Thursday, December 12, 2019

Flesh Wound

Sam and Jason. She mumbled SO MUCH I have NO FREAKING CLUE. I know she can do better because she was great with Chloe (Nelle) but this ?? NO Excuse. None. Sam apparently is pissed she's in jail. There, that's what that scene was about. 

Alexis goes to see Sam. Sam cries. Wants out of jail. She tells Alexis everything started with her. 

Ned tells Jason he can't do anything to help Sam's parole. Michael is having a hard time "taking care of Wiley" and "doing his job" :EYEROLL: ..anyway, Ned is going to help him with ELQ biz. 

Bobbie and Monica at GH!! yeah! I love them together. Monica explains to everyone they took Lucas off sedation. His response times will have to be monitored to see the lasting damage. The next few hours are crucial. Willow gives Brad a pep talk.  Then, Willow tells Julian to let Brad know it's not Brad's fault the accident happens. Jules looks dark and is like "oh I'll tell him all right". 

Nelle is stabbed by Ryan "this isn't what it looks like" . The stab wound is just below her kidney... "She only has one kidney" says the Police! She has to go to GH. The dialog between Chase and Ryan was just funny as hell. 

When she's wheeled through GH, Carly sees her and about loses her lunch LOL  Nelle's wound is not life-threatening and it didn't hit her kidney so she can go back to prison. Chase asks about the attack. 

NOTE: Mike even looked unkempt... and acted like SUCH an "old man" with dementia. Wow. 

Michael is talking to Sonny. He's wondering if Mike should go that far and if he'd really want the treatment. He asks Sonny if Mike is the dad he remembers. 

Later, Sonny goes to the home to see Mike. Mike starts screaming at him. He thinks Sonny is Joe Scully. Joss gets upset and cries. 

Joss and Dev are visiting Mike. Mike thinks that Dev is going to break him out! Mike wants to go to the track. The kids talk him into playing a game at the home instead. Mike plays but forgets Joss right away. And how to play checkers.  

Nelle calls "Marty" That's Tad
Carly cries to Jason that Nelle's alive and Lucas is in a coma
Lucas is breathing on his own. '
Michael and Ned talk about Shiloh's shares


  1. I know...about Mumbles. I could not understand a word she was saying to Jason. A little bit to Alexis. I often forget that Sam is her daughter for some reason. Totally opposite of her exchange with Nelle. She is unbearable to watch. Jason is so much better without her.
    The scenes with Mike were outstanding. Tears were flowing. Even Dev was okay. MG so deserves an Emmy.
    Saw a spoiler about Julian earlier. Busted. I like him, maybe with Brook Lynn. Hope he isn't leaving.

  2. Replies
    1. We'll probably see him blink right befoe the end tomorrow.

    2. Zazu, Brook Lynn is young enough to be Julian's daughter . . .

    3. "Di says, We'll probably see him blink right befoe the end tomorrow."

      ROFL! Then we will see him open his eyes by the end of the episode on Monday. :)

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  4. (Sorry, I wish we had an edit button here.Fingers and brain weren't in synch & I forgot to double check before I posted)

    The first thing I noticed today was that when Sam starting talking to Jason she started that slow-paced garble again and I couldn't understand her either.

    And,seriously writers, what's a knife-wielding psychopath like Ryan doing in a room with scaplels, unhand-cuffed and unsupervised. Never mind having a female prisoner in there with him. Try to at least make it believable.

    The Mike scenes were great.

    1. The writers are stoopid (I misspelled it on purpose) LOL!

    2. Right!!?? There's freaking half way houses with tighter restrictions than Pentonville! I was like "get the heck out of here"! Although not that nicely. Maybe waaaaay back in the soap day that would work but cmon,this is 2020!! Is it just lazy writing? And the cherry on the hot mess cake was the guard giving her the cell phone to make a personal call.

    3. I KNOW RIGHT!! (In my best Monica Gellar voice!) God I hate Nellie!
      Oh and when Brad was hateful to Willow, boy needed to step the f* off! Haha! Dude brought all this on hisself, it's not Willows' fault. Tsk tsk...
      Sonny need to face reality, Mike is slipping away, why can't he see that?

    4. I was super sarcastic on twitter about the Ryan situation. I mean, he'd be in a huge facility BUT... I LOVE it that they have him in gen pop now. I LOVE Ryan so it's one of the things I'm willing to overlook. :) And did those idiots even see if there were fresh towels around??? LOL

  5. 100% agree about Mumbles. My god, don't the directors/sound guys/producers ever freakin' notice? She is totally unwatchable. And the pity party with Alexis? Yup honey, you were a no-good-nik and now it's come back to bite you in the butt. Get her the hell off my screen.

    The Mike scenes were superb, give him an Emmy now. I even felt awful for Sonny. I shocked myself! :)

    I like Julian. I don't want him busted, and I really don't want him hooking up with Brookie. Ewwwwww! Brad needs to shut it.

  6. And I forgot to add that Joss and Dev were great. So gentle with Mike, and Joss trying to make it better for Sonny. Gah! (as Sonya would say!)

    1. I thought that the actress who plays Joss was GREAT. The way she was crying and handling herself in the scenes with Mike/Sonny/Turkey Boy, reminded me sooo much of Carly.

    2. "Julie H says, And I forgot to add that Joss and Dev were great. So gentle with Mike, and Joss trying to make it better for Sonny. Gah! (as Sonya would say!)"

      YES YES! They both were great with Mike, and Joss was great with Sonny!!!! :) GAH! :)

  7. Also, as someone else said, Michael can't work AND take care of Wiley? There is a nanny there, Carly doesn't even have to do anything for her newborn daughter. Plus, Wiley has like a million relatives to care for him.

  8. The visiting jail cell:

    Jasam: Sam all whiny whiny whiny whiny.

    Alexis and Sam: More of Sam whiny whiny whiny.


    Nelle and Ryan: Ryan wins the line of the day.

    Ryan: This isn't what it looks like.

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHA! All the while Ryan is smiling! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Damn I love these two!!!!! I want more of them!!!

    The hospital: Carly's face when she sees Nelle being wheeled away hahahahahhahaha! Who's brilliant idea was it to bring Nelle to the hospital?! Hahahahahahaha!

    Lucas's family and friends: Oh! Great scene! Love Bobbie and Monica scene too!!!!

    Q home:

    Michael and Ned: Oh great scene!!! Glad Ned is going to help at ELQ!!!! :) I don't want it to be temporary!!!!!

    The home:

    Sonny, Mike, Turkey Boy, and Joss: So sad! Especially when Mike thought Sonny was Joe Scully. :( Glad Joss was talking Mike down. :(

    Carson home:

    Michael and Sonny: Great scene!!! Michael you are too smart and wise for your own good!!!!!


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