Monday, December 16, 2019


Hope you checked the 2019 Wub Awards down below-- they were fun to write. I always forget so much that's happen. 

Peter at GH talking to Maddox. Maddox is treating him like a king. Anna sees them and tells Finn she can't meet him because she has something to take care of. She tells Peter that when the guy that was shot wakes up he'll probably tell the police who hired him. She questions Peter about why he was at GH and he gets a bit pissy with her. 
OH DAMN, Andre says the gunman died after surgery. Womp Womp. 


Franco's eyelids are fluttering. 

Kelly's...Finn and Violet are going to dinner. Chase and Willow are there eating.  When Finn comes with Violet, Willow gets all nervous and sad and leaves. Then she runs into Maxie with James!! LOL.. She doesn't want to think about babies or kids!! Chase tells Finn that Willow thought she was pregnant. 

Metro Restaurant: Lulu and Dusty take Charlotte and Rocco for "ice cream"..why wouldn't you go to Kelly's?? Weird. Char wants to know if they are boyfriend, girlfriend. They don't really answer. Then, the kids go eat sundaes and Dustin and Lulu decide to have a "sleep over" LOL They kiss then go to the launch to take Charlotte home. Rocco doesn't believe Char has a bodyguard. She says : "I'll prove it"! SHE JUMPS IN THE WATER!! 

AVA'S ART GALLERY Everyone is there. AVA looks resplendent. I mean REALLY GOOD. Laura looks like my Aunt Peggy did in 1975. Damn it. Anyway, woohoo!!  Nikolas --the idiot is 'hiding' in the back storage room. Jax goes to talk to him. Laura tells Valentin that he should have told Lulu about Charlotte's bodyguard. He's like WHAT BODYGUARD??! She tells him about what Charlotte said. Wonders if she could have an imaginary friend... Val is like ABSOLUTELY NOT !! I guess because she's too smart for that? LOL (I so wish Helena would walk out about now !!)

Nikolas tells Jax if he doesn't win the painting, he's going to steal it..Jax is like don't worry, I'm going to get it. 

Nina "Are we set"??

Ava: "They aren't going to know what hit them"!! 

BIDDING BEGINS: Back and Forth, Back and Forth..some other guy besides Jax and Val is bidding. I wonder if he's Ava's wringer? It's up to 300K and Nina grabs Jax' arm and says "Stop this right now"...she physically pulls him away. Val bids..then Laura starts bidding.. lol. Ava's smiling like a kitty cat. Laura pushes it up to 450K and a waitress knocks into Valentin so he can't bid..he's all mad.

THE PAINTING BURSTS INTO FLAMES!!!!!!! ahahahhaa. OMG!! AHAHAHAA. Everyone is just standing there with open-mouths!! 


Franco's eyes open

Tomorrow: Trisha sees Nik in the backroom

REMEMBER, this was a FRIDAY show--that's why there were cliffhangers LOL 


  1. The fire was a nice twist but I would rather have seen Valentine pay a fortune for the painting with no codicil in it. lol I guess since it would technically be part of Spencer's inheritance that he'd be paying with they didn't want to do that. (Ava with scruples, who knew? lol)

    I was hoping Nicholas would rescue Charlotte otherwise Valentine is going to go batshit crazy when he finds out he was responsible for her almost dying.

    And Anna noticed the sigh of relief on Peter's face when they were told the perp was dead.

  2. What a show! Glad Laura won until I realized why Nina wanted Val to win! Didn't expect that! Haha!
    Charlotte wow! Franco finally!
    Show was so good today!! Ended too fast!!

  3. Lots of extras at the gallery! Haven't seen that many extras in a long while . . .

  4. Ava is dazzling. I just don't think she would use fire to destroy the painting after being trapped in a fire and scarred. Odd choice for the resolve. Other than that it was a good show.

    1. I loved her outfit and that lipstick. I don't know...the fire seemed fitting. I loved it. She knew what she was doing.

  5. Kelly's:

    Little V and Finchy: This is so adorable!!! Finchy on the phone with Anna, and little V kissing Finchy on the cheek, and he kisses her cheek back! Awwwwwww! :)

    Little V, Finchy, and Chase: Uh maybe you two shouldn't be talking about babies and almost babies. I am sure V is paying attention and will probably ask where do babies come from!!!! ROFL!

    Willow, Maxie, and Little James: Hmmmm isn't he alittle big to be in that stroller?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lustin, Rocco, and Charlie: Charlie wins the line of the day.

    Charlie: What about you? Are you going to have a sleep over with Dustin?



    Lustin Rocco, and Charlie: Man Lustin is making out a long time! :)

    Rocco: You do not have a bodyguard!

    Charlie: I do too and I will prove it!

    I can't believe she jumped into the cold water! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why wasn't the water frozen solid!?!!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The hospital: Man! Liz is so teeny tiny on that huge couch!!! The couch is eating her whole!!! OH MY! The man who tried to kill Maddox is dead! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Hiney and Anna: Anna is suspicious of him! Hahahahahha! Jason got inside her head! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Drew Jr's room: Oh look his eyes open.. I wonder if his first words are going to be, I want a Kelly's burger.

    Art gallery storage room:

    Jax and Idiot savant Nik:

    "Karen says Nikolas --the idiot is 'hiding' in the back storage room"

    ROFL! Where else would he be? ROFL!

    Art gallery auction: Ava is all in gold and has frosted lipstick! LOVE IT!! Here we go with the auction!!!!! Who wants the Helena painting? It's like a tennis match!! :) Didn't Luke steal a painting once? Or try to? I will have to find it on youtube. Anyway, LAURA WINS THE PAINTING!!!!! HOLY COW!! Spontaneous combustion!!!!!!!! I did not see that coming at all! The smiles from Nina and Ava's faces tell me they did it and before they did it, I'm sure they took the codicil out! :)

    1. They did. Whole point. I loved it. I think too that they meant for Val to win but oh well. Good show today.
      They better show Franco tomorrow! This slow build up is old....I want him talking, asking for a blt, for anything just being Franco. ❤

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  7. Awesome show! When Trina purposely bumped into the waitress so Laura could win, I was ecstatic. Then the fire, holy cow that was great! I need a chat between Ava and Laura like right now.

    Franco better be Franco tomorrow, and what is the significance of Cam having his phone?

    Is it bad of me for wishing Charlotte becomes lost at sea?

    1. I wondered the same about the phone. I also didn't realize Trina's trip wasn't an accident. Because it seemed to me that Val was "supposed" to win just to "lose" (since the codicil isn't in the painting but he doesn't know that).


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