Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Jax and Carly talk about the guilt she feels not telling Laura that Nik is alive. Michael comes back home.


Anna and Finn ... Finn feels awful that Hayden is gone and he has to tell Violet. Robert is trying to find out where Hayden went. Anna calls Jax to come over. He does and they are on him about what he and Hayden were doing together. He says, "Just Aurora stuff" They don't believe him. He says, really, it's just that. He's pissed she's gone and says she must have felt like she was in real danger if she just left Violet there. 

Hospital: Julian is mean to Brad..Brad is still not awake. Bobbie comes by...She asks where Lucas is.
Bobbie calls Carly.
Carly gets to the hospital and Chase fills her in.  Bobbie's all upset. Julian is mad Brad's alive. Brad dreams about telling Lucas the truth before the crash.  Chase questions him about the crash when he wakes up. Brad says the brakes were gone. 

Bobbie finds out Lucas is in a medically induced coma... he has a brain injury. 

Willow goes to tell Sahsa about the PG test results and Stupid CHASE interrupts about Brucas being in a car accident. 

Ok, so..Bobbie sits with Lucas and asks Julian to sit with him because she's going to update Brad. He talks to Lucas, says he's made a mess of things, that Brad was supposed to be driving alone. Then says "I'm so sorry, Lucas" 
AND BOBBIE AND BRAD ARE RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!!!!!!! She wheeled him up to see Lucas!!
DAMN!! lol  Jules just says he wants forgiveness because they were estranged that's all. 

Sasha goes back to see Michael and they talk to Wiley and get him a snack. 

Nikolas pays the nurse at Shadybook to give Ava some drug...?? Ava's sad because Julian didn't call her on Turkey Day.  Later, she's "talking" to Kiki and gets dizzy. She lays down. Nikolas walks in and whispers "Ava"....
She asks if he's dead...he says yes, and he's coming from HELL.."Where you sent me"..and now "You're going to make amends"!! OMG he's SUCH A CASSADINE!! Using his dead self to get information!! LOL 
Ava doesn't tell him but rants about Morgan, Kiki and Ryan.. He tries to get her back to reality..and she's crying "Kiki will never forgive me"... and Nikolas says "I know, she's here with me"!! OMG! Nikolas!!  he tells her Kiki will be trapped unless she tells him who she sold the painting to...she says no one, I still have it. 

Nina and Valentin--not a lot of anything. He tells her about the painting and the CODICIL . Jax flies in and grabs Valentin and asks him what he did to Hayden. 

Willow goes to see Wiley
Jax orders Nikolas to meet him, even before picking up the portrait
Of course, Valentin is going to the gallery just to 'eliminate the obvious"
Ava is tossing and turning and NIKOLAS DROPPED HIS SIGNET RING!! ahahah it's on the floor. He might be evil but he's so dumb.


  1. So glad that they stopped broadcasting the hearings on ABC this afternoon, I think they still are going on. Anyone know if there are any more scheduled this week?

    1. I just googled the hearings schedule and like politics the 'answer' was cryptic but I think today was it for the week and more next week.

    2. OK, thanks, couldn't get any info online.

  2. again I repeat myself: WHERE is the ATM that Nik uses that he has cash for bribes and Uber drivers, etc. That just cracks me up......
    I read that Brad (Parry Shen) was kidding about leaving - which I don't think is funny.......scream another year of the baby swap...... and Willow falling for Kendra really dead?????? The paramedic didn't say the word DEAD - just I don't feel a pulse.

    1. So Parry really isn't leaving? Glad to hear it, but then why would he say it?

  3. Even though I love watching Ava I can't stand what is happening with her and it is making me hate the nuNik. I'm sure she will come out on top eventually. And it is good soap.
    How many times will Willow be interrupted in her result. We don't need no more babies.
    Here comes Nelle and the baby story is just revving up I fear. Wiley does have the cutest smile.
    It seems that Parry Shen did take on a bit of Brad trying to fool us viewers. Funny but not funny.

    1. But it did make for a lot more drama when it was Lucas who was critically injured. Sometimes it's best not to know the outcome before you watch.

      Makes me like Parry even more. lol

  4. I don't remember Nicholas ever being dumb like this.

    So, more of Brad. We will NEVER find out about Wiley. Julian will get busted about the brakes I bet. Jordan is suspicious and I am sure Brad must be too.

    1. Did Nik hit his head when he "died"? I hope that he wisens up.

    2. I was thinking that too, Michelle, or lack of oxygen to the brain if he almost drowned. Either way because our Nik was never dumb.

    3. I agree. I still love NuNik, but damn he was doing Ava so wrong today. If she wasn't crazy before...
      Oh and's confirmed Brad IS staying. Which is obvious but just saw it on Insta for sure. Tease....🙄

  5. P.S. You do realize that if Lucas pulls through he'll have memory loss and won't remeber what Brad said to him. muyhaha *Cue maniacal laughter*.)

