Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Little Pitchers, Big Ears


Full disclosure: I was off doing biz in real life and I didn't make up my GH watching. I've seen Wed and Friday eps and looked at recaps. Ergo I don't think this Surgery will be too long. I also didn't find the  show that "must see" . Did you? 

I'm just having some coffee, I ate too much Saturday! Summer always means BBQs and well.. 

Hey Girl.. wanna get married? I've already got a gown on. 

JEFFREE STAR OF THE WEEK: As time wore on, Chase's lips got so white he looked like a 1960's model.  And yes, he's dying. And yes, Finn thought he found the antidote but since he's not his real Dad, the DNA sequence was flawed. So.. Chase is now dying and... guess what!!? Since Willow's been so "loving" he wants to marry her. And Willow being Willow and the sweet Candy-Gram that she is would just be honored!  

                                              OH my GOD everything's going to be awesome!! 

FROM HIGH TO LOW OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Michael. Poor Michael. Had his loving wub with Willow but then--Jasper Jax decided to watch and blackmail him!!  THEN, that "wicked" Nina comes home to visit with his cherb. What else could go wrong?!! What?!! Oh, yeah, his BFF is going to marry his lady. Poor Michael. 

                                            Um, I got some sauce for ya... 

  Due to Jax's "observance" of the zex between Millow, Nina decided to high tail it out of Nixon Falls and head on back to Port Charles. She gets a big ol' meet and greet with Wiley and...decides to spill everything to him. Things Like: Sonny is alive. Like: Carly was mean to her. Like: She's fallen for his Grandpa.  She told this to the same kid that squealed on her about Nelle. WHAT. The HELL. Okay, so.. Wiley will be around gabbing (off camera naturally) about "Dead Grandpa Sonny".  Giving Carly even more ammo. Great. Can't wait. 

Nous sommes condamnes ...(it's French, look it up) 

BONDING OF THE WEEK: Aw, Brook Lynn and Val are bonding as a little family over baby Bailey Lois! BUT! WHAT? Oh, that's right..she's Maxie's kid!! So, they'll all fall in wub and... boom. Eventually Maxie will find out Peter's dead (probably right before the Brook/Val wedding) and.. claim her. Does this sound a bit like Britt and Rocco? Hmmm.... Well, at least the mama in this switch knows it's a switch. 

                                                I smashed zat like it was Petah's heads! 

SCENES OF THE WEEK:  Lesil and Anna totally getting into crushing things at a 'smash house'. They talked over Faison and Dr. O helped her find "the old Anna". Great Frenimies. Like someone said on Twitter: Vicki and Dorian vibes. 


Finn tried and failed to find the correct antidote for Chase

Anna thinks she can find Peter alive and get the cure

Chase asks Willow to marry him, she accepts

Jax blackmails Michael into letting Nina see Wiley because he saw him having sex with Willow

Ava gets more scary letters, Dante thinks they are targeting Nikolas 

Sonny loves Nina, gives her spaghetti sauce as a parting gift 

Nina rushes to Port Charles to tell Wiley all about her adventure in Nixon Falls 

Carly's some pissed

Dr. O helps Anna get her groove back on 

Val and Brook are falling in love with Maxie's baby; and maybe each other? 

Everyone vows to find Baby Louise ... but Maxie knows they can't 

Stella tells Portia to cool it with Curtis 

WUBS FAVES OF THE WEEK: Valentin and Anna talking about Uri, Chases' ever changing lip color,  Finn's chemistry board and ...and the smash-em-up. 

WUBS NOT FAVES OF THE WEEK:  WHY would Nina tell Wiley all of that? I know Sonny has to come back somehow but why make her look looney-tunes?  Anything Chase/Willow/Michael. Don't like 2 of the characters. I'm bored. We know Chase isn't going to die so..?  And then there's CARLY. Carly who's not content to run the entire eastern-seaboard of the mob. NOPE she still has to stick her shrill face into the Nina situation.  Just when I think I can tolerate her-- she just reverts back to a tiny raging ball of snarl. 

NEWS OF THE WEEK: Ok, so a number of sites are saying Wes is out as Peter August. I do read that as "out as Peter August". Will he be a twin or something? All I know is that Frank loves the guy. His GF is a big player. Hmmm, time will tell. 

SCOOPS FOR NEXT WEEK:   Molly and TJ are in danger,  New GH Board CEO shows up,  Maxie shows up at the Qs to see Louise and Trina's grad party is to be held at Curtis' Club. 

THAT'S a wrap. If I missed things, I'm sorry. This was what I got out of the show this week. HOPEFULLY I'll be around more because preschool is done and my kids move to earlier schedules. 


