Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Shooting the Messenger

Well, here we are!!
This has been a box-standard "Soapy Reveal" and yet-- I'm not satisfied. Maybe it was TOO MUCH by the book? Not sure but yesterday didn't put the Thrilla in Manilla! 

Willow and Chase to go Kelly's and see Brad and Wiley coloring. Willow's probably going to want Wiley back since Sasha's gone, right? 
Nelle calls Brad and needs him to come see her NOW. He says he can't because Lucas is gone ..she says "GOOD! BRING WILEY"! He's like, nope, I'll find someone to watch him. 
CHillow watch Wiley. YEP..Willow's getting attached. 

Wedding: NO one believes Lulu. Nina wants Sasha to tell everyone she's her daughter but never lets her answer. They all trash Lulu. Even Maxie is like "Lulu, don't ruin the wedding"!

They go round and around. Finally Sasha says "I'm sorry Nina, I'm not your daughter"..She says. 
Good follow up scenes, you need to watch. Nina slowly realizes Sasha was faking it. She's getting angry --and talks between her teeth. Valentin is still playing stupid. "I think Lulu's lying but ask Sasha what's going on"!! LOL derp. 
OH WOW......CYNTHIA BRINGS IT...wow..wow..she rips off the necklace and yells at Valentin and runs from the church..into JAX's arms ! (he's just getting there) "Take me away from here" she yells!! 

Curtis is like: Um, I vetted her! Jordan is like: well, she had help! 

oh NOW Maxie says this!! NOT when Lulu needed her!? 
They find out Michael knew and he takes Sasha out.
Maxie bitches to Lulu about what she heard "Sasha NEVER SAID that Lesil and Valetin knew".. GOD !! Then when Dr. O comes in Maxie asks her but then Val storms back in and bitches at Lulu too!! 

Dr. O tells Maxie she didn't know and goes to find Nina. Maxie tells Peter "There can never be any secrets between us"
Valentin STILL bitches at Lulu "You ruined my wedding, Charlotte doesn't have a step mother now"..YOU WILL REGRET THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! 

Ryan and Ava. He asks what happened to her hand. She says a broken glass. HE says "you have nothing on me" LOL Cause his hand is gone, get it?? Hand jokes ensue. She puts up a bunch of letters he wrote her and tells him to stop.  I LOVE these two. I don't even care he's a serial killer. 
Ava says that she can't make him stop and the law says it's his free speech. He's like, yet here you are, yourself--telling me in person. Hmmmmm..
They talk, Ava tells him about the online trash talking and how it's killing her. She wants him to stop. He says he understands her like no other, not even her new therapist. She looks terrible and when she was with him..she was GLOWING and ALIVE! 
She leaves.
Ryan sees Nelle in the hall. She tells him she has a good lawyer and should be out soon. He says when you get out, remember me, I may need a favor. 


Brad goes to see Nelle. Nelle says she found out that Michael is seeing Sasha and Carly texted him a photo of her with Wiley and THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, GOT IT, BRAD?? She wants him to write a letter saying her hormones were all over the place during that time and she had behavioral changes. He's going to do it! 

Oh I think my soapy veins detect that she's going to get out!! 

NOTE: Varni tweeted that the new Head Writing team's stuff starts showing up in November 


  1. Brad is a LAB TECH. A letter from him would not mean anything in court. Nelle needs a doc to blackmail for the letter she needs. I know they are gonna bring her back, but I wish it wasn't so. I am so tired of the sickos on the show.

    1. You and me both. I was hoping they'd finish up these stories before the new writers came. We don't need sickos and psychos on the show nonstop.

    2. Yup,no lab tech would hold that kinda weigh at a parole hearing for a psychopathic, sociopath like Nelle! Can't stand when they insult our intelligence with crap like this but it's actually just part of the half a** writing they've been doing. Even Nelle & Ryan talking in the flippin hallway!! Cmon!! At least try to be a little true to life! Its like they're in a country club prison! GMAFB!

