Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Back to Port Charles.


WILLOOOWW and Chase. Ugh least Finn has a cure, I HOPE. Liz calls Jackie to come to the hospital. Big explanation about the toxin, Tiffany Hill...DNA yada yada. We need DNA from both parents for his immune system.  I think the point of this is to show that Chase isn't Finn's son.  They give him the injection and hope for the best. So, it won't work and then they'll have to figure out why and.... you know, DNA switch by Cyrus. 

Jax blackmailed Michael into letting Nina see Wiley.  Nina has to choose between dimples and Wiley.  She's going to Port Charles. Sonny is sad.  Sonny says he'd go but he's sure that Wiley's dad wouldn't want him to meet a stranger. 

Maxie and Anna. Anna says it's her priority in finding Louise and Maxie says NO! She says to be careful is all. Then Dr O comes in. Is concerned about her. Britt asks where the baby is and Maxie says the nurse kidnapped her. 
Britt asks about the plan when they are alone. Maxie said it fell apart when the nurse drugged her. 

Dr O tells Anna she's going to help find the baby. BUT FIRST they go to a "smash room" and smash up things. We have them in Rochester now. You put on safety stuff and just smash the crap out of things LOL The reason for it all is that Anna "lost herself" and in order to find Peter and the baby she has to find herself first. 

Ava and Nikolas get a dagger in the mail. We all know it's Spencer. Yawn. Dante comes to Wyndemere and is saying it's low priority. Ava's all upset. "You'd help if it was someone you were close to"! Dante thinks someone might be targeting Nikolas, not Ava "someone who wants it him all to himself" .  Anyway, Dante tells them they are in danger-- and to split up and get off the island. 


Chases' nose is bleeding and he passes out and seizes. 


  1. WHY isn't Nik thinking of Spencer? Cause there are SO many cameras on Spoon Island - look at cameras!
    Yep, Chase is NOT Finn's son .

    1. "Mufasa says, Yep, Chase is NOT Finn's son."

      Crap! CRAP! :( I love their father son dynamic. :(

  2. "Smash rooms" are for real? Stupidest thing I've ever seen.
    Hope the sick Chase not being Finn's son is over soon.
    The spin-off is very soapy but I still think Nina is beyond despicable. And with some of the horrible things done on GH she might be the winner. IMO. Smike walking into a room filled with his "loved ones" could make it all okay.

    1. Yes, I am angry I didn't think of it first! Rent some space - throw in junk and people PAY to tear it up - LOTSA money in it! LOL

  3. My favourite part of today was the little backwards dance from Anna at the smash room. lol And I'm so glad that TPTB seem to be going to bring the old Anna back.

    I'm sure Spencer is clever enough to put those cameras on a loop while he does his dirty work.

    Hopefully Finn will finally go check the other DNA test that he sent out and this farce with him being the dad will be over.

    And hopefully this farcical relationship between Chase and Willow will end soon too.

    Maybe Nina will gift the spaghetti sauce to someone and they'll finally notice it's just like Sonny's. lol

    1. Remember Trina has the sauce too!

    2. I'm sure she ate that long ago. lol

    3. OR the writers have forgotten about it - I TRULY thought she would take that jar into the moss kitchen and open it in front of Joss and Carly......otherwise WHY even do it?

    4. I think that still may happen, it's just taking awhile to get there.

  4. also is Maxie not gonna tell Britt that Brook Lynn has the baby?

    1. She was in on the plan. Key word being was. These details do sometimes disappear for plot confusion.

    2. Also the less people who know about it the better.

    3. I know - that is what threw me off - unless Maxie is gonna tell her later - it was like she was not going to tell her - weird.

    4. Maybe because she wasn't in on the change she decided it was best not to impLicate her. AFTER ALL THERE ARE GOING TO BE RePERCSSIONS WHEN THE TRuTH COMES OUT.

      Sorry. Caps locked. Not yelling. Blame it on heat exhaustion.

    5. That is so funny - I thought 'why is she yelling" LOL

    6. lol I looked up from my keyboard and said..."Why is my computer yelling?"

    7. Did Britt know about Brooke Lynne? I don't pay full attention, but if she was part of the plan, Britt would notice a never pregnant woman raising a child?



      "Sorry. Caps locked. Not yelling. Blame it on heat exhaustion."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You win! I'm dead!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

    9. Exactly patrix. Britt did know, right?

    10. I was confused too, Mufasa. I can't keep up!
      Di, you killed me, lol!

  5. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO Mountain bar:

    Mike and Nina: Oh yes Nina go see Wiley and don't forget to bring the sauce! Where people can recognize it and automatically think Sonny is alive!!! :) Whatever happened to Trina's sauce? Hmmm. Anyway love the kiss before she left. :) Oh Nina why did you have to call Jax?! UGH!

