Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Mixed Nuts

WELL... once it started getting good, GH delivered in many ways!! Prison Vans crashing! A bullet wound stitched up! Heather getting her BLT!! I think "Friday" hit this Wed so mid-week was a good time to watch.

Grab your BLT and let's roll. 

NOTE: I just saw how much I wrote--so grab two !! 

Stories are starting to converge at a rapid rate and the characters are really inter-mingling nicely. You know I love it when people "cross-over"!! Pace was good and of course, my one big gripe is that most scenes were about 15 seconds long. BUT!! Again, good watch! 

COMEBACK OF THE WEEK: Oh, Laura we've missed you!!  GIVE credit where CREDIT IS DUE: The writers who are giving her some awesome one-liners, power and a snazzy attitude. I LOVE this.  The Mayor was in Robert's office to check on Holly and bitch out her Deputy, she went to Wyndemere to let Vic know SHE has Charlotte and she went to prison to visit her nephew. On top of that, we got a "sit your ass down" to Cyrus!! So much better than the old Laura who was weepy and a mess. I do remember those days! Mayor Collins for the win. 

PLEASE LET IT BE OVER OF THE WEEK:  OMG FINN... talk about a mixed nutter.  We all know this 'story' went off the rails a long time ago. What started out as a promising DID story just dissolved into.. well...a mess. Anyway, Elizabeth explains all to Finn who is oblivious that Reiko and Jeff Webber were having an affair. (He didn't even KNOW him when they worked on the same island!! LOL). Liz opens up about her PTSD and what does Finn do? What any grown man of around 58 would do--HE LEAVES and goes cries in his office looking at old Reiko photos. PFfffffffffft. Will this be enough for him to leave town?? (crosses fingers) 

HEAD TRAUMAS OF THE WEEK: It's easier just to put them all together for you here. We have: Nikolas who was knocked out by Esme as she fled. The van crash took out: Anna, Dex and other guard guy. I think Heather probably sustained one too but got up quick. (and how would we know if she DID have one??LOL). THEN, Liz falls on the docks and beans her noggin!! 

FUZZY MEMORY OF THE WEEK:  Poor Elizabeth.. she is pushed by devil Esme then wakes up to a blurry Nikolas saying "Trust me". When she goes to GH, she doesn't tell Jordan she saw Nikolas, just "another person".  Now I've said this on twitter and I'll say it here: I like Liz covering for Nikolas. They are OG friends and I miss that they aren't in each other's orbits. If TC was in the role, it would have been epic. Anyway, I'm glad she knows because she will probably talk sense into Nik about Esme being in a damn tower while pregnant. 

BLT MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Well Heather made it out of the van and went directly to Kelly's for a BLT (I called it LOL). She got Cameron to actually make her one (with fries) before he figured out he'd better call Dante. While I loved the Heather/Cam banter and nostalgia about Spoon Island, this was a baffling scene. I mean--CAM, COME ON!!  Dante appeared and Heather seemed to warm to him as well. She was apprehended without incident. So.. could she have been the hooker? Hmmmm.. 

FAKE OUT OF THE WEEK:   Oh, Cody.. you told Mac you're not his son because you want that 35 million from the necklace. Britt let it spill that it would probably go to him since he's Leo Taub's last living relative. So...sorry Mac!! No son for you.  

FAKE OUT TWO OF THE WEEK:  Nik was 'attacked' by the hook... and they were so lame they didn't take him out and they left the hook behind. The hook was from the Cassadine boat house, not the Q's. Ergo-- I'm of the mind to think it was Esme trying to BE the hooker.  Unfortunately Nikolas lived, got up, found Esme and shoved her back in the tower. *sigh* 

VAN-NA HAPPENINGS OF THE WEEK: First there's the VAN, then there's the VANNA--Get it??? Yep. The Van carrying Anna took on an unexpected visitor (Heather and guard) when their van broke down. Poor Dex didn't know what to do so he tried to drop Heather off first. Guard wasn't having it, shot Dex and they went off the road and crashed. Heather escaped, Anna was picked up by Valentin and taken to a safe house. Sonny even visited!!  While they ended up saying a tearful farewell, Vanna did get some nice quality time together. 

