Thursday, December 26, 2019

Changes? Hmmm...

I've been fooling around with the blog theme and not sure if I like this but I can't get back to the old one!! LOL BEAR WITH ME people!! 

Hope your Holiday was joyous! I have a strange thing called "Holiday Hunger" --meaning I'm HUNGRY ALL THE TIME ...when I am normally not. It's true. Then, I have to eat everything in the 1 mile block LOL 


Franco freaks out when he hears he slept with Kim. NOPE NOPE NOPE!! Liz assures him she knows it was Drew, not him.  Later, Cam and Jake come in. Jake made him a picture a day while he was "gone" to cheer himself up. Geesh, he's  a good artist!  

Gladys wants to take Mike out of the home. (That's Sonny's cousin pretending to be Dev's grandma). Mike wanted her, had them call her. Yvonne is gone --and he needs a distraction so she was going to talk him to the track. Marcus comes in and come to find out Yvonne's in the hospital because she can't feed herself. He's getting her a feeding tube. Gladys pipes up and says that's a bad idea.  She said if Yvonne quit eating it was her choice and it's like death with dignity. Marcus tells her to mind her own business. Sonny's like "You know nothing about this".. She says YES I DO. Ut oh. She tells him her BFF died from it and she told her she wanted to 'just stop' and didn't eat. But her kids and husband put her on a feeding tube and it was a horrible, prolonged death. 
Marcus goes to the hospital. Sonny convinces Mike to stay at the home for the holiday party. 

Anna sees the EuroTec thing...realizes Peter's probably the Robert thinks he is.  She tells Finn... he tells her to go to Robert. She hedges and is like, could be this or that. Finn says: Um, you want a smoking gun or something?? Anna says YES-- it would be nice. Finn says she should tell the police before he kills someone else . Violet comes out and they have a stocking for her..she wants one for her MAMA! :sobbing: Get that CHILD A PUPPY!! lol 

Peter in the park with Maxie and kids ...Maxie says what a great guy he is :Eyeroll:  Oh they are in the Square doing a coat drive. Cam and Jake drop off some stuff. Julian walks by, Brook Lynn sees him. Says he has to cheer up for the boys. "Although Leo looks just like Dante..that DNA must be strong, how did you and Olivia get together anyway"?? She tells him that she took care of Leo when they were hiding him "from his gangster father".  She shows him pics of Lucas as a baby and hes' so happy. 

Nelle asks Willow if Wiley is her's ...she says 'no'...Nelle is like "You don't seem so sure" LOL  She talks about her dead baby and hold it and wants to hold Wiley.  Willow goes to set him down and Michael runs up: NO! THat's NELLE! Nelle shows them her handcuffs. She also tells Michael she's sure Jonah would have Loved Christmas... oh burn.

Michael and Willow find Brad and hand him Wiley. They tell him they can watch him for longer and he says NO! He'll take him home. 

Tracy's home!! The entire house is now white and creme color!! The front door is moved too? WEIRD!! She's like WHAT THE HECK?? WHAT IS THIS? Brook comes down stairs and says "Hi Granny"!!
"Call me Tracy and what the hell happened here"??
Brook: "IT's great, isn't it"??!! 


  1. hmmm the blog is beary pink. lol

    I really liked the flow of the show today. Lots of extras and converssations flowing from one group of people to another seamlessly. It's so much more watchable than the years of two by two in a room. Whoever's changing that, you are great!

  2. Good show. I sob every time we see Franco/Liz and boys. Glad he is back. But I do hope he has something to do with Hiney's downfall someday.
    This blog format is a bit weird. Good luck.

    1. Yeh the blog is definitely interesting...haha!
      Now we can subscribe which I found interesting (also) LOL
      Hopefully Karen can change it to her liking. 😁

  3. It does look like they moved doors too for the Q mansion. It is TOO different.

  4. In Canada we just saw the "Scrooge" episode. We saw this episode a few days ago.I guess they have a new set for the Quartermaine Mansion. It used to look like a setting for "Scrooge" with all that wood paneling ,velvet curtains and heavy carpets. I want to see the kitchen - maybe a pizza oven and its own bowl of moss.

  5. I LOVE Monica's house!!
    I also love that Franco didn't dwell on the fact that he (as Drew's memories) slept with Kim. They dealt with it and moved on. Nice.
    I feel so sad for Violet! Are they seriously (the writers) really going to make this poor child ache for her mother like this? Bring Hayden back....

  6. I find it so odd and STUPID that Cameron is STILL doing community service and Harmony is out of jail and Nelle and Sam will be soon...HOW long is this boy gonna suffer???

  7. And, he has to do community service on Christmas Eve

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  9. December 26th episode.

    Friz home:

    Friz: BobTodd in shock that he slept with Kim hahahhahahaha! Priceless. Nope you can't confront her. She is gone! :) Oh the boys showed up awwww! :)

    Turning woods:

    Gladys, Sonny, Mike, and others: Okay Gladys is annoying she needs to shut her yap. Mike is breaking my heart. :(

    Chandler home:

    Finchy and Anna: Oh yeah Finchy, Anna is not going to want to tell Robert about what she found out! He will just say I told you so!!! Hahahahahha! I love little V's hair!!!!!

    Clothing drive:

    Maxie and Hiney: Oh Maxie!!! You are talking to the man who tried to kill Maddox!!!! Wake up!!!!

    Julian and Brooky: She is wondering how he and Olivia happened! Hahahahaha! When they were sitting at the bench, and she was showing him videos of baby uncle Leo, I was waiting for them to kiss!!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Willow, Jonah, and Nelle: Great scene!! Hahaha. Oh hello Michael!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I really thought that Michael was going to walk in on Nelle and Brad talking about Jonah! Rats!! The guard wins the line of the day.

    Guard: I can see her from over there.

    ROFL! Really? You can? Are you sure? ROFL! She is a master manipulator! She can manipulate from over there!!!! :)

    Michael and Willow: Willow upset over Nelle manipulating her! HAHAHAHHAHA! Well now you know, so you can stay away from her! :)

    Q home: TRACY!!!!! :) Wait what? The Q house has changed?!!?!?! When did this happen?!!?! We should have been told that it was changing! We should have seen workers!!!!!

    "Karen says, I've been fooling around with the blog theme and not sure if I like this but I can't get back to the old one!! LOL"

    ROFL! Keep it I love it!!! :) I have been meaning to tell you I love the back ground! :)

  10. They've redecorated the Q mansion, you can redecorate your blog. Both look nice

  11. You can't do Santa and a clothes drive in up state New York in the winter outdoors. Have this be a little realistic.

  12. It was 50 degrees in Buffalo yesterday



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