Tuesday, May 9, 2017

You may have heard..

There's a video going around--(Look on General Hospital's Facebook page) that has Helena standing in a cheesy set piece saying something about showing up. 
Me? I'm over it. ME! The biggest Helena fan on earth. All I have to say is she'd better be in flashbacks because if she's alive again it will be just too stupid for words. 

This cute photo landed on Twitter today---awwww...Spencer and Nate.. :) 


  1. No way! No Hells....sick of back from the dead people.

  2. and I love Connie so much--

    What is the Chimera story? Charlotte? You guys have to tell me :)

  3. Connie looks stunning as always in that video. I have been skipping most of the show lately but the Chimera Project was something Anna/Alex and VC were involved in, she has a necklace with a chimera and Jake has drawn one with on his Cassadine Island drawing. There is more fantasy on this show than on Once Upon a Time.

    1. LOL! Thanjs I've been skipping some too and was confused. I agree with the fantasy thing. That's not my thing. But....gh LOL!

  4. That pic of Spencer and Nathan is ADORABLE!