    3. not me--she's got a BIG HUGE secret and she's delightful in the vein of Heather Webber, Janet and Lindsay on OLTL. I love Chloe!! Plus, anything to make Michael not feel good lol

  2. IMO the outing of this lie fell totally flat. And please shut up Maxie. Anybody else notice a Dr. O snafu? She said to Maxie she would never tarnish the memory of "Nathan and your sister". I listened twice.
    KD said that Nina ripped off her necklace. I didn't see that. In fact isn't she still wearing it with Jax? CW was just eh, but she tried.

  3. WHY would they bring back Nelle full-time? There is SO much that could happen when Lucas hears the truth and so many different characters interacting -----don't bring back NELLE!!!!!!
    Maybe Jax and Nina have a chance - I don't like him all pompous around Sonny.....
    I also thought Lulu looked dreary - her hair - but she needs to be really scared of Valentin ---------- JPS isn't leaving the show is he? Just wondering if Nik comes back and Nina is with Jax, he'll have no storyline. SURELY Nina won't be pregnant!!!!!!!!!
    now Sasha can leave, too.........

  4. Just finished watching from my DVR& & did not see Nina rip off her necklace either& she was wearing it in her scene w/ Jax. Are we seeing different versions? GH airs@3pm here in NYC , so that's when it was taped.

    1. Nina ripped off Sashas, since she is not her daughter.

    2. thanks Michelle, I probably didn't explain well in my hasty blog writing lol

  5. Asshat! Charlotte doesn't have a Stepmother because of YOU VAL! How dare he blame Lulu! I wanted to slap everyone there blaming Lulu! Just stfu!
    So glad Jax came along. I wanted them together from the beginning when he came back so I'm all for it! Take that Val!
    Why the Hell does Ava keep running to Ryan?? I don't wanna hear letters....she can burn those, is he her drug? She need a fix? Well she needs rehab....
    Wiley and Willow were cute, I wish she would find out her baby is dead. It's so hard to watch these 2. The older he gets...the harder it's going to be.

    1. I know I got seriously heated when all that was happening in the church! And of course smitty little Charlotte will blow up at LuLu too! And MAXIE!! I was feeling bad about how her world is about to blow up but not so much now with how she was acting towards LuLu today. I'm glad she's not my BF! I agree about Ava but was a little optimistic when she left the letters and talked about her new therapist. I'm hoping Nelle pushing Brad pushes him closer to the edge. Especially since she never answers him about what will happen with Wiley when she gets out.

  6. Kelly's:

    Chillow: Sweet kisses. :) Oh hello Jonah and Brad! Oh bye Brad see you later. Sure they can watch Jonah. Oh oh Willow wants Jonah back? You can't it's too late!!! Oh good glad she decides not to. When Willow says I am your mother, baby Jonah smiles! :) Awwww!


    Rava: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! :) Ahem Ryan wins the lines of the day.

    Ryan: Do you read them by candle light? Does it keep you warm at night? Not Ava in the garden of good and evil. Ava, in the garden of ONLY evil.


    "Karen says I LOVE these two. I don't even care he's a serial killer."

    Yeah I don't care either. I love them together too! They need to be together. I want more scenes with them! :)

    Ryan and Nelle: Ohhhhhhh. Deliciously soapy!! :)

    Brad and Nelle: Karen I love that Parry Shen follows you on twitter, and made a comment about this scene to you!!! Hahaha! :) Do you think she bought it? ROFL! Hysterical! :)

    The church wedding:

    "Karen says This has been a box-standard "Soapy Reveal" and yet-- I'm not satisfied. Maybe it was TOO MUCH by the book? Not sure but yesterday didn't put the Thrilla in Manilla!"

    ROFL! Yesterday the reveal sucked!!! It was so slow!! Everytime they showed a commercial, they didn't get back to the scene!!!! GAH! That's why it fell flat!!!

    Nina and Sasha: Sasha speak up you bitch! Don't leave Lulu out there to dry!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY!!!!! Sasha spills!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Great scene!!! Nina's voice got deeper the angrier she got!!! I was waiting for her to take off Sasha's half heart necklace!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAND SHE DID!!!!! HA! :) Stupid V.C. lies!!! Dr. O lies too!!!! I was waiting for V.C. to stutter. He didn't.

