Monday, June 14, 2021


HELLO everyone--you ready for another week of GH? Not sure I am...but here we GO-GO!! 

Michael kicks Jax outta his life. Nina is visiting Wiley. Carly sticks her face in. Tells Wiley it's bedtime. Then she tells Nina that Jax is pressuring Michael to let her visit him. Yada yada, Carly's just a bitch basically. When Nina leaves Michael asks Carly if she's going to let Jason take the mob back over now that the charges have been dropped. 

Nina leaves and goes to see Jax. Asks him what he did to get her to see Wiley. He doesn't tell her... 

Molly and TJ and Auntie Stella. oh! Stella is in the opening credits! I'm happy! TJ and Molly are going to visit their parents in Pentonville!! LOL 

Stella asks Jordan how her life got so off track. She lays into her about Curtis and the break up.

Alexis and Molly visit. Alexis asks her to do a favor for her in the DA's office. She wants records from Shawn's sentencing. 

TJ visits Shawn, they talk a bit about Cyrus and his capture. Then weirdly, Shawn says it's probably not a good idea for TJ to visit anymore? I missed why. Weird. Oh it's because Shawn says he shouldn't have to come to the jail to see him. 

Chase tells Liz, Finn and Brook that Willow said yes to marrying him. Brook Lynn wants to help plan it. Chase says it's asap and small because there's 'so little time'. 

Brook Lynn knows Willow loves Chase but she's "In love" with Wiley. She says she'll support whatever they want to do. Brook Lynn then talks to Chase. Tells him if he wants to "rage against the machine, she'll there for him".

Bobbie visits Maxie. She says she didn't tell Felicia about the plan to have her baby born in Beecher's Corners. Maxie's boobs hurt from the milk coming in/drying up. They talk about Louise and hug. 

Liz and Finn get all sad about Chase and the fact Peter is dead. They hug. He touches her face. She takes his hand off and leaves. 

Chase cries to Brook about dying. They hug (lots of hugging going on today)
Willow tells Michael she's marrying Chase. 


  1. you know what is so funny? Reading Frank's post today on Facebook and how TODAY is all about strong women, but I don't see it at all - go read it - just bizarre cause it's not true.
    I am sorry - but I can't stand Stella - she is worse than Carly - but I love the actress-------
    I taught 8th grade for years and those kids could write better storyline than Chase/Willow/Michael...……………..just sayin.

    1. I agree. Why is it that writers nowadays think you have to be biatch to be a strong woman. I don't see Carly and Stella as being strong. In their own way each are bullies. Willow is definitely not strong.

      I loved Alexis' line about how cute it was that their kids were having date night visiting their parents in prison. lol

    2. I saw Frank's post in Twitter and I almost responded. How is Nina even included? Ugh.

  2. Jail library:

    Shaun and Alexis: Alexis will not give up! GO ALEXIS GO! :)

    Jail visting area:

    TJ and Shaun: This scene broke my heart and made me so emotional!!! :(

    Alexis and Molly:

    Molly: Sam, Kristina and I made a executive decision and painted the kitchen after the fire. I'm just kidding.

    Hahahahaha. That's cute. :) She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. I'm glad Molly is visiting with her mother. :)

    Nina, Wiley, Michael and Carly: Uh why are Nina and Carly being called grandma Nina and grandma Carly? So odd.

    Michael and Carly: Oh so to change the subjec, Michael brings up Carly and the mob! Very smooth Michael. And by the look on Carly's face, she ain't giving up the mob life!!! :)

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Bobbie: OH! Great scene!!! So realistic!!!!! Someone did their research! :)

    The hospital:

    Chase's room:

    Chase and Brooky: Chase made me so emotional! My poor Chase!!!! :'( Come on Willow tell Chase the truth!!! Love the hug between Chase and Brooky! Brooky wins the line of the day.

    Brooky: Billy Joel was right. Only the good die young.


    Private room:

    Liz and Finchy: Awwww poor Finchy!!!! I want to hug him!!! Glad Liz hugged him.. Oh my! The holding of hands, the touching of the face, the eye sex.. Fiz is starting!!!! :) Oh Liz left so fast.. Well it only has been 2 months since BobTodd died.


    TJ, Molly, and Stella: Hmmm Molly looks different.. Is it the hair? The lips? What is it?

    Stella and Jordan: Jurtis are over Stella!!! You have to accept it. Make room for Portia! :) Jordan sign the damn divorce papers already!

    Jax's home:

    Jax on the phone with Michael:

    Michael: You may have brought Nina back in Wiley's life, but you're out of mine.

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GO MICHAEL GO! :) Glad Michael hung up on him, because what you did Jax was disgusting!

    Jax and Nina: Nina there was no reason to visit Jax! No reason to hold his hand too!!!! Don't encourage him!!!! GAH!

    Sidenote: Did anybody see which dog won the Westminster dog show? It's a tribble!!!! Hahahahahaha.

    1. So, Nina tells Valentin she found someone in Nixon Falls, but she comes home and hold Jax's hand?????????

    2. "lindie says, So, Nina tells Valentin she found someone in Nixon Falls, but she comes home and hold Jax's hand?????????"

      YES!!!! Although she did look uncomfortable.

    3. She acts liked she loves Mike, but has never shown this in Nixon Falls. Or did I miss something?

    4. "lindie says, She acts liked she loves Mike, but has never shown this in Nixon Falls. Or did I miss something?"

      Yeah she is starting to have feelings for Mike. The way she acts towards him and when she said to herself, Nina what are you doing?! :)

    5. Sonya, you and I were really on the same page with this episode. Loved & laughed at BLQ's Billy Joel reference, was thrilled Mikey hung up on despicable Jax and smoothly changed the subject on Grandma Carly (lol!), loved Jordan calling Auntie Stella out on whatever she said to Portia and I really liked Bobbie with Maxie! :)

      Ahhh, the dog show. My friend called the winner "The Wig!" But yup, it sure was a Tribble! Rotflmao!!

  3. there are 0 strong women on GH. sorry Laura and Ava

    1. They kind of have destroyed Laura and Ava now too haven't they

    2. "lindie says, They kind of have destroyed Laura and Ava now too haven't they"

      No they haven't destroyed them. They are strong. They came together to take Cyrus down.

  4. Brook Lynn has Valentin's number about Anna.

  5. Did I read correctly that TERRY is the new chairman of the board ? I thought it wpuld be Cameron M char after. But I also read he doesn’t come
    Until September or icy? Plus I didn’t think staff could be on the board. Maybe it’s a crazy runt.

    1. I read a "could" "might" "maybe" article on a so called spoiler site where fans suggested that. Take it for what it is. Chairman of the board should go back to Monica for now until things are sorted out.


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