Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Graveyard Gabs


What a strange week on GH. Just "wrap-ups" and an explosion that came out of nowhere. We get the highs and now it's the build up to the next "big thing".  We didn't have a new show on Friday so it's a four-dayer. 

This should be short..but I say that a lot don't I?? 

"DEAD" OF THE WEEK:  The Port Charles Memorial Cemetery was a HUB !! Forget Coffee --let's go talk to dead people!!  Liz, Carly...Nina, Michael. Is there more going on with the dead than the living?  Sure seems like it. We have NOT Dead Sonny in there, Morgan, Nelle... Nathan AND Franco.  Nina talks to Nathan first and Michael wanders in. Does she tell him about Sonny? Nah..she talks to Nelle and justifies the whole ruse by saying Sonny is better off as Mike.  Um.. you keep telling yourself that. Not that I care mind you, I just want Nixon Falls dramaz to move to PC so I can quit bitching about it. 

SOAPY-SOAP POINT OF THE WEEK: Last time it was the whole "Michael puts on Willow's wedding ring". Now? Welp, Chase can't walk!! Who would have thought it. As a friend of mine and I said on twitter, the only MORE Soapy thing would be if he was blind!! Chase vows to walk to Willow for their wedding in the rose garden. Willow looks ill. Michael looks trapped in a glass jar trying to keep his tears from falling. 

TOTAL PROPPING OF THE WEEK:  Liz: I'm so sorry Carly!! Why didn't I believe in you? You absolute honest goddess!!!!  .. AND Carly got reassurance times ten from Jason about their 'unbreakable bond'. He told her to mind her beeswax about Britt but validated her place in his life three-fold. 

SWEAT OF THE WEEK: Jason and Britt box it out at the gym. This is important because it's moving them forward as a couple and also pissing Carly off. heh

THE MOST INSANE THING I'VE SEEN IN AWHILE OF THE WEEK:  So, there I am. Happily thinking Thursday's show is pretty boring and... inserted right in the middle of people talking is a GIANT explosion that looks like it took out 1/2 the city. I blinked. Because 1 second later, we are back in the gym where Carly and Jason are. I'm thinking that at any moment, the windows blow in? A noise? Something? NOPE!! It takes another minute and Jason's phone rings saying the docks blew up. Um... SIR!! I think the world imploded and you're all ...meh. It had to be the strangest thing I've seen on a soap in awhile. First of all, they used stock CGI from somewhere that showed a giant building blowing up (I thought it was the gym) in the middle of the night. That means after 9pm here. Yet there's a meeting going on in the hospital? People are in the graveyard in the daytime? What? 
That really could have been a powerful moment if the windows had imploded at the gym and Carly and Jason had to creep out of the rubble. OR if the explosion had happened in ANY different way.  This will lead to Jason and Carly doing something "drastic" which has to mean getting married.  I'll have thoughts on that if and when it happens.  Photo thx to: #GHGifs (follow on twitter, great recaps) 

WOKE OF THE WEEK: Wow..they even used "white savior" with Alexis!! As she and Sean meet in the library (dating spot at the jail), they figure out his judge Ms. Carson is basically giving different sentences to different races. The warden gets word of shennanigans down in the media center and sends the guards to get Shawn back in his cell. Alexis intervenes and gets thrown to the floor. Her wrist is heard snapping. Then she's hustled to isolation for putting hands on a guard. I like these two. Strange how it has to be constructed in a co-ed jail but, there ya go. 

UT OH OF THE WEEK: You know you were thinking:  Nope Maxie, Nope Nope Nope! 

PATHETIC OF THE WEEK: Michael. Always Michael. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK/WUBS FAVE: Oh wow. The Hospital!! Since Cyrus has vacated, Monica takes over as director. Where does that leave Britt? Not sure yet. And Terry threw her hat into the consideration as well. This was the best scene because it was all women!! I loved it! 


Dante's tracing phone records and pins and pings and tells Maxie the nurse is dead 

Chase's brother is again his brother and his grandfather is again his father 

And... his legs don't work from the waist down

Michael and Willow are sad. 

