Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday Surgery: FIRESTORM


Did you just hear what I just heard??!!

What a week! I'll try to explain my happiness a little differently today. I'm not sure how many people read my blog that are on Twitter but this week, GH felt like a group experience again. The comments were flying!! People were loving/hating/laughing and just having a damn great time together watching the show. I had to miss a day and was really bummed. Not so much for the show (because I could watch on Hulu) but for the fact I wasn't live tweeting. Shared experience really can just make a show even that much better. 

Let's get rolling and have some hotdogs and apple pie in honor of the PC softball league! 
Photo thx to: @Gruhatesthings 

So much happened this week and much of it was within the dialog so you really should watch if you can. The writers were pretty much on point and things just moved right along. Many sets, many twists and fun. I'm not even sure how I'll thread it all together but I'll give it a go! 

SYMBOLIC PROP OF THE WEEK: Oh, look at that big old Aquamarine gem!! Jason got Carly a ring people!! Just when his mopey face was the only thing you saw, he melted a bit to give her this. It matches his eyes! Squee. That's romantic whether you like it or not! Carly is obviously happy about this whole thing. She's getting what she wants: Jason. Don't tell me she doesn't want that man. She's put herself in his path every chance she's gotten. Disguise it as "loyalty" or "bond" but .. come on. I'm betting she's thinking about honeymoon night ALL. THE. TIME. Now she can look at her left finger and dream about his blue blue eyes whenever she wants. 

SHAFT OF THE WEEK: Oh, yah.. was it intentional they walked off an elevator? Hm... Britt an Jax, fresh from a romp in bed find Jarly up in the Metro restaurant. They had just told Big Man Novak about their engagement so they had to keep up pretenses. Britt and Jax did not. It was glorious to watch. 

MOUTH OF THE WEEK/MONTH/YEAR: We all know Carly's got one. Lord in the morning...she just does not stop! She has to lay into Jax for "toying" with Britt after Jason dumped her. Like SHE CARES ABOUT BRITT'S FEELINGS!! (ahahaahahhahaa) Of course it's all about her, really. Can't have Jax all into someone else while she's in the spotlight. Layer over that her blatant lie to Britt that she and Jason were in love right after Sonny's funeral. She can't even let Britt have that little of time with Jason. Nope. Ruin that too.  She's the classic narcissist --everything always has to be about her. And if it's not about her, she will make it about her! 

NEWBIE OF THE WEEK:  So we all know Spencer is the one that set off the paint bomb at the Art Gallery. We saw Trina covered in paint and her meeting him at the Club. I did love how cheeky he was telling her he worked there. Heh. Then, they meet at the Pier (where he's tanning himself?? Um, okay), then again at the park. Once where he ghosts her so he doesn't have to meet COss (Since they know him) and another where they flirt up a storm. He shows her his preppy worldly art knowledge and she is all smitten. People seem to love them already on Twitter. Jury is out with me. This kid has a LOT to live up to. Not only the old Spencer's personality but being a Cassadine in general. So I'll wait. Not sure I'm digging him "hiding in plain sight" either. Um.. "Victor" can be noticed by anyone at anytime. 

YOUNG WUB OF THE WEEK: Welp. Cam and Joss: it's started. We all know how they look together and finally they are having some heat. Joss is turning into Carly a bit for sure so let's hope it's not all wine and roses. I like the angst. 

SPARKLY OF THE WEEK: Ah VAnna.. wow, this sure turned out way better than I imagined it. JPS and FH are playing it all with such perfection it almost is too shiny to watch. Valentin has been pining for his crush for SO long he just can't deal with the giddiness of kissing her.  It's also strangely not weird or over the top either. He's like a puppy we love watching. Anna's doesn't even know what's happening so she's running the other way. That gleam in Val's eye tells me she's not getting far.  This leads to: 


"your worse impulses are the sexiest thing I've ever seen"!!  SQUEE!!! Val to Anna. I fainted a little! 

THE MONICA FACTOR OF THE WEEK: Well! Monica was all over the place!! First she's at the house and catches Maxie being way too familiar with Bailey. Then, she tells Valentin he can stay at the house but she knows he's trying to ruin her company. THEN she goes to GH where Jason informs her he's marrying Carly. Her reaction? Disappointing at best. (she's "happy if he's happy"). AND if that wasn't enough... she lets Finn and Elizabeth know she's fixed all the cameras that Cyrus disabled and everything is in working order! She single-handedly stopped them from moving Popsicle Pete OUT Of the basement!! Heh. She got AROUND!! Oh! and the bodyguard, Yuri has a soft spot for her too! "She says I'm a good listener"!  Monica, nice to see you in all the stories, lady! 

