Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Sad Michael


Lots of people on today!

Ned and Olivia talking about Brook's baby. She asks him to stay 

Brook tells Val that Chase is terminal and she's crying. Ned comes and hugs her. 

Willow tells Michael Chase is dying and she's marrying him. Aw, they are so so sad. 

Jason is home. Sees Carly at the Metro; Britt is there too. (looking hot). Jason notices Britt is trembling. Says he needs to talk to her in private. They talk. 

Maxie and Nina..Nina is so sorry about the baby. Maxie asks her why she was in Nixon Falls for so long. "Mike" calls and Maxie wants to hear the whole story. 

Sam and Dante are at the cabin that the nurse held Maxie captive at. OMG it's Franco Austin's house. He says he owns a lot of property around "Pawtuck". Calls them city slickers. Dante asks why there is a hidden camera in the house. 

Sonny and Phyllis. Since Elijah was arrested, their business has really increased. Sonny tells her she's his only family. She says he'll probably follow Nina now that she's in Port Charles. Phyllis tells him to call Nina. He does. 

Ava and Nik are drinking at the Metro. They get up to do something and the bartender gets a smile on his face when he sees Ava left her purse. He gives it back to her at the table where they are eating.  Or Ava does wonders if Liz could be stalking Nik. He's like No... Then she  thinks it's Britt? DUMB. He goes to talk to Britt. Jason is nasty with him. Says he almost foiled the plan with Cyrus. Then Nik talks to Britt and asks about her going to the property in upstate and how did she remember that? 


Austin gets a text about the emergency board meeting at ELQ 

the bartender took the key to Nikolas' room 

Carly sees Jitt holding hands


  1. No interest in Nina getting thrown under the bus just so Carly was be the hero UGH!

    I am interested in seeing what is up with Franco/Austin. I wonder if he is the new CEO, didn't Cyrus hire one after Britt went AWOL with Jason? And I am so hoping he is NOT connected to Sonny/Carly and crew. Make him connected to the Qs, the Webbers/Hardys, ANYBODY but Sonny/Carly.

    I was leaning toward a Val/BLQ pairing, but now I'm thinking more Anna/Val and BLQ/Chase.

    1. I agree Gary but Chase Needs to be a little more edgy for Brooklynn.

  2. it's beyond ridiculous that Nik and Ava don't think of Spencer HOWEVER would he know and be able to blackmail the bartender? THAT made me think of Hayden....Spencer couldn't come back in the country without Laura knowing about it? and money? and passport?????
    officially cannot stand Nina's character.....

  3. There is so much more chemistry between Britt and Jason in just a look than I've seen between most of the couples they've had together this season. Both really know how to act with their whole being.

    And I'm sorry, but call him what you may, "Austin" hasn't changed his acting style or even his walk, one little bit. I only see the 3 Rogers. It's making it really hard to get into his role.

    1. Yes, I thought that since day one of seeing "Austin" Di. Not working IMO. Will try to give it a chance

    2. Can't help but love that this will be in Snarlys face about Jasin and Britt!

    3. Agree with both comments! And Britt calling Jason Stone Cold? Hahahahah!

  4. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Phyllis: They hug!!! I want Maurice Bernard to hug me. :) I'm sorry, but I love that Phyllis is encouraging him to call Nina! :) Cus I like Nina and Mike together, and also so that people will find out that Sonny is alive! If he goes to see her! :)

    Port Chuckles:

    The cabin:

    Dante and Sam: I am getting tired of them. Can the animosity just stop please?

    Dante, Sam, and Austin: AUSTIN?!!?!!!??!! HUH?!!?!

    Austin: I do own this place.

    YOU DO?!!?!?!??!?!?!?! Okay I got very suspicious of this guy. And now we find out there is a hidden camera there!!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!! At first I thought he knew about the camera, but he really didn't. He waved at it! HAHAHAHAHA! Austin wins the line of the day.

    Austin: Shouldn't one of you at least pretend to be the good cop?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay he sounded like BobTodd. :) And the way he waved at the camera hahahaha! I can't believe that Dante kicked Austin out of his own house!!!!! Dante and Sam should have left!!! That was dumb and rude.


    Austin: Okay come on!!!! This is Austin Holt!!!! :) It has to be!! :)

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Nina: Great scene! Been meaning to say that I love Nina's outfit. It's just so cute and simple. :)

    Nina on the phone with Mike: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    The gatehouse:

    Mildew: So basically,

    Willow: I have to marry Chase.


    Willow: He is dying!

    Michael: I should be the one to marry him.

    Willow: Too late.

    Q home:

    Nedlia: Awwww a mom and dad scene. :) Love Olivia's red dress. She looks hot in red. Or is it pink? Hmmmm.

