Monday, December 30, 2019

Gossip Day

Sonny is talking to some guy.. WHO PUT A TRACKER ON CARLY'S CAR!! HELL NO! Seriously?? OMG. Yep. Sonny put a tracker on her. Jason walks in. Sonny plays dumb but Jason knows he's tracking Carly. He's not happy.
I'd kill anyone that put a tracker on my ANYTHING.
Jason asks if it will make the situation any better. Sonny says he knows what he's doing and basically, back off. 

Pier...Jax and Carly. Jax says Nik is 'missing'.  He's been missing since the painting has been gone.  He says he's not telling Nik's family yet that he's alive because he's missing. Geo, the guy hired by Sonny' overhears Carly telling Jax that she's stressed and Sonny's suspicious. Then they hug and he sees it. Jax leaves. Brad comes along. They talk about Lucas. Geo listens. Geo also listens when Carly leaves and Juilan comes up and Julian tells Brad not to let Carly too close to the "Nelle situation". 

Ava talks to Nina who's getting ready for the wedding..and HESITATING about the "Plan:.. Oh JEEPERS!! UGH... She's all concerned about Charlotte. ugh.

Ava and Laura..Laura wants to know why Ava burned up Helena's portrait. Ava's like..Nope I didn't do it. She does say Val will get what he deserves. Curtis walks up. Ava tells them to both go to the wedding. 
Then they sit down and Jax comes over and tells them he's looking for Claudette because she has something on Valentin. UGH whatever. 

Lucas was moved to the nursing home. Willow, Julian and Sam are all there. Julian says Lucas shouldn't have been in the car. He's like but he went to visit Braaaaaaaaaaaad. Then Brad shows up and he overhears Willow say Nelle almost touched Wiley lol . Julian is all mad Brad "let that happen".  Then the nurse asks JULIAN to fill out paperwork on Julian's behalf?? Um, wouldn't BRAD do that? he's his husband??!! 

Willow and Sam talk about Nelle. Pretty pointless. They both get a memorial service notice on their phones. Harmony walks up "hello"...Oh, she didn't do it-- she thinks maybe Daisy did it. I think it's NELLE lol!! 

So, Nina got a DNA test done (at GH which is stupid) she has to sign for and pick up results today before the wedding. Did she get Charlotte tested? Is Char not Valentin's?? What else could it be? Hmmmm... 

Sonny finds out Julian was talking about Nelle to Brad and mentioned Michael and Wiley. 

Carly says she's going to 'tell Sonny the truth" 


  1. No she did something with that hair sample, wasn't that the whole point behind getting it? Today was boring. Hopefully tomorrow is better. I agree Karen I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me either. Sonny needs to grow up. If Carly did that to him barware would fly!!

  2. Who is she comparing her Mother's hair to

    1. Probably just proving to Valentin that she knows he had his hands all over this. So she needed to test the hair???? I don't know??? It's GH! LOL!!

  3. Yes, the nurse having Julian fill out papers was ridiculous.
    And bringing back any more dialogue concerning Shank. Everything about him should stay dead and buried. You are probably right. Who else but Nelle. Mrs. Shank?
    Happy New Year to everyone here!

  4. Turning woods:

    Julian and Sam: Geez Sam. You still don't like your father? UGH!

    Willow and Sam: Aww poor Willow still upset that Nelle manipulated her! ROFL!

    Sam and Brad: WHOA! Is Sam defending Julian to Brad?!?!!! :0

    Lorraine Baines McFly, Willow, and Sam: Lorraine got a job at Turning woods? Interesting. Oh a memorial! HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah I think Nelle is the one who did that too. :) Oh hi Jason!

    The pier:

    CarJax: GAH! They need to kiss now!!!! :) They are having their sweet moments! :)

    Carly and Brad: Brad is wound too tight!!! Carly has no idea!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Ava, Laura, and Curtis: Ava is happy!! 2020 is going to be the queen's year? OH YES!!!! :)

    Ava and Julian: If people didn't know these two, they would think they were a couple! The way they were looking into each other's eyes and hugging and kissing. :) That damn inappropriate chemistry!!! ROFL!

    Laura, Curtis, and Jax: More Claudette talk! Nope not hearing this. *puts fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA LA LA LA.


    V.C., Nina, and Charlie: Charlie can't find her toy horse, and Nina is constipated. Someone give her beano!!!!

    Carson home:

    Sonny and Geo: Man Geo sounds like a car. :) Geo stalking!! Sonny desperate!

    Sonny and Jason: Jason can see right through Sonny! I thought Sonny was going to lie to Jason at first.

    Sonny and Carly: Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: Yeah I want to confess that I'm sick of my husband treating me like I am the enemy.


    The hospital: Hmmmm what did Nina get? DNA test of whom? We probably won't find out until the wedding!

    1. Well, Curtis gave her the hair so she could run her own DNA test . . . but it wasn't clear to me what or whom she would test.

      How can Nelle plan a memorial and text everyone from jail?

    2. Didn't Nelle borrow a quard's phone when she was in the hospital?

      And I think Nina was going to test her hair against her mother's and if it was a perfect match for the two tests Valentine ran she'd know those tests were faked. Of course she could have also run Sasha's if she got it.

    3. AntJoan says,

      "Well, Curtis gave her the hair so she could run her own DNA test . . . but it wasn't clear to me what or whom she would test."

      I thought Dr. O did.. Well, I can't wait until she exposes V.C.!! :) Oh that didn't sound right.. Hahaha.

  5. Sonny was insufferable and needs to grow up. Ugh! Never better not bail on sticking it to Valentin. Personally I love the new Q house, and so glad Tracy is back, she looks fab.
    Karen the new blog is very small on my phone, which is a Samsung 9, just so you know. 😁

    1. Thank you! Yours and mine too... ours seem too be the only 2 affected. I have to turn my sideways to enlarge making it better to read. Then type with one finger.
      I agree though Sonny is insufferable and hope Nina doesn't give up on her plan. You and I (I think) are the only ones who likes the new look of Monica's house.

    2. I like the new decor, too!

  6. Never should be Neener. Autocorrect strikes again!

    1. ROFL! Well it's Neener now!!! I think she has been called Neener before. :)


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