Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ladies Room

So, there's supposed to be a presser today at 2:00 I'll be here until they break in! 

PRE-WEDDING DAY.... I'm watching for the Maid of Dishonor, Lesil and that's about it. I'm also hoping that Sasha comes out with it as well. Let's get moving on that, please. Charlotte asks if she can go to the party and is wearing the "Daughter" necklace with the 1/2 heart. 

Valentin and Nina... Val has on a polo which I don't think I've ever seen him in? 

Maxie is in Crimson and PETER walks up. Gross. HE has on an electric blue polo...they talk about going to Nina's and Valentin's parties.  Maxie wants to find a place to live with Peter because he's SUCH a good guy-- and SUCH a hero. (BARF) 

OMG ok, so I started to notice that Peter had on a polo, Val had one on. Then, at The Rib... Curtis had one on and so did Michael. FINALLY Finn comes in and mentions a GOLF PARTY for Valentin AHAHAHHAHA I thought wardrobe was messing with us about "Casual Wear"!! ahahahahaa.

Finn, Curtis and Michael are in Floating Rib... they toast baby Donna. Finn complains about golf. Chad is bartending. Asks if they are there for Karaoke Night. OMG are they gonna sing? YEP, it's raining so they can't play golf-- I BET THEY'LL SING. 


Kevin, Lulu and Laura have coffee ... she's going to Nina's party and Kevin and Laura are going to take care of Charlotte. 

Willow and Chase are in The Rib too but Chase has a surprise for her and he has to take her out to get it. I HOPE IT'S A PUPPY!! 

SO, Everyone leaves Wyndemere for the parties. Kevlar come in and Laura wants to play Hide and Seek (get it???!)  Charlotte talks a lot about The Trophy Room and says "Papa moved HER out of there", and shows them the portait of Helena...who's middle name is SOFIA!! Hmmmm. ok, not sure I knew that.  Laura talks about the painting and when Helena gave it to Nikolas at the Will Reading. 

AT THE SPA: Nina is happy..they will have a nice spa time then dinner. It's Lesil, Lulu, Maxie and Sasha. The spa lady comes in and says they are double booked and they can't use the steam room. Maxie freaks out.. says they'll miss dinner. She says to kick out the couple in there-- the lady says no. Nina says she will and she barges in; it's CHILLOW!  They argue about who's going to say or go.  Nina decides to leave. Tells Willow "Oh, and Charlotte LOOOOVES her new teacher"!!  They leave. 

AND OF COURSE, ALL THE LADIES end up at the RIB with the GUYS because. And they all changed clothes? I guess at the spa?? Um..weird but OK.  Nina wants Val to sing to her. And he does. A show tune? Because I've never heard it--he has a high voice. I would think it would be low. Huh. 
He is a good singer but not my kinda song. 

In the bathroom, Dr. O finds Sasha crying. She tells her to get out there and be NICE TO NINA--- Dr. O wants her happy. She VILL NEVEAH FINDS OUT YOUR NOT HER DAUGHTAHS!!" 


  1. Not much of a show. A sweatless steam room with a silly chance meeting.
    All those polo shirts and then rain. Ugh.
    I thought something big and funny was going to happen at the spa. Not.
    Isn't karaoke songs we all know? Never heard that. Not my kind of music.
    Lulu in the water closet. What might be clever is if Sasha lets it all out at the wedding and Nina says she has known all along but didn't care.

    1. "Zazu: Lulu in the water closet."

      Wow! Water closet! I haven't heard anybody say that in a long time, so I didn't think people still said it! :)

    2. I watch a lot of HGTV. It's used often to describe the separate toilet.

  2. I was just talking about Chet yesterday. I said I don't know why they keep using rotaing bartenders. Why don't they just use Chet? And there he was. Welcome back Chet.

    I don't know what place they keep showing with the dead plants nailed on the wall. lol Talk about skimping on accessories. lol

    I was hoping that Nina would get mad and throw Willow's things on the floor and that 1/2 heart would fall out. That was a missed opportunity, writers.