    Brooky and V.C.: Too bad he didn't hug her! :)

    Ned and Brooky: Awwww I love that he calls her Brooky and he hugs her awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Michael and Ned: Man Michael is pouting. Too late Michael you can't marry Chase!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jason and Carly: I'm surprised Carly didn't jump all over him when she saw him. :)

    Jason and Britch: I love Britch's outfit!!! :) Lov their scene! And love the look on Carly's face when she sees them together.. She is so jelly!!!! :)

    "Karen says Carly sees Jitt holding hands"

    Ohhhhh! You haven't called them Jitt in a long time. :)
    Nava: Awwww. Nik don't want to lose Ava! :) They are so precious!!! :)

    Britch and Nik: Great scene! :)

    Britch: I know nothing about your life now. And I like to keep it that way. Leave me alone.

    OH DAMN! MIC DROP! :) Go Britch! :) I looked it up they haven't been together for 7 years. Britch has changed Nik!

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    2. I can't agree enough about the animosity between Sam and Dante. So middle school and it makes stiletto Sammy look immature and so very childish. I will say that she isn't mumbling as much, so I will now call her Stiletto Sammy! :)

      Seriously, Michael and Willow are just miserable. Willow is a good crier, but sheesh, this story line is getting absurd!

    3. "Julie H says, I can't agree enough about the animosity between Sam and Dante. So middle school and it makes stiletto Sammy look immature and so very childish."

      YES! I agree! Very childish!

      "I will say that she isn't mumbling as much,"

      True, and I wish we had an edit button! :)

      "so I will now call her Stiletto Sammy! :)"

      Stiletto Sammy! ROFL! She does love her stilettos!

      "Seriously, Michael and Willow are just miserable. Willow is a good crier, but sheesh, this story line is getting absurd!"

      Yeah I hate this storyline. So boring too! Yes a very good crier, but damn she should be crying over Chase dying and still be in love with him, not cry over not being able to be with Michael! UGH!

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  6. And once again.....RoHo plays himself....just another quirky Todd Manning. I would love to have a job where your boss knows you have failed over and over again at selling a product (character) but still says HERE, let's try again, knowing full well you are a one-note actor. Yes, I said it and firmly stand behind it.

    1. I'll stand right behind you on that comment. And the stares he got from Maxie, Liz, and now Sam....couldn't one of them have said you look familiar?? It's insulting to the viewers. You know he's going to be paired with a leading lady. Will it be Snarly (again!) because "Mike" will come back to PC and end up being with Nina? Give me strength.

    2. I respect your opinion but Roger/Austin has had literally 10 plus lines as the the new character. Kind of early in the game to stereotype character. Also, what he is being asked to do isn’t very easy to do.

  7. While i admit bis style has been the same I disagree that he is a failure. That was a little harsh. He has a fan following with each role including the Franco character anx Friz coupling. I am happy to see him on my screen and welcome him vs. another newbie actor.

    1. He has a fan following who loved him as Todd and, of course, they're following him and are happy because he's still playing the same character. I'm happy for all the OLTL fans who still have their character but this is GH and he's ruining our show.

    2. He has a lot of fans. I respect that.

    3. I’m glad he’s back. Love him!

    4. He is NOT ruining GH. The writers are ruining the show. This cast of fine actors are trying to do the best with what they have. Yes, I am a big RoHo fan. OLTL was so much better than GH is now. Sorry.

  8. I actually really like RoHo. I never watched OLtL so he is a breath of fresh air. I think what Gh needs to do is get rid of tired characters like Sam and maybe Jax. It seems like RoHo is playing a Quartermaine.

    1. Completely agree. I have never seen a single episode of OLTL, but Roger Howarth is probably my favorite actor on GH.

      Also, Sam, Jax and either Willow or Sasha (pick one) should go.

  9. I don’t understand why Felicia isn’t with Maxie. Or at least mentioned like She just went to get coffee. Or she is in the kitchen. I thought Kristina was back at work. A mother would be with her daughter 24/7

    1. I agree about Felicia. If the actress doesn't want to come back. Be mentioning her. If the actress does want to come back, get her back already people.

  10. I still think Roger Howarth is going to be aj quartermaine. monica sent him away for rehab. he is interested in michael

    1. Wouldn't someone recognize him if he's AJ? Well it is General Hospital though

    2. How would he be a doctor? That would make no sense.

  11. At the start of the show it shows someone dressing, tucking a gun in his belt and putting on his black leather jacket. Then they show Jason exiting a room. A scene or two later he walks into the Metro in a black t-shirt, all casual. WTH was that? Anyone else notice that?


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