprised by the Karen Wexler mention. But it was only used to show how Sonny has changed and is such a swell guy now. And, a way for Jason to tell the viewers that Sonny has kept drugs out of PC for over twenty years (sure!).

    Willow and Michael have no chemistry together. She acts like she's a dead fish when she is around him. They are not selling this relationship to me.

    Poor, doomed Sasha. She was just starting to get interesting.

  3. All I can say is I'm still happy about the fast pace of the show. I hope they have ended most of the old dragged out storylines by the end of November and I don't even care about the slaughter. lol

  4. Carson's home:

    Avery and Sonny: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Such a sweet scene. I love when they show Mo with kids! :)

    The hospital:

    Chase and BLQ: Love this scene!!!! And love BLQ's scar. Is she going to have plastic surgery for it? Listen to her Chase! Give Willow a choice!!! You took her choice away you jerk! Talk to her! YAY! They are both going.. Chase is right BLQ! You should talk to your daddy! :)

    Chase: You really think I'm awesome?

    ROFL! Well, you can be an idiot sometimes, but you are a great guy, and yes you ARE awesome! :) Oh and BLQ don't go!!!! I have warmed up with this actress. :)

    Q mansion:

    Ned and Monica:

    Monica: Grow up!

    Hahahahaha. She would have won the lines of the day along with don't blow this. But Jason wins the line of the day. Monica knows what she is talking about. She has A LOT of experience. She has turned into Lila and I love it! :)

    Ned, Monica, Chase, and BLQ: Awwww BLQ wants Chase to stay. :) Monica is going to stay too! I LOVE IT! :) Wait Chase is going to miss all of the Corona sex upstairs.

    Ned and BLQ: Awwwww. :) I hope BLQ stays!!!!

    Meanwhile upstairs:

    Mildew: Corona sex! Hmmm. Michael has moves. What kind of moves do you have Michael? Corona sex again.. Oh time to put clothes on.. Oh time for another corona sex. 3 TIMES?! WOW! I forgot to mention yesterday that when Willow had the music loud, Michael was like that's too loud. ROFL! I'm sorry Michael. Are you 80?

    *Chase walks in*


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and Cyrus: Oh the drug date is over and now onto his place. :) *Wink wink*

    Nina, Mrs. Coffee, and Jax: Okay I'm thinking there are no twins, but Mrs. Coffee DID say she wasn't there for the birth. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Sonny's fake Italian Restaurant:

    Jason and Carly:

    Carly: Because I'm the best friend to have in the whole wide world.

    Jason: Yeah. Yeah sometimes.


    Jason and Sonny: Great scene!!!! I love how Karen was brought up! Sonny did give her pills back in the day to help her be calm. Yeah Jason is right though. He has changed and doesn't give people drugs anymore. He did go a different path. :) He met Brenda and then fell in love! Ahh the good ol days. :)

    Carson's home part 2:


    Cyrus's place:

    Sasha and Cyrus: Oh my!!! :) Sasha has coke sex in the bathroom. Brando protecting Sasha awwwww. :) Sasha wants to have corona sex with Cyrus! OH MY OH MY! :) Hahaha. Oops! She is offended. Man can she get angry! Oh oh! Heart attack? Overdose? Bye bye Sasha!

    Sidenote: Where the hell is Laura?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to January 18th 1983* Everyone thinks Luke is dead, and Blacky is hurting! Rewatching this again, Rick made me cry when he said don't quit him! You keep fighting! :'(

    1. I think I'm the only one who likes Sasha

    2. "Paul773 I think I'm the only one who likes Sasha"

      Awwwww. *Comfort*

    3. That's ok I'm about the 1% who likes Willow aka Willow&Michael together.

    4. I can't remember, didn't Sonny give Karen the pills so she could be calm while stripping at his club?

  5. OMG Today was good!! Karen you kill me, your barf line!! 🤣😅😂
    Yay! No annulment! Bonus Chase walked in on them 1/2 neeked! 😅
    Loved Millow (?)today. ❤
    Yay! Finally someone knows that Nellie is Ninas!
    Oh and holy sheeze! I wonder if Sasha will die? Is Brook really leaving? I guess she'll be back when the original actress is back from maternity leave.

  6. Northern Florida. Nelle must be Nina's daughter.

  7. Oooooo, good call about Cassandra. I think right.

    1. Are you guys thinking that Cassandra is working with Cyrus and providing the drugs?

  8. Yup, I think Sonny forgot he has another baby daughter Donna.

  9. Anna and Finn's wedding is doomed. She has a secret and so does he. She didn't tell Finn Alex is Peter's mother and Finn didn't tell Anna about his affair with Jackie

  10. You guys must be right and Cyrus is relative of David Hamilton. Hope Denise Alexander (Leslie) makes an appearance.

    1. It would be right about 40 years ago when Laura killed David Hamilton

  11. They really do need to change the name of General Hospital, because it seriously has nothing to do with the hospital and the characters/families who work there. They start to try to make it look like it....then somehow, it ALWAYS ends up being about the Corinthos. It's sickening. Frank and Company seem to be totally fine with the 1.4-1.5 ratings though which is shameful!


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