SOAP 101 OF THE WEEK: This goes to Joss and Dex. The old "you're hurt, let me stitch you up with no shirt on" trope!! She tended to him at the Gatehouse and then snuck him into the dorm under the guise of 'drunk frat guy'. LOL This is very very soapy but had huge holes. Why would Joss be alone watching Wiley when there's a crazy killer on the loose after her ass? NO GUARD? Hmmm. I guess we have to overlook that for budding-bad-boy-romance.  Is their smoosh name JEX? JOX? 

NAME DROP OF THE WEEK:  Oh, so THAT'S what's up! Cyrus tells Laura about Olivia Jerome!! That has to be who Austin and Mason are referring to as "the boss". We know Austin is stitching up mob hits so... I guess Olivia is the Boss Lady? 

SPRINA OF THE WEEK: FINALLY! Trina goes to visit our boy, Spencer!!  Oh, it's going to be good people!! This is SOAPY SOAPY SOAPY!  Buckle up! 

THIS SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED MONTHS AGO: Speaking of, this should have been happening for months. He could have began to notice changes in Britt--covers for her, she confides in him. They have SUCH chem!! We all could have gotten on board with this! Austin would be researching treatments for her and.. well.. even though Kelly is leaving it would have given a boost to a character that we are just befuddled with. I do think Britt will leave for some new gene therapy in Europe. That way if Kelly does want to come back, we can have that. 

UMBRELLA OF THE WEEK: I'm just going to say I love how much of the cast is involved with Anna's story. Sonny, Val, Jordan, Dante, Felicia, Mac, Robert, Laura, Finn, Dex and assorted guard guys. I probably missed some. This also brings in the Evil Deputy Mayor, Holly, Victor and whatever Victor is planning. Victor's plan also ties into the necklace with Cody and probably Olivia Jerome somewhere. All I'm missing is Ms WU!! Get her in on this action! 

I ALMOST FORGOT OF THE WEEK: Can you believe it? This was a major happening but..meh. Michael and Willow so I kind of tune out. Anyway, Nina put her foot in it by telling Sonny she thought TJ and Wills were sneaking around. Confrontations happened. Michael sees TJ and his pregnant baby mama together. Then? Nothing burger. Michael was all understanding that she's kept this from him. She's stage 4 now so she'll have to have chemo and a bone marrow donor. You know what that means...NINA reveal!  Carly will work overtime trying to get her to  donate LOL. Could be fun. 


Anna escaped and is in a safe house. Valentin was there but left. 

Sonny visited Anna and left; tries to find Dex

Dex was shot and is being tended by Nurse Joss in her dorm room

Heather escaped, ate a BLT, talked to Cam and was taken in by Dante 

Liz saw Esme, hit her head and is now covering for Nikolas 

Nikolas almost gets hooked but manages to get Esme back in the tower

Willow tells Michael she is stage 4 and needs treatment, including bone marrow

Willow tells Nina to "drop dead"... ut oh

Britt tells Austin about her condition 

Laura is back in town, goes to see Spencer and Cyrus

Cyrus lets it slip that Olivia Jerome is waiting for Anna in Pentonville

Charlotte is staying at Kevin and Laura's house 

Elizabeth tells Finn about Reiko, he goes and cries in a corner 

Ava and Nina solidify their roomie status with a martini

Trina decides to visit Spencer

Cody tells Mac he's not his son because he wants to inherit the diamond necklace

The diamond necklace is a part of the cut-up Ice Princess 

US Marshall comes to oversee the Anna Devane case 

NEWS AND NOTES:  Steve Burton was picked up by Days so.. that ends the speculation that he may have been back now that Disney lifted the vax mandate. Do I think Ingo will be back? Hell no..he SUED DISNEY! So unless by some miracle he wins and they are forced to give him his Jax back , I think we've seen the last of him. 