    Port Chuckles:


    Michael and Jax: YES JAX YOU ARE NO LONGER FAMILY WITH MICHAEL!!!! Someone on soap central website said they want Jax to walk in on Sonny and Nina having sex! :) Jax would deserve it. I agree! Now I want that to happen!!! Jax so deserves everything he gets from what he just did to Michael!! But I bet Mike will follow Nina to Port Chuckles just to surprise her and someone will see him. Jax you heard Michael! GET OUT!!!!


    Nava and Dante: No Ava it's not Ryan! It's Spencer!! He better NOT be a recast or I will be so mad!!!

    The hospital:

    Britch and Dr. O: Sorry Britch no banners or balloons or a party to welcome you back. :( I just love their dynamic so much! :)

    Dr. O and Anna: Anna punching that elevator button like it's Hiney. Dr. O wants to help? GREAT! :)

    Maxie's room:

    Maxie and Anna: No of course Maxie doesn't want Anna to go find her daughter. Just let it go Anna!!!

    Maxie, Dr. O. and Britch: Awwwwwwww! YAY FAMILY! :)

    Finchy's office:

    Fincy, Jackie, and Liz: DNA? Well... Okay. Let's put mommy and daddy's DNA inside Chase.

    Chase's room:

    Finchy, Chase, Liz, Jackie, Michael, and Willow: Man that yellow stuff in the bag looks like pee. Mommy and daddy gave Chase their pee. Oh crap it didn't work!! Chase is seizing NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :( The pee isn't working! Michael give him YOUR pee!!!!

    Smash Therapy:

    "Karen says We have them in Rochester now."

    Yup we do! I've always wanted to go to one!!! Looks like so much fun! :)

    Dr. O and Anna: FUN FUN FUN! GREAT SCENE!!!! I love it! :) That thing to hold all the weapons says, CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS OF RAGE! Hahahahahahaha! That would have won the line of the day, cus that was funny, but Anna wins it.

    Anna: Yeah I may have to get a membership to this place.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes you should! :) I want to see more scenes with people going to this place!! :) I love that Dr. O brought up that Anna lost herself! We have been saying that!!!!! I love the fist bump they did together. :) Are they friends now? :) Have the Tribbles gone to that place? I bet they would have a mossy ball! :)

    1. Wonder if Anna has her brain back now. She used to be so bad ass

    2. Am I allowed to say that on here?

    3. "lindie says, Wonder if Anna has her brain back now."

      I hope so!!!!

      "She used to be so bad ass"

      Yeah she was!!!

      "lindie says, Am I allowed to say that on here?"

      I don't see why not! :) I mean I said the yellow thing in the bag looked like pee! ROFL!

    4. Well you win the line of the day about pee! As you say...I'm dead, lol!

      I'm done with Jax. I'm now hoping (like you) he sees Sonny and Nina having the zex! I do have to say that was the most animated I've seen Michael in quite a while. And I mean that as a compliment!

      Dr. O and Britta are the best. And yes, please let this mean that Anna has her brain back and will return to being a bad ass! :)

    5. "Julie H says, Well you win the line of the day about pee! As you say...I'm dead, lol!"

      ROFL! It sure did look like it didn't it? :)

      "I'm done with Jax. I'm now hoping (like you) he sees Sonny and Nina having the zex!"

      YES!!! :) That's the only reason I want them to have the zex!

      "I do have to say that was the most animated I've seen Michael in quite a while. And I mean that as a compliment!"

      Yeah that's true! I enjoyed him kicking Jax out it was fantastic! :)

      "And yes, please let this mean that Anna has her brain back and will return to being a bad ass! :)"


  6. I realize that the PCPD is incompetent but I see no police swarming looking for Peter. Nor looking at camera footage because Peter didn’t have the cameras locked or anything. Jordan has never said let’s at camera surveillance to see if he left the hospital. This is the kinda stuff that drives me nuts

    1. Me too mufasa. Cameras, finger prints, DNA etc.

    2. And a police commissioner that kicks down a door while the SWAT team is standing around doing nothing. Drives me nuts too.

      I get they don't want to pay for extras but they could at least have mentioned that they were going floor to floor searching and checking video.

      I wonder if GH has a furnace in the basement. lol Maybe they dragged Peter down there.

  7. Random thought: I have to say that I personally think Curtis is the best looking guy on GH. Just random thought of the day.

    1. lol I have random thoughts like that all the time. lol

    2. Agreed he is gorgeous! Had to ffwd. Nixon Falls stuff. what Jax did was self serving, but Michael is such a mamas boy. Love Anna and Dr. O! Maxie has had those false eyelashes from labor and still has them.

  8. I think we're in the phase right now where we are transitioning into some new storylines. We are at the place where the writers and producers are reacting to popular demand -- Petey gettin' gone, Nixon Falls wrapping up, and Maxie and Anna getting their mojo back.


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