    The gang and Lulu: DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!! And Maxie, SHUT UP! Come on Michael! They want to know the truth! They have a right to know!!! Don't just leave with Sasha! GAH! Michael is so OOC!!!!! Lulu you better run!!!!! V.C. is going to come after you!!!!! You need to go to the witness protection program!!!

    Maxie and Hiney:

    Maxie: Promise we there will never be any secrets between us?

    RA RO!

    Lulu and V.C.:

    V.C.: You destroyed the woman I love in the process.


    Jax and Nina: Yeah get her out of there!!! She needs you Jax!!!

    Jax's home: HE GOT A HOUSE!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh look two surfboards hanging!! I wonder if he has tribbles in his house. :) Give us a tour of your house Jax!!! Do you have tribbles in the kitchen? Or in your bedroom? :)

    Jax and Nina: Awwww great scene!!! So glad he is there for her.. I really like the dress on Nina. It's so pretty.

  7. I really thought Cynthia did a great job too! My heart was breaking for her and I so wish I was there to slap the spit out of Valentins lying,smarmy mouth! Especially when he was talking to LuLu! And I'm guessing he'll poison
    Charlotte's mind about Lulu too. Hopefully, when she explains to her why she did it she'll understand. Loved it when Nina ran into Jaxs arms! It was a great soapy moment! And I like the whole dynamic between those two! I think they would be a great couple! I could care less about Nelle being inserted back into the story and possibly getting out. I think the story can be finished successfully without her. Wonder if Brad will write the letter? Ar this point he's screwed if he does and screwed if he doesn't! She never answered him when he asked what will happen with Wiley if she gets out. The only reason he has him is because she can't right now. I've been really enjoying having Spinelli on and having them bring down Peter.

    1. Yeh Nelle got what she wanted that's why she didn't answer him. I really hope she doesn't get out. But know she will, one way or another cause you just know there is a baby Donna gets kidnapped storyline just waiting to be told and she is it.
      Cynthia and James, well everyone did great today. I agree, Val is going to try to poison Char against Lulu, hopefully she's smarter than that.
      Hopefully Nina and Lulu can be friends because Lulu didn't do it out of spite....

  8. "NOTE: Varni tweeted that the new Head Writing team's stuff starts showing up in November"

    I completely forgot we are getting a new writer!!

  9. I hope that the new writers end the remaining 2 secrets. . . I thought the show was very exciting, just made no sense that Ava went to see Ryan. OK, she asked the warden to make him stop, the warden didn't, maybe she went just to drop off the letters? Surely she didn't think that asking him to stop would work . . .

  10. I'm with the majority here, and wanted to slap the ever-lovin' spit out of everyone's mouth that was at the church. Maxie and Val were the absolute worst. I'm so looking forward to Peter's secret coming out, (Hoping it's sometime THIS YEAR!) and I really hope everyone tells Maxie "I told you so!". She was insufferable yesterday! Lulu really needs to get another BFF.

    I was loving Cynthia's eyes bugging out. I can now see why everyone says she does crazy very well. LOL! I think I'm one of the few that doesn't want Jax with her, but I guess I'll wait and see.

    I just love Ava and Ryan, and I'm with Karen, who cares if he's a serial killer!

  11. I think Cynthia Watros really brought it yesterday. I have not watched her on other soaps but knew she came in with a record of being a great actress and she has really delivered. I am more invested in the character of Nina than I was previously. I think she deserves a lot of credit for replacing someone like MS and making the role her own, not being a copycat yet remaining true to the character. I thought overall it was a great episode.

  12. Litte Wiley was just adorable yesterday playing with those crayons. Cynthia did a great job but her eyes are always bugging out. She looked very pretty, though. Glad she ran off with Jax. Charlotte doesn't seem so likable or cute anymore. Maxie has only been tolerable with Spinelli - hope he stays. Can't wait for Peter to get his downfall. I think Ava was with Ryan because the actors are just so good together.

  13. I think CW and Ingo are a similar age, and they certainly look good together. The way they originally met, it certainly pointed to them being paired up in the future . . .

    I always have hated Valentin and found him not redeemable, even with his love for his daughter. His love for Nina, however, has been an interesting dimension to his character. They slept together right away when they met, and he fell madly in love, which never has wavered, I don't think he ever even has looked at another woman since he met her.


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