  6. So this is still Thanksgiving night? And everyone is going over to GH? Kristina was there with Sonny, Alexis brought in, Lucas and Brad brought in, Bobbie and Carly there too. What are Val and Nina doing in the MetroCourt, it must be midnight? Where is Charlotte? And where is Sonny? Michael is home with Wiley, Carly ran over to GH, where did Sonny go?

    1. Charlotte is spending the night with Lulu. The whole time frame is a mess.

  7. I agree...funny not funny. Then there was sheknowssoaps who apparently was in on it. Haha! Not.

  8. I guess they will be calling in Dr Griffin Munro because he was an old med school friend of Lucas and as an awesome neurosurgeon he can ride to the rescue and maybe even hook up with Ava again.Anything can happen in a soap.

    1. Yeh I read that! I can't wait!! I hope he has time to see Ava and Anna while he's fixing Lucas.

    2. "Gambilly33 says I guess they will be calling in Dr Griffin Munro because he was an old med school friend of Lucas and as an awesome neurosurgeon he can ride to the rescue and maybe even hook up with Ava again.Anything can happen in a soap."

      Oh no!!! I hope not!!!! UGH!

    3. I find that hard to believe unless it's a very short stint. He's on ET full time and has just finished another movie.

  9. The hospital:

    Sasha and Willow:

    Willow: I took the test, and CHASE!

    OH MAN! Come on!!!!! ARGH!

    Brad's room:

    Brad and Julian: Man Julian is so rude to unconscious Brad!!!! ROFL! Where is Dr. O? She should be getting out of her Dr. O car, and visiting Brad, and making snarky comments to unconscious Brad!!! :)

    Brad, and Chillow: Awww that's nice that they are visiting awake Brad, but where is Dr. O?!!?!?

    Lucas's room:

    Julian and Lucas: Man you should have read this before I fixed it. It was Julian's room and Julian and Julian ROFL! Anyway, Julian shouldn't be talking to a comatose Lucas!!! He can hear everything you say Julian!!!! Oh hi Bobbie and Brad in a wheelchair. Can you make wheelies?

    Carly, Bobbie, and Lucas: Will Lucas wake up and have lost his memory about what Brad told him? Or will he have amnesia and not remember anybody? Or he will have his memory and just have erectile dysfunction? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives..

    Carson's home:

    Jax and Carly:

    Jax: I'll be much be more tactful around Sonny.

    Hahaha no you won't! :)

    Michael, Sasha, and little Jonah: He is adorbs! He is smiling!!! Awwww! :) Geez one minute Sasha was talking to Willow and Willow was going to tell Sasha if she was preggers or not, and then next minute Sasha is with Michael and little Jonah! Damn that was really fast! ROFL! Well let's have some entertainment.

    Tribbles: So? Did you find out if Willow is pregnant?

    Sasha: No she didn't get to tell me.

    Tribbles: SON OF A BITCH!

    *Throws barware*

    Sasha: Calm down. I'll find out later.

    Tribbles: Okay.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Nina: Geez more of the Codicil!!! The Codicil should sign a contract and stay on the show!!! Then the Codicil should be besties with the Tribbles and hang out with each other.

    Jax and V.C.: Ohhhhhh. Jax grabs V.C.!!!! They were so close to kissing!!!!! :)


    Nik and Ava: Oh I don't like this at all!!!! I liked it better when they were friends. With Tyler Christopher they had chemistry, and they could have been a couple.

    "Karen says, NIKOLAS DROPPED HIS SIGNET RING!! ahahah it's on the floor. He might be evil but he's so dumb."

    Like I said, an idiot savant!!!!!


    Finchy and Anna: Awww Finchy is skeeeeeered!!! He wants to be a good daddy to little V! :)

    1. Sonya, ROFL, even funnier than usual!

    2. "AntJoan says, Sonya, ROFL, even funnier than usual!"

      Hehehe. Thanks. :)

    3. Nice recap Sonya, I was laughing! And stop calling my NuNik names, lol!!
      Seriously he really is doing Ava wrong and I am NOT amused.

    4. "Julie H says, Nice recap Sonya, I was laughing!"

      Hehehe thanks! :)

      "And stop calling my NuNik names, lol!!"

      ROFL! I'm sorry! I love him, but he is doing stupid things! You noticed!!! Including dropping that ring at Shadybrook!!

      "Seriously he really is doing Ava wrong and I am NOT amused."

      I am not amused either!!!!!!!! GRRRRRR!

  10. As dumb as all of this is, Maura gave another outstanding performance. Sasha asked Wiley if he wanted ice cream and she came back with cookies and two cups. He is such a cutie. Thanks goodness Sasha isn't using that low voice anymore. I really like seeing Jax in the mix with so many.

    1. Yes, Jax is a ray of sunshine even when he's plotting. lol And Maura and Kathleen should both be They are so great in every scene. I hope Maura gets an emmy nod for these scenes.

      And Wiley is obviously very happy and comfortable around Michael and sasha. He smiles instantly when they talk to him.

  11. Everyone should watch the GH Acoustical Christmas Concert on FB - just wonderful!!


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