Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Militant White Girl

First off, thank you so much for calling me militant. At my age it's just a compliment. Secondly, let me explain something to you. I've watched soaps since the beginning day ONE of AMC. Every soap star male looked the same. Same hair, same chiseled face...same ol' same ol. When Jesse came on I was so happy to see some diversity! I lived in an entirely white town. I saw these people ALL.THE TIME. I knew other types of  were out there so when they came to the soaps, it was wonderful.  OLTL always cast unique looking people. Luna was not a traditional beauty nor was Todd. Back then, if someone looked anything but middle of the road white-bread, they were  the bad guys. Even if someone had 'longer hair' they were a bit on the 'edge'.  

Soaps have the opportunity to mirror society. Soaps also have the stage to have all types of people on. When OLTL featured an Indian couple it was grand!  GH has a cast the size of a small city. Having yet another character on that looks like all the rest is just disappointing. 

I'm not making them a target-- (or old white men that I know of) but I am one to bring up the fact that daytime could do WAY BETTER in the casting department when it comes to giving us a variety. 

Have a great one. It's always a pleasure. 
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