Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Bucket List

TWO days in a row!! Don't faint! 
Carly voted (for Laura) Joss asks her for Sonny's jet, some connections and money.  She wants to go to Mexico, Brazil and England to get drugs and treatments not available in the USA.  Carly questions her about the validity of them. 

Kim is trying to call all over the country to find somewhere to operate on Oscar's tumor. no one says yes. Alexis comes in. Alexis tells her that she didn't sleep with Jules. Kim doesn't even care (because of Oscar).

Cam's trial was ..I guess...over? I missed it? Weird. Oh, no, it's starting today. People are getting ready for it.  Cameron visits Oscar first. He thinks he's cured because he's leaving the hospital. Whoops.  He tells Oscar that he has a trial for trying to buy pot to help him get his appetite back.  Oscar never tells Cam he's terminal. 

Sam talks to Drew about... that Hank guy. YEAH, really appropriate. Did I miss a day? Did he tell her about Oscar?? I feel like the editing is off today.  It's all exposition about Shiloh and Hank and Krissy.  Oh, he didn't tell her about Oscar. She's all "Why aren't you reacting to MY news'?? WHY? Then Carly comes in and wants to talk to Drew about Josslyn and Drew tells Sam. 
That's was really strange. 

END: Judge Carson is presiding over Cam's trial. She's 'hard-nosed" Alexis says. 

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