Monday, February 26, 2018


Payphone. Can the wardrobe department go to DSW and get the ladies on this show some damn boots? And NOT Sam-type boots either. Carly standing the snow on the side of the road, in HEELS? SO stupid. And, PS...set people THERE IS NO GREEN HERE UNLESS IT'S PINE TREES. Ummm kay? 
Jason finds some homeless guy who says he saw someone use the phone and it was a 'dude'--ergo-- Nelle probably paid him off.  
Carly tells Jason more about Morgan's death. There's way too much Morgan talk in this episode. 

Charlie's Pub. Joss is being a bitch to Jules. Brad comes in to tell him that he and Lucas are adopting.  They want Jules to say he has nothing to do with the family. 

Joss gets shoes from Nello-- Hellooo Nello. She thinks her mom might be mad.  oh BOOM! Nelle wants to name her baby Morgan?? AHAHAA. One point for Nelle.  Joss tries to talk her out of it. Nell's not saying anything. She does want Joss to go to her baby shower. Joss says yes. 

Oscar needs to be the trans person. Or at least Genderfluid. That's the only way it can go and make me care. 

Mike is at the PCPD. Sonny's trying to get him out of jail. TELL ME THAT'S NOT HARRY CHASE. Please. With all the people in all world-- with all the 'looks' in LA -- you choose THIS guy? Nothing against clean-cut princely white guy but COME ON. 
Sonny begs for Mike to be let go for the night. Dante finally comes in. Dante finds out Mike has Alzheimer's.  Sonny leaves. Dante promises to stay with Mike all night. Dante gets mad at the new guy for not being nicer. 

Sonny goes home and tells Carly and Jason. Really good stuff from Maurice. A change of material makes a difference. 

Ava and Griffin. Ava: "I love you". Griffin: "ummm" This is so BORING!!  

ENDING: yep..Nelle paid off that guy with a case of Vodka lol 


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  2. Phone booth:

    Stranger, Carly, Dante and Jason: Oh look it's Jesus! Oh wait... Hmmm I was thinking this guy is SO lying!!!! Come on now!! Carly where are your instincts?! Dante where are yours?!?!?!! What did Janey do? Pay him money?

    Carly and Jason: SO SAD!!!!! :(

    Stranger and Janelle: I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Police station:

    Chase and Sonny: Man this Chase guy looks just like Griffy, and his voice sounds like him too!!!!! Man Chase is really cruel!!! Great scene though. Maurice Bernard is so killing this scene!

    Chase and Dante: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH DANTE! You tell that jerk!!!

    Ava's art gallery:


    Ava: I love you.

    Griffy: I'm flattered.

    OUCH! Oh great now Griffy is insecure?!?!!?! Actually this was a really great scene besides all that.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Joss and Julian: Oh come on! Why do people go to Julian's place of business and are rude to him?!?!! JUST DON'T GO TO HIS BUSINESS GAH!

    Joss and Janey: Oh man! Joss, Janey is SO manipulating you!!! Wake up!!

    Brad, Joss, and Julian: Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: A prison stint will do that to you huh?


    Brad and Julian: GAH! Where is Lucas?!?!?!?! He should be there!!!!!

    Carson home:

    CarSason: GAH! SAD! Maurice Bernard killed it again!

  3. Karen, ANY talk about Morgan for more than 30 seconds, is far too much. Since it's almost ALWAYS a completely inaccurate description about what he was REALLY like.


  4. KT4GH said...

    Max Gail is KILLING it!!!

    ** Today was the first time I was glad Ron Hale decided to retire several years ago. If I had seen him going through everything that went on today, that would have been VERY hard to watch. Since I've loved him since is RH days.


  5. Ron Hale was the man for sure - great actor and damn I do miss Ryan's Hope. Max Gail is a good recast though and Sonny having to deal with something other than mob is refreshing. There's still so much to get pissed off about GH though - lots of missed opportunities and mistakes the last few months with storylines and characters...Also, I will not forgive what they did to Genie Francis and Laura this time around.

  6. Fast forwarded through the whole show - just not that intriguing right now. Max Gail is doing great, though. For anyone who watches B&B, is it just me or is Ingo not great there? I loved him as Jax but as Thorne he makes the same annoying facial expressions constantly and the moustache makes him look rather seedy.

  7. What exactly is your problem with clean cut white guys? You've bashed them for years and it's getting old. Militants like you should be banned from blogging. Peace-out white girl.

  8. Yorkie Mom said...
    What exactly is your problem with clean cut white guys?

    *** Don't you know that they're the new target these days. Them and old white men. They're bashed on all the sites. Try substituting brown or black for either of them and watch how many people yell racist. I personally like clean cut guys of any color. I much prefer them over the guys with the uncombed hair and scruffy faces.

  9. Oh Yorkie MOM-- you kill me. I guess I like my soaps to look like real life. I'm tired of every guy looking like Dillon--or Nathan...or Michael...or Griffin... or Julian.. or or or... I mean OSCAR? Out of all the kids EVER?? they LOOK THE SAME
    So...peace out YorkTown.

    And-- "the new target" yeah--sorry, I've been bitchy about this for many years. Remember the Ford Brothers? I'd rather have interesting non-catalog people on. Sue me.

    I don't remember bashing old white MEN--- I love the cast of Mike.

    Oh how I've missed this!

  10. kd, I've never ever heard you bashing old white men. It was a general statement about many of the sites I've been on. I like the clean cut look but I've always found Dillon rather bland in terms of personality; the same with Michael. As for the new guy, Chase, he has that model look that the powers that be seem to like in their male characters. I'm sure we'll see him shirtless soon.

  11. You're nothing but a blathering liberal who is intolerant of anyone with a varying or an opposing opinion. So hell yeah, I'll call you out when you speak in negative tones about ANY race. It goes both ways so deal with it. And no, I don't have to read your blog. You used to be an insightful and witty writer, but people like you have let politics absorb every aspect of their lives. I get it though, you're not used to the "other side" fighting back. Well guess what!!

  12. Yorkie Mom - jesus christ, lady you are looking for a fight. Why not cast a some more non-white folks in the few remaining daytime shows left? I agree with kd, the new cop is a BLAND, uninteresting white guy. And I say that as a straight white guy! LOL

  13. LSV422 said.

    For anyone who watches B&B, is it just me or is Ingo not great there? I loved him as Jax but as Thorne he makes the same annoying facial expressions constantly and the moustache makes him look rather seedy.


    ** I hadn't even noticed the mustache somehow, oddly. But yeah, having watched B&B from day 1, when I read the news they were going to recast Thorne with Ingo, I knew he was totally wrong for the part. I love him too, but he just doesn't fit the role at all, to begin with...He's too..flashy and VERY outgoing. Two qualities that are about as opposite for Thorne as you can get. I've no idea why they did the recast. Having Thorne back has been one of my biggest "wants" for a couple years now. And Winsor Harmon as Thorne 2.0 was fantastic. I do think Thorston Kaye also needs to go to an E,N&T doctor, his voice is so shredded he's even harder to understand than KM is on GH. But yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Ingo was wrong for the role. I LOVE Jax, but the two characters are pretty much polar opposites.


  14. Yorkie Mom... I appreciate your comments... but I fail to see how wanting more diverse people on a show as "political"?? But, you be you. Just don't tell me people like me "shouldn't blog". Because. Welp.

    Have a good one...I'll be out fighting the militant white girl fight. I need a good wardrobe tho, no? Boots and a Tam?

  15. Hey MWG, I'm sure you have tons of boots and tams from which to choose. How about a snappy ultra feminine pink tam. Or perhaps one of your pu$$y hats that you wore at one of the marches?