Thursday, November 26, 2020

Have a Wonderful

 Thanksgiving. No matter how you are gathering this year. It's been a strange one for all things, but this hits home a bit more. 

Rejoice in the Quartermaine Tradition of Pizza Delivery!! Grateful for all of you. 


  1. I wish I could have pizza today. I am on a medical diet :(

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Want to hear the Q's sing. Wonder who will be there this year?

  2. Having Thanksgiving with my immediate family. We have a 10 pound roaster and not sure yet if it's chicken or turkey. lol. Been calling and texting my family today :( They are ok though so that is what counts. Raining here.

  3. Thanks for posting this Thanksgiving pizza.

  4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! :) OH! Pizza!!! YUM! :) So today is a repeat of December 23, 2019. I will copy and paste what I said back then.

    "The hospital: Snowstorm!!! We don't get to see it. :(

    Finchy and Tracy: TRACY!!!!! Great to see you!!!! The grey hair, looks wonderful!! Don't get rid of it!!!!! Hmmm she didn't talk about Luke, which is good. :) I hope they are not together. Finchy and Tracy are both scrooge! Hahahahaha. Well, until the book was over, and then they felt all Christmasy. :)

    Finchy and little V: Awwww the book is scaring her. Great scene with them! Awwwwwww! :)

    The Christmas Carol: Great story!!!! I have always loved it. Never read the book, just saw the movies.

    Curtis who played the Charity collector: His clothes, the top hat, and his glasses! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! :)

    Ghost Marley: Tracy playing Marley! Did you notice that Scrooge didn't call him Bob? ROFL! Scrooge was shaking so badly! ROFL!

    Young Belle/Old Belle and Young Scrooge's partner and old partner. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!:)

    Ghost of Christmas present: Dr. O was great!!!!! :)

    Ghost of Christmas Future: THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! I bow to the queen!!

    Maxie Nephew's wife: She wins the line of the day. She and Nephew are at Scrooge's funeral.

    Maxie Nephew's wife: The only people who came, Did so for a free lunch.


    Maid Monica: She's a maid hahahahaha! I love the shocked look she had when Scrooge kissed her on the lips hahahahahahaha!

    Mrs Cratchit's family: They all dressed wonderfully, especially the boys! :) Love how the boys were dressed!"

    Today's comments: The episode today was still lovely and fun. Little V awwww. :) Chillow!!! :) Great seeing Tracy!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to 1981* Where young Laura sees a dead body and flashes back to David Hamilton.

  5. Hope you are all having a great day! The episode shown today is so outstanding. Total joy to watch. Glad I saved it to watch again at Christmas.

  6. Since there is no GH today, we can still have fun. I'll just bring over a GH thanksgiving episode that I have on my blog.

    November 26th, 1981

    Happy Thanksgiving Port Chuckles!!!

    Ruby's home: Ruby got a knock on the door and a letter that says they got Luke and to go to the warehouse to get him!!!

    Warehouse: Ruby shows up and waits, and waits, and waits, until someone shows up! It's a homeless man! He says that the warehouse is HIS territory!!

    Hardy's home: Everyone is there, and Joe is on the phone. He gets into an argument with Anne about Heather. Audrey wants them to stop arguing.

    The Titan:

    L&L: They are being all lovey dovey. :)

    Webber's home: Alice shows up, and Leslie is so panicky over the food because it's Thanksgiving!! Everyone shows up, and Bobbie is looking for Ruby, so Bobbie tries to call her. Leslie gets a phone call that Ruby got hit by a truck! I love how Robert is there for Leslie. She is so upset.

    Mercy hospital: Ruby is not there!!!! Rick gets on the phone to GH to find out if Ruby is there.. NOPE she is not! So, Rick calls Leslie to tell her all about it. Luke gets on the other payphone to call. Leslie yells that Ruby is there!!! She showed up!

    Webber home: So everyone comes back and they talk to Ruby! She explains! So they realize that someone called and lied about Ruby being hit by a truck and someone also got Ruby to the warehouse.

    Witiker farm:

    L&L and the Witiker's: The Witiker's are home!!! L&L are making out when Mr. Witiker shows up and tells them that all he sees is a mess. He says that Bufferd was impressed with L&L. L&L are leaving back home for Thanksgiving.

    Q home:

    Edward, Lila, and Alan: Alan tells them he won't have Thanksgiving there, because he will have it with Susan. Alan and Edward are having a discussion and Alan said he could bring Susan here. Lila says no that would not be appropriate. Alan is going to see AJ. Monica shows up all snarky. :) Lila has invited Emma and her hubby, and Edward doesn't like it. Edward wins the line of the day.

    Edward: Oh great. That should round out our table of misfits perfectly. The quixotic Quartermaines, the loony Lutz's, a recovering alcoholic, and his dutiful and charming wife.

    ROFL! So everyone shows up. I hate how Emma treats her husband!!! And she is also very judgemental with Scotty! Listen to Lila, Emma!!! I love how Scotty snowed everyone except Monica!!! Hahahaha!

    Scotty's home: Scotty is back to his home, and you see magazines on the floor! He used the magazines to make that note for Ruby!!!! I just LOVE Scotty like this. It makes him more interesting!!! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch Laura talk to Luke about David Hamilton. What a great scene!!

  7. hmmm...Is that spam above me?

    1. "Di says, hmmm...Is that spam above me?"

      ROFL! Looks like it. :)


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