I DIDN'T HATE IT OF THE WEEK: The Surprise Party for Chase turned out to be entertaining!! Sam and Liz find out that Jason's marrying and a whole lot of the town turned up. Mopeson Michael was pissed at Wills and Chase got Bride and Groom shirts but I found it hilarious. Violet was adorable and it put Finn and Dante in the same orbit to go down and "save" the girls from the firefighers.  Good fun for the 4th. AND the second party at Charlie's we've gotten in 2 weeks! 

STING OF THE WEEK: Oh, yes!! ANOTHER great sequence!!! While Shawn was trying to calm a frantic Alexis at the jail, Molly was busy planning Judge Carson's demise. At first we thought she was just being crazy going off on the judge in the middle of the Metro like that. Martin comes over and tries to smooth things between them.  He ends up talking to "Naomi" about the old days and she confesses to doctoring some sentences based on her opinion of the people before her. (read racist) THEN, we find out it was all a glorious set up by them and everyone goes to Jordan's office to talk about getting her up against the Attorney General. Jordan also decides to get Shawn and Alexis out of Pentonville and into the PCPD jail. They come and see Molly and TJ. Hugs all around. Gah!! 

BEST OF THE WEEK/WUBSY PICK:  I can not tell you how much I loved this whole sequence. LOVED it. Sam and Liz overhear Michael say Jarly is getting hitched. For years (it seems like 100 years) fans have been fighting about Liason vs JaSam. I've always wanted Liz and Sam to get together. It finally happened!! Liz tells Sam to go get some Jason-related objects and they head down to the pier to have a little cleansing moment. Liz brings vodka. Wonderment ensues. Sam throws in her leather jacket, Sprinsteen tickets they never used and a dominos set. THEN throws in a bottle of tequila and watches it torch. KUDOS to the writers for not having just a boring Jason tells Sam and they mope scene. KUDOS to the writers for having the ballios to NOT have Jason tell the mother of his children he's engaged to Carly before he tells half the town. Heh. God, I had fun watching this. The Dante/Finn aftermath was joyful too. If you haven't seen the scenes, get out there and find them. :Clapping: 


Ava's gallery is ruined by Spenncer's paint-bomb; Trina gets hit 

Spencer introduces himself to Trina; sparks fly

Jason and Carly announce their engagement; people seem cool with it

Jax and Britt sleep together, she tells him about BBQing Emma's baby doll

Yuri, Val's bodyguard seems smitten with Monica 

Aunt Stella is now pro-Jordan and anti-Portia 

We know Val is totally smitten with Anna after kissing her

Chase gets a welcome back/surprise party at Charlie's

Sam and Liz find out Jarly are getting hitched; drunken fun ensues

Dante and Finn come to the docks; Dante and Sam end up kissing; Liz falls asleep

Monica tells Finn and Liz that the cameras are working; ergo no Peter movement

Maxie gets too close to Bailey-Louise and Monica thinks she's a little unbalanced 

Phyllis tells MikeSon to go to Port Charles to see Nina

Dr. O thinks "Mike' is a very utilitarian name but is happy for Nina 

Terry is ready to run for COS; Britt and she spar

Jake and Cam make friends again 

Jordan gets Shawn and Alexis released after Marty/Molly tape her admitting to sentence tampering 

Maxie is dismayed when Austin gets hired at GH 

Nikolas finally gives in and says yes to divorcing Ava 

NOTE: If I've forgotten things, forgive me, it was A LOT!

WUBS WEEKLY WISHES:  I'm all focused on Carly's Wedding. I want it to be an over the top grand affair. They have to impress the Five Families so it has to rival the one in The Godfather. The Wu Family shows up with Brad in tow because they sprang him outta jail. He brings Britt as his date. Carly is cheeky enough to make ALL the kids (Danny, Jake... Scout, Aiden, Donna and Avery) part of the wedding party.  Then, as they cut the cake a door slides open because the chef wants to greet the happy couple. YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS! :dimples:  I actually want Carly stuck with a flannel wearing no-memory beer swigging MikeSon who's in love with Nina.  Think about it. 

