Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Lemons


I should have called this "Sundae Surgery"! Friday was full of them!! Made me hungry lol. So the week started out with a bang and ended in a "meh"... There were so many scenes I had hope for and then they just fizzled out. Like the car you thought would be fabulous and it turns out to be a lemon. 

You know we are eating ice cream with your fave toppings. Let's GO! 

CUTIES OF THE WEEK: So! We did get Halloween after all!! Town Square all decked out, in costume, cider and Carly getting pissy because Nina talked to her daughter!! Yep, sounds about right! 

THIS IS IT? OF THE WEEK:  So... this is the BIG LIZ story? It may have helped if it wasn't presented in little snippets over the course of 3 days then dropped the last 2. Really? IS that REALLY how a story this complex and long awaited should be told? Now I find out that Crosby who plays Carolyn, Liz's mother, is basically not on the show anymore. Jeff will be, but not her. Um. OK!! Whatever!! Should I even get into the meat of this drama? The entire thing boils down to Elizabeth causing Reiko (it was an accident at best) to fall down the stairs. She needed a blood transfusion and got tainted blood which resulted in her death. Something that Finn obviously knows nothing about. (the actually backstory was that Finn and she BOTH caught the virus but hey, GH). I do think there's more to the story because of the creep factor in all of it--but who knows? Now we can watch as Liz struggles with the knowledge she "helped" Finn's first wife die. Should she tell him or Nah? This would have been SO much better as a DID story. Even a GHOST story!! Major let down.  NOTE: Becky was superb. Emmy worthy. She nailed every line

THIS IS IT? OF THE WEEK 2:   Oh I did love this Holly Robert kiss!! What I didn't love is that it's SO apparent that Holly was working for Victor from day one--so no surprise when they met on the bridge. Does Victor have Ethan or Luke? I'm going with Ethan because I'm convinced Luke is dead and AG isn't coming back--ever. 

THIS IS IT OF THE WEEK!  Ok, yes, I will hand it to them, I thought the Laura saving Valentin was brilliant and adding Kevin with a collar? Cherry on top. 

CRAY FUN OF THE WEEK:  NuHeather screamed for a bedpan and got on Finn's case. Win-Win for me!! We also saw her NOT black out after she was given a shot, so here's hoping she's out and about PC doing some damage. 

FAKE OUT OF THE WEEK: Ok, so no I don't exactly want Cam gutted WOULD be soapy. Having him on the bridge and thinking it was going to happen then DREW walking up? Biggest let-down in awhile. Oh wait, No...the bigger let down was when they started talking about Oscar. I feel nothing for "Drew" in this. Cam Matheson should have come back as Port Charles Used Car Salesman. That I could believe. 

FK UP OF THE WEEK:  We all caught this on Twitter, did you? Um.. Portia and Curtis all shocked about Trina being the center of the whole Hooker thing when they TALKED ABOUT IT WITH JORDAN in Portia's office !! Like, AT LENGTH!! They are the ones that helped figure it out?????? Now everyone is acting like: welp--NEW INFORMATION!! No, no it's not. Oh and PS. Jordan and Portia fought about Curtis possibly being Trina's daddy and the wedding date is set for Valentine's Day if you're keeping track. 

WARNING OF THE WEEK: Ut Oh.. Britt's coughing when she tries to drink. Swallowing is linked to Huntington's progression!! That has to be her exit story. I say she goes to Switzerland to get cutting edge treatment.  These Dr O/Scotty scenes were pretty watchable. They made Cody look good. 

FINALLY OF THE WEEK:  I'm no fan of Austins' that's for damn sure. Mason? Even less. Same scenes, different days. This time we did learn that Austin is treating patients that come in with wounds that can't be reported to the police. For the "family" --oh and the boss is a SHE.  Could it potentially be a decent story? Um... hmmm... ? That's rhetorical. 

DON'T CARE OF THE WEEK: New singer on: Blaze (I thought her name was GLAZE ahahaha) and she'll be doing the Brook duet with Chase. Linc was there. So don't care. Chase should be a cop again. Period. 

BITTERSWEET OF THE WEEK: One of my fave scenes was Diane and Robert in the elevator. She is happy about Holly but sad about what could have been. Just a well written and acted little bit that I enjoyed.  **Shoutout to GHGifs --I saw your "best of the week" after I wrote this! 

OGs OF THE WEEK:  Yep, the band is back together. Now they have to get Anna out of jail even though Victor is trying like hell to bribe every law person in PC to keep here there. 

CUT AND PASTE OF THE WEEK: If you watch Gilmore Girls, you know this is Dean, Rory and Jess. If you don't watch it you probably get the picture.  Can you guess which the "Bad-Boy" is? 

