Monday, October 7, 2019

White Wedding

New Podcast-- OUR TAKE GH ! I'm with Jonathan and Tina. I had a blast this week. It's Ep 3--hope you enjoy.



JaSam They figure out Peter was going to pay Shiloh. Sam tells Dev to go home and not bother Carly, she's had a long day. 
CarSon talking about Donna...Donna Donna.  Sonny says they don't know enough about the recovery process of SBifida to go home. "It's amazing the resources at our disposal"... Sonny leaves, Carly sleeps. She has a dream. Bobbie is there when she wakes up. 
BOBBIE. Remember her? She asks Carly why she didn't tell her about Donna's condition. "Because of your TypeII diabetes" ..

JaSam go to see Spinelli to tell him about DONNA and to find out dirt on Peter paying Shank. They talk about burner phones and money trails. They hacked into Peter's account and saw Pete took out a lotta money. 

Lulu stops Nina at the door to 'tell' her the truth. Interruptions, Nina yelling... Michael coming over, everything stops Lulu. 
Maxie hauls her to the side. Says "Don't do whatever you're going to do, it's not worth it to ruin this for Nina..I know you don't like Valetin. but BLAH BLAH BLAH" So, Lulu stops.
Maxie's a pain in the ass. 

Lulu cops out and doesn't tell her. 
The ceremony starts. Nina goes on and on in her vows about how Valentin saved her life by finding Sasha..yada yada. Val cries during his. When the priest says "If anyone has any readon why these two should not be married"...
and Lulu stands up "I have something to say" Michael tries to take her outside. Nina tells her to leave but she won't.
This is REALLY anti-climatic. WOW..I mean, usually I love reveals. This is so flat. 
So, Nina doesn't believe her. Wants Sasha to tell her if she's her daughter or not. End of show. 


Jax and Joss... the whole DEV thing. EVERYTHING. She's not a real DNA pattered Mobular Daughter, you can tell LOL When Sonny gets home, Jax tells him he hasn't changed a bit. Growl. 
Sonny tells Jax he can't send Dev back to Turkey with a bounty on his head. Jax freaks out "DO YOU HEAR  YOURSELF"????? DO YOU???! 
"Well he HAS fake ID" says Sonny.
Jax is like:I want him out of this house.  They argue, fight.. 

This should have been a great show.
It was not. 


  1. If Sascha lies about this now I will definitely turn off. I can't take anymore of this. Producers...make them write a middle and end before you even start a new storyline. We're all sick of neverending stories.

    I also want Peter found out. SOON!

    I love Joss and the actress who plays her. She is a ray of sunshine on this dark-hearted show.

    1. "Di says, Producers...make them write a middle and end before you even start a new storyline."

      Haha. Yeahhhhhh that's not going to happen. :(

  2. They must have either cut the wardrobe budget or hired new wardrobe. Either way, the clothes are just plain ugly and have been for a while. Compare this Nina’s outfits with previous. Most days she looks like an attorney, not a fashion diva. Maxie’s outfits are plain awful, very matronly,even at this wedding! Dr O looks amazing, but Sasha? Maxie looks like an old Italian widow.

  3. WHY isn't Jax at the wedding after the big I WILL BE THERE!
    i really thought Nina and Valentin would marry and THEN she would find out.
    Did I miss what Kevin found in Helena's portrait????????
    Michelle Stafford was a size 0 and her clothes were tight and gorgeous. Nu Nina is really pretty - but they aren't dressing her like MS. And yes, Maxie has gained weight but she IS Fasionista - and she doesn't dress like it.

    okay HUGE question - SO confused-----------is Nelle BACK? did Chloe sign a contract - i can't find that she did anywhere but if she is getting on parole - is she NOT on contract?????????????????????????????????????

  4. There has been no word that she is back on contract, so she is probably still on recurring.

  5. She comes and goes when needed since she "lives down the street from the studio". She hasn't signed anything that I've read.
    As for Kirsten can we not go there with her weight? People commented when she was too skinny and now that she's on the other end they are commenting. Not fun. I myself have fluctuated with my weight all my life it's not easy....
    I wonder if Sasha will admit she's not Nina's daughter, it's kinda written all over her face...