    And yes, Laura. She left that weird-eyed painting to Nicholas. Hello! CHECK IT OUT! Perfect place to hide some papers.

    aha...Lulu the listener was finally in the right place at the right time. I suspect another unauthorized DNA test coming up. Don't give it to Brad!!!!

    I wonder if we'll have to wait till Friday for the next part of these stories.

  3. WHY can't we wrap up the baby storyline and and Sasha lying?
    I would TOTALLY watch a show where Dr. O is the detective - like Columbo - hearing her use that accent cracks me up! She could be doctor/detective who is smart but people think she is stupid.......
    don't care about Willow, Sasha, Peter, Maxie anymore - not even Nina or Lulu........

  4. Replies
    1. Me too. I didn't use the FF feature at all.

    2. as bartenders go, I miss Coleman.

      didnt helena hide a birth certificate behind the matting of a painting? and she looked at it on a place once? whatever happened to that storyline?

    3. "delcodave says, as bartenders go, I miss Coleman."

      Yeah I will forever miss Coleman!!! And Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!!

  5. I miss Coleman too. He had great presence and chemistry with everyone

  6. Wyndemere:

    ValeNina: Nina is all turned on!! Someone throw cold water on her!!!

    Charlie and Valenina: Charlie wearing the half heart necklace!! Where oh where can the other half be?!!?!?! Let's raid Willow's bedroom! :) Is Chillow living together now? Will he see the half heart necklace?

    Doc and Charlie: OH!!!! Charlie called Doc grandpa in German!!!!! :) Love that!! Dr. O taught her that. LOVE THAT!!! :)

    Laura, Doc, and Charlie: GAH! The creepy picture!!!! Charlie hates it too! I don't blame her!!!!

    Laura and Doc: Laura! LOOK IN THE PAINTING!!! GAH!


    Maxie and Hiney: Stop with the gushy gushy crap! UGH!

    Massage place:

    Dr. O, Lulu, Sasha, Nina, and Maxie: Double booked! YIKES!!!!


    Chillow: HUBBA HUBBA! Chase in a towel! :) Enough said. :)

    Chillow, Nina, and side of Maxie: Oh come on! I thought Nina and Willow made peace?!?!?! Did I miss something?!!?! And why are Nina and Maxie acting like children?! Maybe the heat is getting to their brains.

    The floating rib:

    Curtis, Finchy, Michael, and V.C.: Polo outfits!!! Love it! Oh they are going golfing! Cool I want to see that! HI CHET!!! :) Oh Karaoke! Forget golf! I wanna see them sing!!!! :) When they showed Finchy, for a split second he looked like Caleb the vampire!! Oh time for golf!! Oh wait a thunderstorm. Can't do it! Oh the Bachelorette party is a wash out too!!! OH TIME FOR KARAOKE! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    Dr. O and Michael: Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: Will you please stop eye stalking the lavatory?



    V.C.: I only sing when I look at you.

    GAH! Stop being so damn charming!!!! I can't take it!!! Oh he is singing to her!!!! He is great!!!! :) Wow James Patrick Stuart did a great job. He was on twitter and talked about who's song it is. :)


    Dr. O and Sasha: Awww Sasha boohooing. Do you want one of the tribbles to come see you Sasha? Will that make you feel better? OH OH! LULU OVERHEARD THE TRUTH!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  7. I really enjoyed the show. Loved Dr. O's line about eye-stalking the lavatory, but I laughed out loud when she called Michael Herr Quartermaine. I think I have a warped sense of humor. Help us all now that Lulu found out about Sasha. She's going to tell everybody "confidentially" asking them what she should do. This could go on for weeks, gah!

    There definitely is something in the Helena painting. Kevin took a picture of it, so he's on to something. Yes!

    1. It was good to see Kevin....finally. Char was adorable which sounds so childish since she is growing up so fast! LOL! Beauty she is. Hope Kevin finds something in the painting. Wonder how long it'll take for Lulu to go to Michael and tell him about Sasha LOL!

  8. Julie: C'mon, the "Herr Quartermaine" line was HILARIOUS, nothing warped about your sense of humor! I don't know who writes her lines, but between what they write, and how she delivers the lines, she has become my favorite GH character!


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