Friday, December 27, 2019

General Hospital Prop of The Decade Awards!

Oh, what a great 10 years for props... let's give the set department a nice round of applause, shall we?? I've had a blast just finding and having a prop of the week. Over 10 years there have been hundreds identified but only a few can make it into the Wubs Hall O' Props. I apologize in advance if your fave didn't make the cut but this is a purely subjective basis. Meaning: I decide!  Please feel free to eat at BLT from Kelly's for this.  


MR MARBLES: Mac's annual side-kick in the Nurses' Ball...this is the year (2014) he got killed by Epiphany in a skirmish. RIP Mr. M. 

FABERGE EGG: Spencer's First! --the one he gave to Emma. It's a pure Cassadine symbol and just the right touch of Russia I like to see.  We remember the Greek side, but not always the Russian side of this family. 

FAISON'S BRAIN:  Oh, it's  in a jar somewhere...ready at a moments notice! 

THE MOSS: A relative newcomer, it drove us crazy all year with it's size and sheer audacity for hogging the camera! 

FRANCO'S MONKEY: Made is debut in 2009 but continued to reign terror into 2010 so he made the cut. One of my fave props of all time. 


RUBBER MASKS: Yep, we had to make a whole separate wing for these guys. They were all over the damn place in the 10's!! 

CHINESE FIGURES:  A JaSam stable--the Phoenix and the Dragon. 

: This is her BLT. I prefer the egg salad but this is the one I could find. It also represents the real BLTs that came in from Kelly's for Heather on the daily! 


TUMOR IN A JAR: That's right.. Franco's tumor--in a jar for all to behold. Diane used it as literal evidence in his trial and We got to marvel at how giant it actually ended up being. 


BBQ ARIEL: .. Was there ever a more glorious thing than to see Britt burn up Emma's prized doll? That would be a resounding: NOPE.


BOB the BADGER!! Was there ever any question? Bob's been there for awhile, just hanging out but really got in the groove when the got him a new snazzy glassed in case. Rumor is he smelled so badly, they had to do something!! It's also the only prop that Alberta has met. Points to Lisa LoCicero for this photo! 


  1. This is great!!!! Great job Karen!!! :) Tribbles should be number 1 though. :) Wait you missed one!! Sonny's birthday cake that Connie killed!!!!!! Wait what year was that?

    1. I TOTALLLY almost put that in!! LOL I also missed CARLY'S EYEBALL NECKLACE!! OMG! remember that thing?

    2. "kdmask says I TOTALLLY almost put that in!! LOL"

      ROFL! What year was it?!:) I've been looking for it now.

      "I also missed CARLY'S EYEBALL NECKLACE!! OMG! remember that thing?"

      No I don't. I must have blocked it out.. Now I need a picture! :)

  2. Loved reading these! With the Q mansion being totally redone will there still be a place for Badger Bob?


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