    1. I like Maxie's weight - just not her choice of clothes since she loves fashion. I think Sasha will HAVE to tell the truth........

    2. I hope she does. She doesn't have a very good poker face.

  6. A C-section is major surgery, just sayin', there is a significant amount of pain after, Carly looks soooo chipper, and as fresh as a daisy . . .

    1. I did notice how well she looks as a mom who had a c- section.I also noticed they don't have her up walking around or even in a wheelchair & saw that they have her on an IV.I know it's a soap, but she's certainly in better shape than I was years ago after giving birth without having a c-section.

    2. I was thinking the same Antjoan! I had a section and was hurting for quite a while! I was thinking maybm I was being wimpy! Lol!

  7. As for Kirsten Storms, I agree-- she's young and they dress her like she's old. Look at Genie, same thing. It's like they can only dress size 0-4 size women.

    1. Agreed. There are so many stylish selections in the way of women 's clothing for those above a size 10 that it's no excuse for the unfashionable way they're dressing Laura& Maxie. What's going on@ GH;playing favorites perhaps?

    2. I agree! I wasn't crazy about LuLus dress either. Or the barrette she had in her hair. It was too big. Maybe if it was a bit smaller it would've worked. JMO!

    3. I know, Maxie and Lulu had fugly dresses! And Nina, all in white like a blushing bride--it's certainly not her first rodeo!

      I wonder if Sasha is going to spill--looks like she is. It is good if she does--one secret down and 2 to go. The bad thing if she spills--I guess then we'll have to wait forever for the Hiney and Wiley secrets to come out. It would be nice, though, if they would surprise us and let Spinelli/Jasam out Hiney, and Wiley be allowed to return to his rightful father before he goes off to college.

    4. "AntJoan says, Wiley be allowed to return to his rightful father before he goes off to college."

      Yeah college will be in a couple of years. ROFL!

  8. I enjoyed yesterday's show, but yep, Maxie is a big old pain in the ass. And she looked like she was dressed for a funeral. I agree with previous comments about how they dress certain characters, sheesh!
    Nina's dress was so pretty as was her makeup. I would have ditched that veil though, ugh! Dr. O looked fabulous, and I liked Sasha's dress but not for walking down the aisle.

    Jax was spot on about Sonny, but was ignored as usual. I did like how Jax walked out with Sonny hollering "what are you going to do?". That made me laugh!

  9. Love Jax tormenting the well deserving Sonny. Let's hope one secret finally gets revealed.

  10. Carson kitchen:

    Jax and Joss: Joss's shirt makes her look like a pirate!!!

    Jax and Sonny: Team Jax! Team Jax! Team Jax!!

    Tribbles: Team Jax!

    Spinny's hotel room:

    Spinny and Jasam: No Spinny. They are not here for that.. No they are not here for that. No they are not here for that either. Spinny jumps at the chance to take down Hiney!!! :)

    Inside Central Perk:

    Turkey boy and Joss: Pirate Joss where is your pirate hat and bird?

    The hospital:

    Carly's room:

    Carson: Why can't Carly go see Donna? It's so dumb.

    Bobbie and Carly: Wait Carly can see Donna tomorrow?!!?! Why?!!?! Oh Bobbie knows about Donna's spina bifida.. How did she find out? Nurse tell her? Did she see with her own eyes when she saw Donna? Awww music box. :(

    The wedding: Holy cow why is Nina so mean?! Lulu just wants to talk to you Nina!!!! What in the hell! When did you become so mean?!! First Willow in the steam room when they already had peace, then Lulu. Who is next? Curtis? Maxie shut up!!!!! GO AHEAD LULU! Don't make down!!!!

    Nina: This makes perrrrrefect sense.

    Hmmm did she turn into a cat? Lulu wins the line of the day!!

    Lulu: I had to tell you that Sasha is not really your daughter!

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I cheered when she said that!! Too bad there was no DUN DUN DUN! :) When Nina turns to Sasha and talks to her, Sasha is visibly shaking!!!

    Sidenote: Nick on Y&R has the tribbles too!!!!! I saw them yesterday!!!!! :)

  11. I don't like Jax - guess I am alone in this one - but I find HIM pompous and arrogant and a know-it-all......

    1. He is, but so is Sonny. And he is also charming & handsome & tall!


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