Friday, December 6, 2019

Milkshake at the Bar


Dr. Matt's coming back for a cameo on GH...I guess to operate on Lucas? You probably all knew this already. I heard a rumor but-- I never know if I'm to believe some sites. :eyebrows up:  Stole the pic from @DaytimeConfidential on Twitter. Don't come for me, Luke!! 


Dr. Matt in the house!!  Carly called Griffin in to see Lucas.  He's working with doctors that go to rural communities to take care of people with limited medical care.  He says that Lucas is in bad shape, but he does have some brain activity. Sonny wants him to also look at Mike's lab work. 
Jason's back..he sees Sonny at GH. It's Sam's parole hearing and he can't be anywhere near there. PAROLE HEARING? Um...Geesh! Hes' going to 'take matters into his own hands" if she doesn't get out.

Today's  Franco's mind thing. He's at the Qs doing the tree house because he might forget? LOL He and Ned talk. "I can do this for Drew". 
Ned gets a call from Lois. He wants to know what's up with Brook. They talk off camera. When he comes back in, Jason wants some help. I think with the parole board. Yes, he just wants to know if they are fair..Ned says yes. Then he says.."Um Franco is out working on the tree house, you should go out there"... Jason goes out, they have a nice talk. Jason says he'll finish the house for Oscar. 

Brook Lynn figures out it was Monica that stole the Thanksgiving dinner. Monica says she wanted "Drew" to experience a real Q thanksgiving. Olivia comes in, says she ran into Epiphany and apologizes to Brook for blaming her because she knows it must have been Monica. Brook Lynn says, no it was me. She's going to cover for Mon. Awwww.  Olivia is like "well that was stupid to steal the food in the first place" they bicker. Monica thinks Brook Lynn took the blame because she wants something from her. 

Ned comes back in..and Brooklyn is yelling "Stop harassing me" into the phone. Ned wants to know who it is. Then Olivia comes in and tells them about Lucas. Brook Lynn runs out. Ned tells Olivia they were good friends in HS. (true) He says his "Brookie" is in trouble.. but we will have to wait until Monday to find out I think. 

Finn and Liz talk about Hayden. Liz knows that she must have been in danger if she left. Finn and Violet go to the Metro later. 

Robert tells Anna she and Finn aren't going to make it...he also dogs on Peter a bit. yeah! They are eating at the Metro Court. Robert drags Peter for awhile. It was good lol  Robert gets Vi a milkshake at the bar. Finn and he talk about how wonderful daughters are. 

Then PETER comes in and says on the phone: "Kill Maddox, kill Franco, I don't care who you care just stop the procedure" Anna walks over: Hello, Peter. 

Maxie tells a giant "Baby" James who's BLONDE ?? That PETER is moving in. Barf.  Lulu comes over with a housewarming present but really wants to talk about Brook Lynn being back in town.  She tells Maxie what a bitch she is... oh it was a good scene. Maxie gets a call from Flea telling her about Lucas. 

Chillow talk about her almost being pregnant. He's relieved and disappointed. So is she. Someday they want kids but not now.  She wonders if she wants a kid sooner rather than later because she's missing Wiley. 

Monica and Jason hug looking at Oscar's tree house
Brook Lynn, Maxie and Lulu are all at GH ..bitching..
Sonny wants Mike to get into a Swedish study about enzymes NO matter the cost but Griffin thinks Mike is too far progressed...


  1. Can't watch until I finish working, so I'm asking: Is it FINALLY another day, and not still Thanksgiving night? Sounds like it is.

  2. Yay Griffin is back!
    Robert is so cute with Violet! ❤
    Chase and Willow ❤

  3. It's another day AntJoan. I enjoyed yesterday and even though I have not enjoyed Franco as Drew's memories I love that he is finishing the treehouse. I also enjoyed his conversation with Jason and what Jason said. Jason was honest but not mean. I hope once Franco becomes Franco that Jason doesn't become a jerk to him again. Oh and so help me...if Peter doesn't stop his crap, if the procedure doesn't happen because of Peter I will scream. LOL!

    1. "Michelle P says, if Peter doesn't stop his crap, if the procedure doesn't happen because of Peter I will scream. LOL!"

      Yeah I really wanted Anna to hear Hiney on the phone talking about assassinating people!!!!!