SPOILERS:  We are getting a pool set. Yes, we need it. Place to hang for the teens and it's on top of the Metro Court.  Sam lets Jason know her feelings on the Carly subject, MikeSon worries about Lenny, Anna figures out a clue to the Peter mystery and Lesil and Britt share a mom/daughter moment. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: WHEW!! I didn't even get into half of all of the great stuff that transpired. There's just no room. Mutiple sets, group movement, characters in each other's business--the works.  Couple-Shuffle seems to be in full force. I didn't mind it. I didn't care for Britt and Jax but dang it, it kinda worked on some level. Spencer is finally here; Liz and Sam did a Jason charm-cleansing and there was a lot of kissing going on. Good for GH for taking some chances and spinning the wheel. 


  1. Thanks for a great SS Karen. I too thought it was a great week on the show. I read that it is a 3 foot pool, so we may not get people in the water scenes, but it should be fun and "tropicalish" I hope. I saw a picture of Curtis in swim gear. Yowza. Maybe we will get some more guys in swim wear. Maybe Anna and Valentin might be doing their dialogue at the pool and we'll see more sparks. I pretty much loved everything this week. However, I don't like Sam or Carly anymore. I used to be a big fan of Sam and Carly but not anymore. Oh, and I'm not happy with Jason either. I am now team Britt and I NEVER thought I'd say that. I also really like Leisl and didn't used to.

    Did I see Kin Shriner's girlfriend in the background behind Carly and Jason at the metro?

    The jury is out for me on Austin and on the NuSpencer. Time will tell. So far, Austin is falling flat for me. NuSpencer I am not digging; yet anyway???

    Really liked Sam and Liz burning Jason's stuff. Oh, I also don't like Sam with Dante. Liz and Finn are OK, but too soon. But, it is a soap and after 3 months the person seems to move on.......... Franco who? Sonny who?

    When Sonny comes back I want the MOST angst possible. Probably would be better to DIG it into Carly if he comes back with no memory and hooks up with Nina. Maybe attends Carly and Jason's wedding WITH Nina as his date. Won't win Nina any Wiley time, but she can stick it to Carly some more for being such a witch to her Just a thought......

  2. P.S. I am so pissed at Carly and Jason about the bridge. That was Jason and Robin's bridge. She has some freakin nerve to want to go to the bridge with Jason. AND, he is a wimp to agree to take her there. I don't like them as a couple, but they might as well be a stinking couple the way they are acting. OK, sorry, I said my piece. I was actually liking Britt and Jason and now I'm mad at him.

    1. I agree about the bridge. carly is so jealous and insecure

  3. One thing we all can agree on is no one likes LW as carly. put her in freezer with PLP.

    1. Actually we cannot agree on that. :-). I LOVE LW's Carly and I think she is one of the best actresses on the show. She is often a mess, but so are Maxie, Nina, Obrecht, Britt. Those are the characters that are interesting to me.

    2. She’s actually pretty awesome. I don’t know why anyone would assume we don’t like LW. She takes a selfish character who is over-the-top and makes her not cartoonish.

    3. "Shelley says, She’s actually pretty awesome. I don’t know why anyone would assume we don’t like LW."

      Yeah I have always liked LW. Ever since she was on Loving. :)

    4. She's a good actress. Its just difficult when the writing has her so hateful.

  4. Great SS and great week! I agree about Carly and LW’s portrayal of her never shows any sensitivity unless it is about her. She was heartless with Britt but never pays for anything she does. Can’t wait for more Vanna!!! Kin’s girlfriend does seem to be a regular now at the Metro Court. Sam still seems so expressionless- can’t remember the last time we saw her smile. And Austin seems really obnoxious to me.

    1. You are right, KeMo doesn't smile anymore. Hope she's OK IRL though.

    2. Carly pays for A LOT. Remember the whole Carly in Ferncliff saga? How about all of the times she has been the town pariah or had her kids mad at and cut her off. I have never understood what Carly has done that is so out of line with other characters. Others have lied about paternities (Liz, Alexis) and kept Dads from babies (Olivia, Alexis). Others have been obnoxious and schemed to get what they want (Britt, Obrecht, Maxie, Sam). There have been forced births (Nina), killings (Ava), kidnappings (Sam) and sleeping around (Liz). Carly is obnoxious some times - which is why we have so many scenes of people hating her (Liz, Sam, Connie, Reese, Alexis).

    3. Well it started with sleeping with Tony for me. And being nasty to anyone that even thought about being with Jason.

  5. Great SS, thank you! It was a great week and my favorite scenes were the Judge Carson scam. It was such a surprise and I loved it! Carly makes me sick, but like you said this engagement crap leads to all kinds of great stories. Monica WAS everywhere and I was so happy to see Martin!