Avery's teddy bear starts talking in Ryan's voice

Maxie goes to see Louise at the Q house; calls her Louise 

Alexis gets hurt in jail and put into isolation 

Molly and TJ meet mean lady judge who praises Molly for her work in the DAs office 

Monica is now Chairperson of the Board and has to pick a Chief of Staff 

Britt and Jason box it out and get all flirty

Carly gets jelly; Jason reassures her she's important to him

Explosion takes out the docks 

Taggert and Curtis talk about Trina's grad party 

Elizabeth and Cameron apologize to Jason for thinking he killed Franco 

Cam apologizes to Josslyn 

EMMY NEWS:  Welp, GH won it all ! Series, Directing... and lead/supporting actors with Max Gail and Maurice Benard. I do wish one of our actresses had won but it was a big night for the show!! AND it was on Prime Time.... that's good news.

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK:  Anna and Valentin meet Austin, Look for Brad to return for a bit, Ava gets another jolt and Cam has his grad party. Get all the scoops on Diagnosis Daytime. 

WUBS TAKE: As rumors go, the Cam Mathison as Drew seems to be gaining speed. Will Jason and Carly marry to save the mob? Could be and it would open the gate when Sonny comes back to 'find' Nina. He'll still have no memory and Jarly will have to keep up the ruse somehow or the five families will smell blood. They really need to step up the teen scene. Ooofff. So so boring. Cam is usually apologizing for something and I don't think Trina or Joss have had dates their entire senior year.  I'm already missing Cyrus and Martin has been on in weeks. Hurry up on the Ava thing because it's getting tedious.  Oh, Genie's lighter hair looks amazing! 

How did you view the week? Did you think that explosion was the weirdest?? And I guess Monday we will get Friday's show due to the interruption. 
See ya later!! 


  1. As much as I like Cynthia Watros, I am not sure I buy here as Nina. It may be time to write the character off the show. Have Erica Kane buy Crimson, show up once or twice a year, and leave Maxie in charge the rest of the time.

    In fact, "GH" could save a lot of money by axing Nina (sorry), Jax and Sam.

    1. I never could get into Cynthia Watros as Nina. Sorry!

    2. Double agree. I wasn't found of Michelle Stafford either. Think I'd take her back now. Guess I never like Nina but thought she was cute sometimes with Franco

  2. I agree. Why must there be 2 fashion mags anyway? Maxi should run Crimson, the end. I can’t remember her magazine’s name even at the moment. Jax and Sam, formerly important to story, are not even secondary characters at this point. Anyone could do what they’re doing. Anyone could’ve blackmailed Michael. Spinelli could be looking for the baby and yelling at Dante every chance he gets. They are all disposable.

  3. 100%!!!! It is RIDICULOUS that she could run a HUGE magazine for MONTHS from Nixon Falls ------ it's time Nina leaves-----let Michael fine out and she leaves.....
    I like Greg and Jackie, but no storyline......Sam = bye bye too...… and I read that JAX will hook up with Britt???????sigh.....
    it's time to bring Spencer and hopefully Hayden out of hiding...
    it's BEYOND time for Mike to go back to Port CHarles with Lenny and Phyllis
    it's time for the writers to make a decision - DID we NOT hear Nicholas thanking the judge for denying Shawn's bail?????? and now it's about privilege? Don't start down one road and then change for political correctness....stay with ONE thing, but yes I DO agree Alexis will find out about the judge with Molly's help and lives will be saved and people will get out of jail and Alexis will have saved the world.....and get her license HOW LONG that takes we don't know....
    and I want Marty back...….

  4. Loved that the Emmy’s were on CBS this year, I hope it continues! It was odd to see GH win best show but only a few people in a room accepting. Also, so much complaining that they won over submitting the women’s suffrage episode but also so many people on my timeline absolutely hated that episode so I think it’s all just sour grapes. It’s amazing to see that picture of all the cast nominees (minus Max Gail) and think out of that group, only one took home the prize. Thank heavens for that Max Gail because The winner in that pic would not have carried it. Jack from Y&R looked more torn up in HIS Alzheimer’s storyline. And then to say he was told he was the star of the show? Lawd what a hot mess Monday on-set will be!

