Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursdays: Wubber's Choice

So, As I said, Thursday is my heavy day and I'm not in until 2. I have Tillie and paperwork then I have to nap or I'll explode. LOL So.. it's up to you to have fun with the blog! 

Today's question has to do with the Nina-Val wedding. How would YOU have it go? 

My scenerio would be to have Lulu blurt out that "SASHAISN'TYOURDAUGHTER" right before the vows--having her POP like a balloon!! Everyone gasps...Shasha looks stricken but tears up. Dr. O screams 'YOU SHREW! YOV'S RUINED EVERYTING"!! Michael standing up.. Nina looking around, and...fade to black. 
She opens her eyes in GH ...where she's in bed. Says to Valentin "I had the strangest dream...." and he looks at her like "um.. sorry sis.. no dream"...and the show ends for the day..


  1. Karen, sounds good to me, I'm sure the writers won't come up with anything as good as what you wrote . . .

  2. The way that Nina has been treating Willow I would love it if she found out and let the secret out.

  3. Funniest part of today's show is Laura and the Doc playing "where in the world is the Carmen San Diego Corona Verum" codicil. I think Helena has achieved her goal--she has driven Laura to insanity.

  4. kdmask--It does look like little Lulu's head is about to pop. LOL

  5. Karen, that would be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think that they should get married with no fuss. Then, at the reception, they share a newleywed toast of champaign. Then, they both grasp their throats and keel over, dead. Then, Helena waltzes in with a big smile..."Did I miss anything?"

  7. Karen! You were there today watching GH!!!! :) You could have made a post!!! :) And you should be a writer for GH! Your scenario is perfect! :)

    The floating rib: No more Karaoke?!!? Just 1 song and that's it!?!?! Well, there was no karaoke machine anyway when V.C. sang!!!

    RayRay and Finchy: RayRay on the phone with their daughter calling her honey bun, and the only lie you can come up with to tell Finchy who honey bun is, is that you have a dog named Honey Bun? SERIOUSLY!!?!?!

    RayRay and Jax: OH NO!!!!! Stop making excuses and just tell Finchy he has a daughter!!!!!!

    RayRay and Ava: NIK TALK TIME! :) Ava wins the line of the day.

    RayRay: You know he wanted me dead? Right?

    Ava: Meh. So he has some contradictions.


    Dr. O and Sasha: Lulu hears EVERYTHING! I LOVE IT!!!! :) Lulu is about to explode!!!!

    Dr. O, Jax, V.C.,and Nina: Oh my my my!!! Jax talks German to Dr. O!!! :)

    Dr. O: What a man! Mmmm. What a man!

    Hahaha. Yes he is!!!!! She would have won the line of the day, but then Ava had to take it away! :)

    Nina: Jax is very charming.

    OH! Nina is affected too!!!! ROFL! Nina wanted to know what Jax said. V.C. said that Jax said he wanted Dr. O to save him a dance tomorrow night!!! :)


    Laura and Doc: Oh for crying out loud!!!! Check the painting!!!!

    Nina, Dr. O and Sasha: OH GIFTS!!!! A Karaoke machine for Dr. O!!! YAY!!!!! :) Oh a half heart necklace for Sasha.. Oh goodie.

    The hospital:

    Carly's room:

    Jarly: Oh look a gift!!! :) Sweet.

    Sonny and Carly: Oh so Donna is going to be okay!!!! Oh what a cop out writers!!! UGH!

    The park:

    Lustin: Lulu has this devastating secret and doesn't know what to do!!!! SHARE IT AT THE WEDDING!!! :)

    1. Is the actual wedding going to be today, or are they going to drag it out until Monday? Anyone know?

    2. "AntJoan Is the actual wedding going to be today, or are they going to drag it out until Monday? Anyone know?"

      I have no idea! I hope it's today!!!

  8. I have read that Anna will not be onscreen until Dec. Yet I had read on the same site that she was back taping late summer. Anyone know what gives?

    1. I think it's earlier than that?? I know she took longer off than she usually does. What a pain. They must like her lol

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