Friday, December 20, 2019

Mushy Friz Day


Liz and Franco...GAH the way he looks at her!! Sorry, RoHo is my crush LOL . Nurse Amy is on a hot minute. Franco overhears Julian tell Liz about him being Drew. 
They go home...Aiden made him a chocolate cake. Aiden actually flew out to Ireland-- Lucky wanted to see him for the holidays. Liz tells him that Drew is presumed dead. Franco thinks it's his fault. He was on that plane because of me! They say all mushy stuff on and, Liz draws back from him..she says she's thinking about when he was Drew and had sex with Kim! 

Michael and Willow... he invited her over to CarSon's house for 'Fun stuff' he's planned. Oh such a chem test. He tells he about the AJ murder and getting custody of Avery to make his dad pay. . Amy calls him and asks him to bring Wiley to GH because Brad is in a bad way over Lucas. Oh Wiley will be in GH when Nelle is there too?

Anna and Finn talking about raising kids. He wonders if Cartoon rot kid's brains. She's doing research on Peter! WOOT !! The security guy worked for various shell corporations ..she doesn't want to think Peter is bad. Later Maxie and Peter come over.  Maxie gives Violet Georgie's hand me downs lol. She tells Anna how much she loves Peter and how happy she is. They leave. Anna says she should probably leave well enough alone. Then, she picks up Peter's file to pout it away and.  She sees something and says "Oh my"!  

Nelle and Tad. He wonders if it was her big plan to get stabbed. She says no, it was the serial killer's plan! Tad is mad because she could have died and he wouldn't get paid. Jordan comes in and tells her she's going to have to go back to jail NOW. Tad tries to say Not yet!! Nelle says "just a tad" and you can see MEK almost cracking up! LOL 

Brad and Lucas. Brad is pleading with him to wake up.  Julian comes in and says "get out here, Brad, test results are ready"  Lucas slipped into his own coma and the doctor says he has to go to a long term care place. GH needs the bed. Brad is devastated.  Amy tries to cheer him up by telling him Nelle's in the building, it's the best gossip, she says. He's like GOTTA GO!

Brad goes to see Nelle. She's happy to see him. He is not happy to see her, tells her everything is her fault. Nelle's like calm the hell down. 

Michael gets to the hospital...goes to look for Brad. Tad introduces himself as Nelle's attorney. Michael is like "RUN"!  He asks Amy where Brad is... 

Jordan has the forensics report...they found nothing!! The undercarriage of the car was too damaged!

Anna realizes that Peter and the gunman worked at the same place long ago!
NELLE SEES Willow and Wiley "What a beautiful baby you've got there" !! Just like the big bad wolf LOL 


  1. I laughed at Finn's line about Merry not Happy. lol Way to sneak that in. Line of the day for sure.

    And the baby who plays Wiley is priceless. He played like a real toddler and talked in his quiet voice. He didn't disrupt the conversation; he just added to it exponentially. So much more realistic than the string of zombie babies we've had who sit there looking scared to death.

    And I'm still hoping that Brad kills Nelle. I actually hope she tries to take Wiley so someone has an excuse to do it.

    1. Yes! That was so funny, I thought the same (line of the day).

    2. "Di says, So much more realistic than the string of zombie babies we've had."


  2. I seem to recall that the shooting by Sonny of A.J. went down differently. How was Sonny protecting A.J? Can anyone clear this up?

  3. Did anyone look at Hiney's bio? So he is supposed to be 50? Does he look 50? If he is 50, how could he be Anna's child? Is she supposed to be 70? And how could Valentin have dealt with Hiney when he was a child, is Valentin supposed to be 70? Anyone watching, just freeze on the bio and look at it, and explain this to me, please.

    1. Says he was in grade school 74-88 & finished his BA in 91 lol

    2. That's because they didn't pick an actor who fit the role, they had to fit the actor they had to hire into the role.

    3. Yes but, if the actor is 42, and Anna is 60, then that would work fine. It is the CHARACTER that they are saying is 50. NO ONE has responded to me about this, but, if Valentin rescued him when he was a kid, Val would have to have been an adult. So, again, that would make Val and Anna around 70, which they clearly are not. Actually, I think that Val is supposed to be in his 40s, so how could he have rescued Hiney when he was a child?