  4. Chase & Willow really make an adorable and realistic couple. Glad FrancoDrew is lightening up a bit and looking more human. Nice touch to bring Griffin back. Violet is so cute-looks like a living doll.

    1. Yes, I was thinking also, so nice to see a happy couple with 2 genuinely decent people having a healthy relationship.

  5. I don't know, I think Anna is gushing about Robert and still has feelings for him. One can only hope. Violet, holy cow that girl is adorable. What was she saying about garbanzo beans, didn't catch the first part. Then at the end she winks at Robert. LOL. LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. "lindie says,I don't know, I think Anna is gushing about Robert and still has feelings for him."

      They both have feelings for each other and they just don't want to admit it!!! :)

    2. Yes! When she winked at Robert it was so dang cute! They have struck gold with this little actres . ❤
      Nah...she wasn't gushing about Robert, she was talking about casually, I laughed when she called him a curmudgeon! 😂

  6. I think Robert must hold a torch for Anna. Has he dated anyone in years?

  7. It is so nice to see a happy couple on GH. Willow and Chase are both good guys with no agendas. I hope they stay that way. They can still be interesting without lies.
    Love Wobert and Violet. So darn sweet.
    The show is getting so much better. Except for Hiney, left over waste of time. Hopefully he will be stopped and the procedure will result in Franco's return with just enough of Drew left to satisfy whoever needs it.
    Can't wait for Ava and Nina to get going.

    1. I just replied to Linda, without having read your comments first. As you can see, I was saying the exact same thing about Chillow.

    2. "Zazu says Love Wobert and Violet. So darn sweet."

      GAH! I love Woburt and little V too!!!!! So damn adorbs!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)

  8. The hospital:

    Carson and Griffin: OH NO! Griffin!! Get out!!!!!! Okay now that you saw faceless and bodyless Lucas, and you saw what is going on with Mike, GET THE HELL OUT!!!!! Don't visit Ava, or anybody else! I don't want to see your face again!!!!!!

    Sidenote: I really love Matt Cohen on ET. :)

    Sonny and Jason: Wait what?!!?! Sam has a parole hearing already?!?!!?!??!!?!?!?!?! She just got there!!

    Finchy, little V, and Liz: Awww Finchy don't be skeered! You won't mess little V up! :)

    Q home:

    Drew Jr and Ned: Making a bird house awwww! He is making it before he becomes BobTodd and forgets? Huh? Can't someone remind him? Hey you promised to make a birdhouse? Or will BobTodd say no?

    Ned and Lois: LOIS CALLS YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Too bad we can't see her. I wonder if Lois has long fingernails again. :)

    Jason and Drew Jr: Are they bonding? :)

    Brooky and Monica: Brooky who looks like a teenage girl with the short skirt figured out it was Monica who stole the Thanksgiving food hahahahahahah. Brooky is a smart cookie! :)

    Brooky, Monica, and Olivia: Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: I was meeting with the lady's guild earlier today and I happen to run into Epiphany who thanked me profusely for the delicious turkey dinner that they all enjoyed the other day, and it occurred to me that it probably wasn't you who arranged to have our whole thanksgiving dinner donated to the hospital.

    ROFL! She kept looking at Monica! That line was gold!!! HAHAHHAHAHA! That whole scene was great!!! HAHAHAHHA!

    Brooky and Monica: Yeah Brooky.. Why DID you lie? What do you want in return hmmmm?

    Ned and Brooky: Oh dear. Who is harassing you Brooky? Creditors bothering you or Johns? :)

    Ned and Monica: Ned calls his daughter Brooky too hahahaha.

    Metrocourt resturant:

    Anna and Robert: Anna!!! Listen to Robert will ya?!!!!???! GEEZ!!!! :)

    Robert and little V: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Anna and Little V: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and little James: Wow! I thought little James would be 13 by now!!!

    Maxie and Lulu: Great scene!!! :)

    Chillow home: Oh I love it! Glad she finally told him! Now I want a Chillow baby so badly!!!! :)

  9. Sonya, it was a tree house, not a bird house LOL

  10. I forgot to say I LOVED when Robert skipped to the bar with Violet

    1. Yes...I commented on that the other day, it was so adorable. Robert is just a big kid LOL. He's so good with kids, Anna is right. 😊


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