Thursday, July 1, 2021

Nicholas Alexander Chavez --Spencer Cassadine ?


So, this is what we know. There are a few photos of Nicholas online-- I'm not even sure if they ARE him or not lol. BUT--supposedly this kid is playing NuSpencer, SORA'd to fit into the teen scene. While I loved NB, we really needed a rich prince to come into the quad. I think tomorrow will be 'reveal' day for Spencer. We shall see!


  1. On Instagram William Lipton ans Sydney already follow him

  2. We definitely need Spencer. I'm more than willing to give the new guy a chance!

  3. I hope he's revealed on Friday. But suspect that Nic will think it was Trina who tripped his security and won't even look for the real intruder.

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  5. I am willing to give new Spencer a chance. Who knows?

    Also, I think Valentin should wine and dine Anna, and sing to her. Will make her swoon. Or me anyway. lol


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