Friday, October 4, 2019

Wedding Day

Jordan tells Curtis that she HAD to arrest Sam..yada yada... Diane yells at her, especially about not posting bail.  BUT;..bail IS posted...and Sam is out and comes into the PCPD. That was weird as heck. Diane spends eons yapping about the charges. To Jordan. To Curtis. To JaSam. 

Mike and Sonny are at the house. Mike questions Dev about "his grandmother" (who's Mike's cousin).. Sonny's like Um, you talking to Gladys, Mike..Mike's like sure! On the daily! Dev leaves. Sonny tells him about the baby and naming it Donna, Mike remembers her from the old hood. He also remembers he has 7 grandkids because he's been "working on it during their memory sessions". 

Hospital: Joss and Jax visit Carly. Joss delivers something to Carly from Devvvvvv.Dev wrote a card out "Children make the kettles whistle" ... or something like that. Carly's says "I've never heard that but it's so nice" JAX GOOGLES IT and ahhahaaha it comes up as a Turkish saying!! pFFFFFFFFFFT. 
Jax is going to Nina's wedding. 
I really like CarJax, have I said that enough? 
Sam goes int to see her late and fill her all in about the charges. 

Jax and Lulu go to the house. Dev is there. Jax knows something is up and asks Josslyn to level with him. (After Dev leaves) WOW it sounds like Joss is going to tell Jax!! Then, a weird thing happens. Back from Commerical... Joss says she likes Dev because she thinks about something else besides Oscar dying. Jax then says "Thanks for telling me the truth about him"

WHEN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? Was it off camera? Or?? Did she not tell him the whole truth or? 
OMG that was bad. UGH

Wedding: Bridal Suite at Metro: Dr. O looks great in Emerald Green. Maxie's in a dowdy black number. Sasha's all pouty over her necklace gift (guilt). Nina has on giant hair extensions. LOL She shows everyone the necklace Val gave her. Maxie says: BAD LUCK! Val brought it to you the night before the wedding! Don't wear it. Nina's like, you're kidding. I will wear it. Then she says a year ago today, she got the courage up to call Sasha and tell her she was her mother. 
Curtis comes in to give Nina his blessing: Two DNA tests prove Valentin did right by you. "Three, if you count the one Maxie did" says Dr. O. They all hug. 

Church: Lulu --in HOT PINK like, blinding PINK, tells Valentin she wants to talk to him. He says unless it's about Charlotte to save it.  She actually hesitates and says "yes, it can wait". She doesn't want to say so because he murdered Nikolas and gets away "with EVERYTHING" stomp foot. She yells all about Val's sins to Dusty. Geesh. YELLS IT !! Charlotte comes over with Maxie. Lulu wants to tell Maxie but Maxie keeps interrupting. Then Charlotte says that Mr. Ashford came to see Nina and reminded her that last year on HIS wedding day, she told him to always tell the truth. "That's what you taught me, right Mommy"??????????

Dev tells Jason he overheard Shiloh call someone about money

CarSon tells Mike they named the baby: Donna Courtney Corinthos



  1. hmmm....Who is Mike's 7th grandchild?

    1. dante michael christina morgan avery donna spencer

  2. Maybe Mike is counting Dev as his 7th grandchild since Sonny has taken him in?

  3. why are some of the females written so cartoonish? maxie, olivia and lulu

    1. Because TPTB obviously don't like strong woman. They either have to be overly emotional, shrewish or idiotic.

  4. Police station:

    Jurtis, Jasam, and Diane: Oh what the hell is this? Why is Jordan so mean all of a sudden? Where is Mac? Where is Robert?!?!!?!

    Jasam and Diane:

    Diane: If this case actually goes to trial, based on this swiss cheese evidence, I will make fondue out of the prosecution.

    Hahaha. Diane would have won the line of the day, but Dr. O wins it!

