Monday, July 5, 2021



Not sure if I'll be here today for the show. Today seems like the 4th because everyone has it off. We may be going to our neighbors. SO!!!. I put this here for your placeholder and discussion board. 

 GH used to have GIANT 4th of July shows... picnics and such. It was a tradition with the show for sure. I guess graduation over-shadowed it .  

Hope you had a good day yesterday. I did lawn work--and am sore LOL. Going to be a hot one here. 

TODAY'S SHOW: I was here for 20 min!!

Spencer's real face came out!! Looks like a Cassadine. Looks like Nik's kid. He says Hi to Trina when she's all dressed up. She's like WHO are you???

Jax and Britt: NOPE GET OFF OF THIS ... NOPE NOPE. I LOVE Britt and Jax is just NOT FOR HER. 

Nikka the bartender!! Love her. 

Geesh,  Ava's gallery is sure sprayed all over. 

Alexis is talking to her lawyer self in solitary 


  1. GH really did have some great 4th of July shows. Every year they had that great picnic and fireworks and like the entire cast would be on that day. It was so much fun.

    1. PS. Harper sure is a cutie. Wish they could have kept her on the show as Georgie (and actually showed her)

  2. No 4th of July episode. It's graduation in July folks.

    1. There might be a 4th of July episode tomorrow. I saw something about Britt and Jax going to the fireworks together for Tuesdays episode.

  3. Britt will surely get pregnant leading to a "who's the baby daddy" story. How creative. I too say Boo.
    Holiday episodes were fun and festive. Everything is just too dark and sad now.

    1. Yes. They're writing all woman as complete morons who don't think enough of them selves to ever use protection, particularly if they're with a one night stand.Makes me sick!! Just once I'd like to hear one of of the lays of the week say," I hope you've got protection. If not, there's the door!"

      I guess the teenagers will be next.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    2. Yes zazu, I smell a "Who's the daddy?" a mile away. Too cliche'

    3. Exactly, this is 2021 and most women (and men) use protection now. Helloooooooooo

  4. I actually like britt and jax. she seems to have chemistry with anyone they pair her with.

    1. That's because she's a good actress. She's always completely in the scene no matter who she's Liz, and Ava and Dr. O to name a few more.

    2. You are so right, Di. Britt, Elizabeth, Ava, Dr. O, Laura - all great actresses. The women really shine.

    3. Don't forget Alexis and Anna. They may have had horrible storylines lately but they are great actresses.

    4. Tracy L, you are right! All these women are great actresses.

  5. Jail penitentiary: I was thinking this is Alexis's conscience, but nope it's just a dream. :)

    Alexis's conscience dream:

    Alexis: Are you my conscience?

    Alexis' conscience dream: Hell no!

    ROFL! Alexis's conscience dream would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Jail meeting area:

    Tolly and Shaun: Damn Molly! You are not giving up! You are not going to stop until you get to the truth! Be careful!!! Molly's lips are the same as Sam's. Must have gotten the same doctor.

    Ava's art gallery:

    Nava, Dante, and Jordan: OH! Fake blood okay! Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: A teenager. Got the drop on you. That's good Nikolas.


    Dante and Jordan: Oh look a foot step. It's the foot step of the person who kidnapped the Tribbles!!!!


    Curtis and Nina: Keep on digging Curtis! :) It's your aunt Stella!!!!

    Jam: YES A KISS! :) Is Jam back on? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Cam asks why Joss kissed him. Hahahahaha. Because she likes you DUH! :)

    Trina and NuSpencer: Victor? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah okay. :) I was waiting for him to officially admit he is Spencer. Holy crap he looks exactly like Nik! Great casting. Man he is all flirty and charming to Trina.. I love how Trina defends Ava! :) Trina always defends her friends. Love that! This young man is very handsome. I love Trina's dress.

    Spencer cleaning up: Yeah he has a picture of Laura and Nik with him. And he said father.. Yup this is Spencer! UGH!

    Charlie's bar and Restaurant:

    Jax and Britch: Oh oh they are getting drunk. I'm thinking they are going to have a one night stand aren't they?

    Britch's hotel room:


    Sidenote: Where the hell is V.C. and Anna? Still staring at the picture?

    Preview for tomorrow:

    V.C. and Anna: Oh there they are!

  6. I missed today's show, should I watch it or rely on your recaps Sonya?

    1. "Gary says, I missed today's show, should I watch it or rely on your recaps Sonya?"

      No no watch it! :)

    2. You're welcome. :) Did you watch it yet? :)

  7. Spencer is now Victor Cassadine. Hahahahahaha

  8. NuSpencer is a great recast - looks like he could be Nik's son. I agree with the other posts - GH has some really great female talent, more so than male. Molly and TJ were so cute sharing the phone to talk to Shawn. Peter still annoyingly in opening credits. Won't be happy until he is declared and proven dead.

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  10. The tv guides haven't been updated for this week so it doesn't say new episode. If your guide is the same and you're recording, you need to change it to all episodes, for now, just in case.


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