    4. I'd ask Karen. She is, after all, his number one fan.

  4. I haven't watched to see Hiney's bio,but Finola is 60 and Wes is 42. Those ages would make sense.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, I know, but look at his bio. He was in grade school in 1974, that would make him 60.

  6. Yes. That would mean he was born about 1969 and be 50 years old. Guess Anna was 10 when she gave birth. That bio makes no sense

  7. At first when he was on the coach I though they recast Wiley/Jonah and was very sad. Oh man. He is so cute too "vroom". I wonder what all his cute giggling was about. I SO want Michael to find out like yesterday. Plus, it seemed that Willow was getting kind of "googly" over Micheal. Did anyone see that?

    1. Nah. But...I do have a feeling they are putting the feelers out on these 2. Jonah may not be Wiley but Willow doesn't know that and Michael doesn't know he's taking care of his kid. I think this brings these 2 together.

    2. I definitely saw Willow look interested in Michael, was thinking of posting it yesterday. However, she and Sasha are friends, and Chase is a GREAT guy, so it would make no sense.

    3. Yes, I noticed that too. And, you're right AntJoan,it would make no sense.They have a great couple working well together why break them up. Not to mention how it would destroy the friendships all around. Michael doesn't have too many friends on the show as is.

  8. Sorry, misspelled couch. Oops. Just woke up

  9. Yesterday was so good. I was so tired when I got off and after watching to really post. But poor Franco. First to find out his friend aka "brother" from another mother is considered dead and then finding out he slept with Kim as Drew's memories. That has to be devastating. But that's it, right? Nothing else bad? At least that I can think of....HOPEFULLY he and Liz can get past this and come out strong! I didn't fight for Franco to come back just for Friz to end it! 😥 I've been so dang giddy since he's been back!
    Then there's stupid Nelle, ugh! My smile turns into a frown! Just why...go away I say! Hey I could be a poet! 😁😂
    But seriously...Tad was funny with her yesterday, I hope he drops her! How stupid was she?? She kept screwing with her handcuffs like they are magically going to come off! No dumb ass you're just going to bruise your wrist. 🙄
    I enjoyed the Willow and Michael scenes. "Wiley"is adorable!

  10. Good show on Friday. Just happy that Franco is back and I hope they don't beat the Drew thing to death forever.
    I like the Brad kills Nelle Idea but I don't think they will discard her. Or Brad.
    But Hiney...don't care how old he is or isn't. Wish he would just go away and eventually he will.
    Nice to see Nurse Amy. But that doctor(Lucas') is horrible. Like he's doing a comedy schtick. Maybe he's related to someone.
    Looking forward to their 'Christmas Carol'.
    Oh my...that Wiley duo is sure adorable!

    1. So am I! Like I said...I'm still so giddy! Christmas came early for me, so happy! But I agree, as much as I miss Billy Miller I hope they don't beat the Drew thing to death. Hopefully Friz can move on from it.
      I'd love it if Brad killed Nelle but ain't gonna happen.
      Don't give 2 cents about Peter.
      I guess I didn't see what you saw in Lucas dr?
      Yes I can't wait til Monday.

  11. I think they should have Michael and Carly get really attached to Wiley.

  12. The hospital:

    Julian and Liz: We need to have more Julian and Liz scenes writers! That's an order!!!!!

    Lucas's room:

    Brucas: Hey look at that!!!! They finally show Lucas! :) Oh oh he slipped into a coma.. NO NO NO! WAKE UP LUCAS!!!! :(

    Nelle's room:

    Jordan, Nelle, and Marty: Marty wins the line of the day.

    Nelle: Just a TAD.

    Marty: Don't help.

    Hahahahhahahahaha! Priceless. Inside joke there writers for the AMC fans eh? :) The look on Marty's face hahahha!

    Brad and Nelle: Oh Brad!!! Don't blame her for everything. You had choices!!!! You CHOSE to not tell Lucas! So the blame is on YOU!!

    Carson's home:

    Michael, Jonah, and Willow: Awwww great scene!!! :) They are probably being chem tested, but they already were chem tested along time ago when they first met and had a lot of scenes after that. If Chillow ever breaks up, I wouldn't mind if Michael and Willow got together.. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Finchy and Anna: Anna! Keep digging!!!!!

    Finchy, Anna, Maxie, and Hiney: UGH! Maxie stop gushing over Hiney! He isn't worth it!!!!

    Friz home:

    Friz: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love and miss them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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