    Carson's kitchen:

    Turkey boy, Joss, and Jax: Wait Turkey boy!!!! You made a sandwich, but you are just going to leave it there?!!? Just leave the bread out? Not even going to put it back? Slacker!!! Well, one of the tribbles can eat the sandwich. Do they eat sandwiches? Hmmm.. What DO they eat? Hmmmm.

    Joss and Jax: You know, while they were talking, it would have been pretty funny and cool, if Joss takes one of the tribbles in her hands and plays with it. :) Glad Joss told Jax that Turkey boy isn't her cousin.

    Mike and Sonny: Great scene!!!! Yes he remembers 7 grandchild.. Awwww. :)

    The hospital:

    Carly's room: Oh Turkish saying eh? Cool. Jax googling hahahahaha!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Nina's private room: Oh Maxie shut up!!! It's not bad luck until the day of the wedding, so relax geez. Nina and Curtis scene, I love it!!!! :)


    Hiney and V.C.: Secrets always come out you two... So get ready!!!

    Lustin: Um Lulu's dress yikes!!! Bad color and bad dress. Come on Lulu stop the wedding!!! Stop them right in the middle of the wedding! :)

    Lulu: I don't know if you know this, but Valentin killed my brother.

    Oh here we go again!! *rolls eyes*

    Sasha and Dr. O: Dr. O wins the line of the day!

    Dr. O: I remembe the last time I was here. My sister laid dead in her coffin. May it be equally joyous.


    Credits: Did anybody notice the credits? I didn't, but someone on twitter mentioned it, so I looked at it.. Michael Knight as Valentin Cassadine!!!! HAHAHHAHA! What?!!?! Typo or foreshadowing? :)

  5. Karen did you walk out of the room? She told Jax on camera. Go back and watch again.

  6. does anyone else think its weird that no one is mourning the death of drew cain? not 1 person. even monica is obsessed with flashdrive drew.

    1. Yes, wow, I guess I forgot about him myself :( Sad!!

    2. Yes! Especially the mother of his child! But she's got her nose stuck so far up Jason's butt....and in her Shiloh is dead drama so....

  7. Can someone PLEASE look into the mystery of Anna? On another soap site, they showed a pic of her on set, it must've been late summer. Now this same site is saying she won't be onscreen 'til Dec. Where oh where is Finola?

    1. Weird....because unless they drastically changed their taping scedule like DAYS does it's still only 3-4 wks and they're talking how she's back on set taping. Finn on Thursday said she's still gone. With their 3 wk breaks (now) I wonder if that affects the taping scedule? Maybe they do have a new one???

    2. "Michelle P says, Weird....because unless they drastically changed their taping scedule like DAYS does"

      What?! DAYS have changed their taping schedule?!

    3. Long ago......they tape months and months in advance like 6 I think.

  8. Wow. Guess Finola adopted Tony Geary's time off schedule. Sad

    1. Well she's earned it. She's a was he. 😊

    2. She has earned it, and so has Genie. I just miss them when they are gone :)

  9. It is SO weird no one cares about Drew Cain. Sam was SO in love with him. Curtis was his best friend. What about Scout? Her Daddy is dead.

    1. Scout's in the attic....besides she's too young to understand.

    2. "lindie says, It is SO weird no one cares about Drew Cain. Sam was SO in love with him. Curtis was his best friend. What about Scout? Her Daddy is dead."

      It hasn't been confirmed that he is dead, just that the body is missing, but yeah they all stopped talking about him. Strange.

  10. Adding to the wardrobe choice, I thought Sasha was wearing her robe in the hotel room but it was her dress. And Lulu...ill fitting, wrong color.
    Curtis and Jordan got married w/o a hitch; Carson renewed vows with no problems; this wedding should be full of fun.
    I did not see Joss tell Jax the details either. When Jax walks into a room it lights up. He is a wonderful character. Hope he stays.

    1. Joss told him that Dev is not her cousin. Don't know if they said anything "off camera" before the next scene. Wonder why folks missed this . . .

    2. Maybe I did hear that. Guess I was waiting for details.


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