  1. Mike says to Nina I wub you. Here's some pasta sauce to remember me by. OMG

    1. "lindie says, Mike says to Nina I wub you. Here's some pasta sauce to remember me by. OMG"


      Mike's thought bubble: And when you get back, we will have some zex.

    2. Maybe "when you get back we'll have some spaghetti"... STOOPID. Who gives jars of sauce as gifts... Maybe I should stock up on Ragu before Christmas.

    3. Why would a guy "in wub" give a girl pasta sauce? Not flowers, chocolates, jewelry???????

  2. "Nous sommes condamnes " hahahaha

    " tiny raging ball of snarl" LMAO

    You have brightened my mood considerably this morning. Thanks once again.

    1. Does that mean "we are doomed"?

    2. It does. lol I don't recall him saying it but I wasn't paying close attention at that point or I would have cracked it then.

    3. He didn't say that.. I DID!! LOL

  3. Wouldn’t there be an APB out for Peter, the kidnapper and the baby? Hasn’t anyone found the real Chloe’s body by now? Only Anna and Dante seem interested. Nicholas is really despicable - Shawn should be out of prison. Another not so great week with a few high points though, especially Lesil and Anna, and the lovely interaction of Val and the baby.

  4. I know I repeat myself, but not ONE police officer and tape around the hospital - RIDICULOUS that people aren't looking for him. Low week for me - I fast-forward through all Willow/Chase/Michael - BEYOND ridiculous ------
    at some point - I guess the writers have decided to destroy ANY hope of Nina being a good person - and Cyrus just had a LEG wound, so why is he NOT on the way to fed prison cause we ALL know he is gonna escape en route.....

  5. Thanks for another great SS! So much better than this weeks GH.
    I agree with those saying how no one seems to care about the missing Hiney. Did they, Anna, even search his home for the antidote. Wait, where the heck did Hiney live? Never mentioned. After almost 4 years.
    Nina was never the brightest star but the writers have succeeded again dumbing down a woman character. Her actions will go deep and hurt so many.
    GH is still so dark. Thank goodness for BrookLynn and Britt whose scenes bring a little light. Used to be there was a nice balance.
    Beautiful day in CT. I hope it is where you are! Enjoy.

  6. Thanks for the SS. Always love to read it.
    The Chase dying thing is getting old - either kill him off or get him better and doing something besides mooning over Willow. I used to like her but she's like a cardboard cutout now. Her face barely moves.

    Bring Sonny home and have him stay with Nina. That would cause all sorts of upset everywhere. Mostly with Carly and it would be delicious.

    The Maxie baby thing is missing some sizzle. Once everyone thinks Peter is dead, there's no reason she can't get the baby back. So I think they're going to have to think Peter is still around. I hope they don't turn Maxie into a crazy woman, crying over Bailey and looking weird. No more crazy women on this show!

    1. Agree. How long does it take Chase to die? lol. Feels like he's been in that bed 2 months. I am not a Willow fan. Yes, we need to keep strong Maxie since she found her mojo finally too. She might be off screen for awhile since she had brain surgery. I don't want a replacement while she's gone.

      And, yes, the hospital should be a crime scene, or have APB out for Peter etc. etc.

  7. Please no more Wes or twin theories LOL! He's gone. We are finally rid of him. 😊
    I cannot believe Nina is that damn stupid! Did she not listen to Michael?? Or I guess just Carly and Nelle were off limits not "dead" Grandpa Sonny. She really has a screw loose. 🙄
    Now I'm assuming with Dante back we're going to have to sacrifice Chase for him? Cause God forbid we have 2 detectives at the PCPD....eyeroll...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That should read:

      I'm with you here. I'm sick to death of people ahving twins(and I'm a twin!) A little originality please. Don't bring him back.We're having enough trouble keeping names and characters straight as is. geesh.

      I want both Chase and Dante on the PCPD. Stop having a freaking police commissioner doing all the work.It's a civilian manager of a police agency. Look up the role online, writers. Mac is head of detectives and Chase and dante are detectives. They are policemen.

    3. I'm sick of the twins thing too. Done too often on soaps.

    4. Yes, PLEASE let Wes and Peter be GONE for good!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wish for the year. lol

    5. Right. I don’t think Wes the actor ever clicked with the audience on GH. I do NOT want to watch him anymore. No comebacks!!

  8. I think Maxie is supposed to go to the Q mansion? Thought I saw that for Monday. She's probably going to realize she can't be around for awhile and leave town or something???????? IDK

  9. No one liked my Jeffree Star Comment!!?? :)

    1. I don't know who Jeffree Star is. Sorry.

  10. Sophia has finally shared the news of her pregnancy.

    1. It's been very obvious lately that she's pregnant

  11. Since Robert is not around enough, I want Anna and Valentin together. Do NOT want him with Brooklynn.


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