Friday, January 11, 2019


Nina and Valentin. Sparkling...and damn it, he's gotta be all lying about the damn daughter thing.  

Sonny and Griffin. "Faith is an illusion" says Griffin. Sonny is looking SO GODFATHER in this LOL.  I'm so not here for this talk. ugh. 

Dr. O is going to try to get her job back at GH!! Nope, Finn says Monica won't do it so she goes to Mercy. Damn it.  Oh, wait..she actually asks Valentin for a job at Cassadine Medical Group. 

Anna is blind!  Finola sells it very well. She goes to GH and finds Finn.  Griffin comes in and they are going to run some tests.  He's not sure what it is-- could be temporary.  They find out it was a hemorrhage. Not sure if it can be cured. 

Ava and Franco are on the pier. Franco wants to know why she's there. Ava's trying to lure the killer to her so she can stomp him lol.  Then Ryan comes around the corner.  They talk and Ryan basically tells Franco he's done with him being his patient and to get lost. LOL Franco's upset and leaves. 

Kim and Drew are having coffee in the hallway on that register bench thing. Talking about babies...and bringing in life to the world.  Sonny talks to them later and offers his plane. Kim says there's no hope. 

Peter tells Valentin about Anna? Huh? Weird. 

Franco breaks into "Kevin's" office to get his medical records!! Oh, then the editors ruin it by showing us Monday's promo with Carly interrupting him!! GOD!! 

Ryan asks Ava to leave PC with him forever. 
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