Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Came in at 2:25--had and EYE exam today!! 

Dr. O and Britta-- talking about Faison. Lesil is scared of him. Britt wonders why she wouldn't let Nate see his "Dad's" (Victor Cassadine) medical records. Right after talking about Faison. Hmmm. Are he and Britt twins?? 

Maxie and Nate make out. Of course Maxie has a silver tree! 

Alexis and Julian-- they are in the park and Danny is there too. Julian wants Alexis back as we know.

Killy and Jason- Jason's talking about the disco ball. Billy looks nice in that blue suit coat. Alexis brings back Danny from the park. Drew says they should tell him Jason is his Dad!  They tell him and he's trying to figure it out and where Jason was-- and if he loves him. Yada, Yada.. Danny says he's ready to get to know Jason. They hug--awww, priceless looks by both Burton and Miller. 

Later, Killy cry and then Sam asks him to marry her, please please-- and he says "Small but mighty" and they decide to get married.  Having Miller be DREW has been a TOTALLY great decision. He's shining, imo. 

Kiki says Dillon isn't coming back to GH  for Christmas. She wants to go to CA and not be a doctor to keep him? OH HELL NO. You don't need a man, damn it. She's talking to Griffin. He dries her tears. Ava sees it. She's all :Hmmmmmm :sideeye: Kiki decides she'll stay in PC and "Hit the books" after Griff's pep talk.

Curtis bought his Aunt a sculpture from Ava for her new place. Jordan comes in and has a box for Stella too. It's the same sculpture but a lighter color. They are 'companion pieces"--but Aunty is like I DON'T NEED 2--- I'll give this back and donate the money LOL 
Stella sees Alexis

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