    1. Monica was everywhere and I loved it. FINALLY they have her on. Now where are Felicia and Mac, and Robert, and Olivia and Ned? I was very happy to have a storyline with TJ and Molly. Hope that wasn't all we get for the entire year though.

    2. Ohh, sorry to say that I like TJ, but can’t stand Molly!

    3. Can't stand her either. I hope we see more of TJ at the hospital now that he's graduated. They could have him interning ing with one of the doctors there.

  6. Thanks for another great SS. Things are moving along at a much better pace now and they've actually managed to surprise us a few times. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

  7. I also want to see more VAnna. Want a little angst with those 2, but not dragged on too long or I will be mad.

  8. Yes, That WAS Kin's girlfriend several times in the background at MetroCourt.
    I didn't mind the Elizabeth and Sam scenes, but it made NO sense for me with Elizabeth. SHE moved on - several times, but Franco hasn't even been gone a YEAR and she HATED Jason when she thought he killed Franco, so for HER to be there seemed stupid and kinda made me mad. I don't get Dante and Sam at all -
    Austin too isn't working for me - yet - too much secret stuff - it's too corny.
    let me say it's been YEARS since I had to stop a recording, take a breath and move on----cause it's so well-done and sexy - VAL with Anna is just the thing in years......I was giddy and nervous like I WAS Anna - so it was perfection...
    BRING MIKE/SONNY back for the love of all that is good and kind......
    and nope, to nu Spencer since he is lying to Trina day one......

    1. mufasa, I was the same way with the VAnna scenes. I think I have watched them too many times because they are so great. I haven't felt that way with a "supercouple" in many YEARS. And, they better be a supercouple or I will stop watching. I stopped at one point during the Guza years and wasn't sure I'd come back.

    2. how do I tell who is Kin's girlfriend !! :)

    3. she is blond - gorgeous - wears black - always is walking behind couple talking near the door/bar

    4. She is the tall blond, usually wearing a black dress. Wears her hair up. She stands behind podium at front door and seems to pick up things from tables behind featured characters. Very attractive.

    5. Yes. Tall, thin and pretty blonde. Black dress.

  9. Another great SS! Thank you. It was a true soapy week. I like LW as Carly but she really showed her self with Britt. Usually she is a manipulator but this time she just lied to Britt's face. Fancy wedding or not...imo Jason will not have zex with his new bride...if they even get that far.
    The fast moving judge story was perfect.
    GH was fun to watch this week. Let's all hope it continues.

    1. I think "MikeSonny" will show up in Port Charles and look for Nina at the wedding or something like that and stop the wedding.

  10. I think the writers/producers are trying to build the Q family back up. Between more air time for Monica and Austin being revealed as Jimmie Lee's son (I am convinced that will happen now), it seems like the Qs are being put back into the spotlight. I like that.

    1. I hope you are right Kevin. The show used to be all about the hospital and about the Quartermaines and ELQ. Two of the Quartermaines were doctors at that hospital too.

  11. "Carly is obviously happy about this whole thing. She's getting what she wants: Jason. Don't tell me she doesn't want that man. She's put herself in his path every chance she's gotten. Disguise it as "loyalty" or "bond" but .. come on. I'm betting she's thinking about honeymoon night ALL. THE. TIME. Now she can look at her left finger and dream about his blue blue eyes whenever she wants."

    Hell yeah! She always has wanted Jason, and her wish/dream is coming true!!!! :)

    "He shows her his preppy worldly art knowledge and she is all smitten. People seem to love them already on Twitter. Jury is out with me. This kid has a LOT to live up to. Not only the old Spencer's personality but being a Cassadine in general. So I'll wait. Not sure I'm digging him"

    I'm not digging him as Spencer. I call him Chad. A new character. I love him with Trina. :)


    GAHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE MY VANNA!!! They need to kiss again! :)

    "THEN she goes to GH where Jason informs her he's marrying Carly. Her reaction? Disappointing at best. (she's "happy if he's happy")."

    Wait a second! Monica didn't mean it! Didn't you see her roll her eyes? :) Perfection! :)

    "Yuri, Val's bodyguard seems smitten with Monica"

    Muri needs to happen, and it needs to happen ASAP! :)

    "SPOILERS: We are getting a pool set. Yes, we need it."

    I can't wait!!! When?!!?!?! :)

  12. I was reading something about new Austin maybe showing up at ELQ board meeting. He won't recognize Brooklyn but might recognize Loiuse if he sees the baby.


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