    Best part of Chase’s paralysis storyline was watching him move his legs under the blanket! Kept me entertained, unlike Willow and Michael.

    1. I saw Chase move his legs, too, great acting, just as they discussed his paralysis..

    2. Yes that was silly and I'm surprised that the crew didn't notice it to reshoot. A couple of weeks ago we watched Elizabeth's sneakers run DOWN the stairs every time to Peter's body each day at the top of the show as they developed and revealed a bit more of the scene each time of what was to happen. I the end they revealed the whole scene with Finn at the TOP of the stairs; so Elizabeth would have to run UP the stairs to encounter Peter's body, and then see Finn above after that.

    3. TOTALLY FORGOT to mention Chase's leg moves! LOL

  5. Missing Cyrus??? Are you feeling ok??? Well I was off and still didn't get to watch the awards cause my antenna kept cutting out so I gave up! I had hoped to see it on Hulu but might try Paramount app! Love that Monica is back! Hope that Britt doesn't resort to her wicked ways cause she's 'out'. I like Cameron Matheson but not for Drew. I'm sorry, I miss Billy.

  6. There is some strange writing(in the not so good way), I would agree with the dock explosion...honestly you or your regular contributors in helping you out here would write better stories blindfolded. There is just some weird stuff going on, intermixed with some good. Josh Swickard(Harrison Chase)for his past few weeks in the poisoning/now paralysis storyline I'll cut him some slack for his leg fidgeting under the sheets despite his character being paralyzed. But God, I hope when Chase finally finds out about Willow/Michael, he won't turn to the dark side in devastation, like doing the soapy thing and finding out he was lied to and continuing being paralyzed as a ruse to hold on to Willow. Whatever you do writers,do NOT prop up Michael at the expense of Chase.

    1. The upside of chase being paralyzed below the waist ? No sex with willow

  7. I think that they have already sacrificed Chase to the alter of St. Michael. Willow acting "mortified" to marry Chase has sealed it. This was once a great pairing (Willow and Chase) who really had chemistry and deep feelings, who I rooted for as a couple (even if a bit boring). But, then...Michael...Saint Michael....

    Chase will find out that Willow is in love with Michael. He will recover, but fake his paralysis, so he can stalk and obsess over Willow. He will probably gaslight Willow and Michael for months, terrorize them because of jealousy and then end up being caught and sent to jail or therapy in the end. Michael will be the limp-noodle hero once again.

    1. They always fake their paralysis or blindness for more time once they find out the person they love is in love with another. IT's been done so much LOL

  8. Thanks for another great SS! So much better than what was on our TV screens. Wubsy deserves an award for sure.
    I agree with Zak about Chase faking paralysis. Even though he can't keep his legs still for the few minutes he's on air. It will probably go on and on. I hope we are wrong.
    So happy that Max Gail and Maurice Benard won Emmy's. The fact that the stand alone episode about women's voting rights was submitted probably won GH the best drama award. GH does a fantastic job with their special episodes so why can't the ongoing dailies be as good?
    This week was blah but kudos to you, kdmask...for making it sound so much more interesting.
    Enjoy this sweltering Sunday!

    1. I have to be honest, even if it’s unpopular, I didn’t really care for that episode.

  9. And the award goes to......Karen.

    Thanks for great SS as always!!

    1. awww thanks it was a tough one to write.. the week wasn't that great!

  10. I just love the Emmy picture, and Trina looks absolutely beautiful. MB in sunglasses? Guess he thinks he's Jack Nicholson now.

    Wubsy, this was a great SS, thank you! I giggled about the out of no where explosion, too. I'm officially tired of the Webber's apologizing, and thoroughly sick of Carly.

  11. Anyone watch All My Children in the day? The actor who played Joe Martin for 40 years died at 93



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