SPOILERS:  Brick and Nina meet,  Someone finds Dex, Liz confronts Nikolas  and Curtis doesn't have the gene for schizophrenia . 

WUBS THOUGHTS ON THE WEEK:  Didn't people figure out the ADA was working with Victor? No one told Laura?   Spinelli's social and meta data should tie into the whole Ice Princess story somehow. He's a computer wiz and really could be used more than for comedy relief. Also helped with the Sonny planning of Anna's escape.  I'm still hoping that something can come out of Britt and Austin and or that Kelly will do both shows!! EEE!! The recast Heather Webber is amazing and I love her. BLT--of course we needed that!  Finn can leave now, right? And did anyone miss Chase/Brook? Chase should be right in on the whole PCPD stuff like Dante. They make a great team and let's be honest, the whole "singing" thing is just flat. Have Liz rep Cameron. He could get into social media, fame and all that jazz.  

That's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the show as well.  


  1. week was good. I did not miss cujo or brook and chase. and still do not care about mildew.

  2. "Is their smoosh name JEX? JOX?"

    JEX!!! :D That's what I call them.

  3. Thanks for that fantastic Sunday Surgery. An uplifting post for an uplifting week

    I really hope they keep up the pace. So many actors, so much going on, a little light comedy, intrigue and romance. ( And some kissy face from Vanna. Loved the Van quote. lol) Let's focus on the positive and keep the muck out of the house.

  4. I am not a Cujo fan, so I didn't miss her either. I liked this week for the most part. I just love VAnna and how everyone tied in and many on canvas helped Anna. Like how Anna and Sonny are friends because of Robin; almost forgot that connection. Also, Genie is my fav too and was SO happy she is back. I too love the STRONG Laura. I am not a huge fan of Jeff Kober's acting, but he is growing on me. I did love the scenes with Laura telling him to "sit down". Laura needs to know that her deputy mayor is Victor's lacky though ASAP. Alley Mills is doing a good job as Heather IMO. I too can't wait to see Trina and Spencer next week. I do like Brook and Chase, but her keeping the secret and trying to keep him singing will have them doomed for sure. Please let Brook change her mind. I guess Robert will dismiss Holly when he finds out she's working for Victor. Hope Robert and Diane are given a chance even though neither are on very often.

    Thanks Karen for great SS. You always make my Sunday morning

    1. PS. How did Heather get a hold of a steak knife? Cam wouldn't give her a knife and they are not usually in the table settings. Oh well, it's a show

  5. A fantastic SS for a busy GH week! Thank you.
    Might be a good idea to keep the hookster story going. Whoever it is could get rid of a few needless characters. The asst. mayor should go next.
    I love Michael Easton. They should have him wake up as John McBain and make him the police chief. Finn is pathetic.
    Olivia Jerome. Thought she was dead. Guess not.
    Cyrus must get out of jail someday. Technicality? Hope Spence's time is up soon. He should be in the Esme craziness. Looking forward to Sprina.

  6. I love Laura, but can't believe how badly they dress her. Was she wearing a black pinny? The actor that plays Cyrus is excellent. Glad we see him on the show from time to time. Who else is in Pentonville? Johnny Z? Matt ( Patrick's brother)? Would love Johnny Z to come back.So, that is the end of Heather's escape? I hope not. Could Esme's mother be at the same facility with Heather?

  7. I don't think Esme pushed Liz. The Liz story is the worst rewrite/backstory that I can remember. Just terrible. I can barely watch anything related to this ridiculous story. And I can't stand how they're trashing Jeff Webber.

  8. I liked Finn when he was first introduced. He was quirky and fun. Now, they have destroyed his character.

    At this point, I would like for Finn and Austin to go away and then, a few weeks later, have John McBain and Todd Manning return.

    1. Sorry. Didn't like those characters. Vampire man kept staring off into the abyss with what he thought was a sexy pout, and Todd kept trying to play for laughs by stuffing his face full of food. It took him years to get over that. Don't send him back.

  9. A reminder that our Diane (Carolyn H.) will be guest starring on NCIS tonight.


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