THIS AND THAT OF THE WEEK:  Looks like ratings were WAY up with Emma Samms return! To the tune of 100K viewers from the same time last year!! 


Elizabeth confronts her parents. Finds out she caused Reiko to lose her footing and fall 

Everyone finds out that the Hooker is Trina-Centric

Carly and Drew have to pretend to not like each other or the SEC will come for them

Willow is still keeping things from Michael. They ate sundaes

Nina and Sonny ate a sundae too. From the same spoon

Victor has his hands in ALL the pies. 

Cody and Mac get a DNA test; results not in

Britt develops a cough and difficulty swallowing which is probably Huntington's related 

Cody is shady.

Austin is basically a mob doctor, patching up patients on the downlow 

Spinelli tries to close his business

Curtis and Portia set a date: Feb 14th 2023

Joss and Trina can't live in the dorms while the hooker is loose

Heather Webber is angry at Finn, Elizabeth and anyone else she can think of

Alexis gets a note from the hooker; tells Greg about it

Anna's in jail, no bail allowed 

Holly meets with Victor; he has someone she cares about (possibly Ethan)

Holly and Robert kiss 

Cam gets Jelly of Dex

Drew goes to Alexis about the whole insider trading thing. She says: Ya fked

Sasha is going to helm Deception while Lucy's missing; Gladys isn't so happy about that

Laura saves Valentin at Charlotte's boarding school and Kevin is the getaway driver 

That's it! I wanted to be more positive this week because the shows have been decent but damn it, they just get going and then squashed. And again, way too much going on right now. Do we REALLY need this Cody DNA thing while the Holly stuff is happening? Now the necklace which ties to Victor but isn't he already doing a bunch of things we don't even know about yet? Focus!! Esme's still in that tower and nothing this week. Elizabeth? I don't know who made the decision to chop those scenes into a million tiny pieces but it was wrong. It was also not played out long enough time wise. What ? She spent like 20 minutes there tops when you add it all up! 

Making lemonade out of lemons, here are the things I'm liking on the show: 

Alexis taking over the paper
Spencer--Spencer and Cyrus
Kevin, Laura on adventure
Laura saving Valentin
OG gang back together against Victor
Esme Tower Story
Scotty/DR O/ Britt bits
Elizabeth (but deserves more/better)
Ms Wu and Gambling  


  1. Very, very funny about Drew's character! He belongs wit Michael and willow. BORING

  2. As always, thanks for the sunday surgery. Another week I won't need to watch!

  3. Reading the SS is so much more satisfying than watching the show! Thank you!
    Joss was talked about as the intended victim since day 1. All of this "new" info is just old BS.
    The way they forge ahead with stories, ie Liz and the hookster, and just drop them for a few or more episodes just sucks.
    I agree with your "like" list but want more of some. Spence and Cyrus for example. How long is Spence in jail for?

    1. I think Spencer is supposed to be in prison for three months.

  4. Great SS! Snorted about Drew being a used car salesman! Lordy, he's so bland. I'm very glad ratings are up, and even better because of Emma Samms. What a trooper she is!
    Jordan needs to tend to her own business and stay out of Portia's. Sick to death of their repetitive chit-chat. Loved Liz, Holly and Heather this week. And I loved the Diane and Robert scene, too. Sniff!

  5. Thanks for great SS. Few things I am grateful for. Felicia has been on more. Mac has been on more. Genie is back. Emma Samms is a trooper and she is back even if short term. Valentin is still on. Rebecca Herbst did a great job with really terrible storyline.

  6. That screenshot photo says it all, doesn't it? Kudos to picking exactly the right photo to express the exasperation at the utter stupidity of this plot. Rebecca Herbst is A plus. Imagine if they actually gave her a real story that was about her, not a flimsy excuse to tie Hamilton Finn to the story. Emma Samms is another A plus. At least they haven't destroyed her character this go round - I know it's early. Her scenes with Tristan Rogers show they still have chemistry decades later. And that simple little scene was with Tristan Rogers and Carolyn Hennessy at the elevator was more than worth the price of admission.
    The problem is too many stories, no continuity or pacing. Where is Esme? Where is Phyllis? Where is the Hook? Who is the Hook? I would love to know the budget for the...because back in the "the day" there is no way they'd be able to afford the bloated cast they have today. It's like they've plucked stars from all 13 shows that used to be on the air and now they're all on GH!
    Denise Crosby. But ta-da about hiring her and then you make her character about as unlikable as the character that Morgan Fairchild recently played. How fun! What's the point?
    I'm trying not to be negative. I love the extra screen time afforded to John York and Kristina Wagner, who are so appealing and believable. Charles Shaughnessy is dastardly as Victor, kind of like the male version of Helena.



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