Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Foot Rubs

May all of our Mamas comfort us like Ava does Kiki

In a week where our show was interrupted by horrific news, I was considering not posting a recap today because it all seems so pointless. Acting as if yet another tragedy hasn't happened hardly seems right. Life never stops for these things--although it feels like it should. I'll be brief... 


The Mike Story:  Yes, it's about Sonny's fam again-- but at least it's something far different than the mob. I thought the scenes of him in Kelly's were great. Mike has a history on the show and the fact he's been gone so long can play into the memory story. When he was confronted by Sonny about 'working' there, the beats were perfect. The hospital part was great as well-- very true to life. Maurice and Max Gail work well together and they seem so natural. Loved the CarSon talk about his failing "cognitive skills" back at the house. I'm interested to see where this goes. 

Maxie's Rage/Nathan's Death:  Yep.. I like that Maxie is holding Lulu accountable for things and Lulu's reaction to it (basically I'm sorry but not sorry). Watching Maxie climb through this will be a great story --and I'm glad Nina is attached to it. 

Pay Phone Nelle:   Hmmm, not sure her "plan" but she's basically Carly back in the day.  The pull-in of Monica and playing off her OG Carly-hate is perfect. "I'm giving Nelle a shower" she says. Heh. Oh, Carly-- you're going to have flashbacks to your shower at the Q mansion, aren't you? What a disaster that was!  I like the position of Ava in all this. I'm wondering if Nelle will end up living in her apartment. 

Drew's Backstory: Kim told him how they met-- and he 'saved' her from a groper in a bar. I want to know about Drew but-- HURRY. IT. UP.  And just have him remember--forget the "disco ball" angle ok? Please? Thanks. 


Faison's Will:  So, Jason and Drew need to fight to the death to get answers. Yawn. Whatever. Unless they stab each other in the face, I don't even care. The will reading was--?? I mean, it was fun that Diane was there I guess, but as usual Drew acts as charming as Oscar the Grouch, Sam gives eyeballs to Jason and Jason..well, he's the Borg.  Anna talking under her breath was cute--and I wonder what she's getting. Britt got sandbags--heh. Other than that? Meh.

The Faison-Anna Baby:  Oh boy--or girl---or boy.  I'm just all confused by this. Why would Anna be thinking about this now? Is it because she heard about Heinrick? Or??? And wouldn't this have been the story to do with Valentin in the first place? Instead of all that hunchback biz? Anna's now obsessed with finding a child she didn't want in the first place because of Faison-- who's all grown and (in her mind) oblivious to all of this. Is Valentin lying about it being a girl and not Heinrick? Of course he is. Do I want Anna to find out Heiny is her kid? Nope. Why would I?  Now I did like the Anna-Dr. Maddox prison visit therapy session. They are just good together. I don't see that happening on the regular so? Meh. 


Dr. Bensch. Listen, I get JDP is a good actor, but I've never gotten where they are going with this guy. First he's a weird robot type geek-doctor with leering eyes at Kiki. Then, he's a nice guy cooking Turkey dinner for Alexis. Then he disappears for months. I guess James was doing a play in NYC but I tell you what-- get actors that can commit to at least X-amount of running time, ok??  I don't care about him. You didn't make me care about him and now he's all of a sudden back on canvas. Bye. 

Oscar and The Bully:  So, seems we have a transgender student at Kiki and Oscar's school--but WE HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN them. Oscar gets into a fight with a bully and gets a black eye defending the other kid. BUT WE DIDN'T SEE IT.  Do I care? That's a giant NOPE.  By the time you do introduce the character (or not) I'll be over it. So...

Alexis is Regular Patron at Charlie's Bar:  Yes, this is a total WTF moment. Julian is there. Booze is there. The TWO things she should be avoiding. But--here we are, whoops! Finn doesn't know and takes her there! Whoops! The election something is being held there. Whoops! Town meeting there. I get you're wanting them to 'run into each other' but, seriously? And-- The Kim thing? Cute but..meh. Finn and Alexis are fun but only as friends. 

The Rabbit's Foot Saga:  Just take the whole "When we were three I threw you  down the stairs" and bag it. Just bag it. Thanks.

CUTE OF THE WEEK:  Anytime Avery can give Daddy something, it's adorable because I love Mo and these actresses. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Yep-- I'm choosing this. Yes, the Maxie stuff was great but Liz telling Jason to move on was just perfection. She was confident, cool and collected. "people change"-- get over it. It was refreshing not to have her being all "torn in two" over her past love for him and her present. I know Liason people don't want to hear it but this totally showed Liz with  growth (which is hard to say for hardly any other characters on this show!) 

FACE OF THE WEEK: It's been awhile but that up there is an instant  classic. 

TAKE AWAYS:  Not too much. Ava's still Jelly of Kiki,  Friz' wedding will be at the Gallery, JaSam read a book with Danny. Monica still doesn't like Carly, Mike's losing it, Bensch is back, Alexis is laughing it up with Finn while Jules thinks Kim is just so cute.  Faison left a will -- Dr. Maddox is receiving patients at the clink. The whole Charles' Street thing has really evaporated. They didn't play the Mean Owner of the apartment building fast enough and TJ and Molly are MIA so again...Meh.  I'll give a nod to the writers tho because the whole thing was thrown off course by TIIC letting Genie go.  

That's it!  Have a good week. Be kind. Help someone that needs it. Let kids know they are valued, even if they aren't your kids. You never know when something little might make a difference. 

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