Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Crying Wolf


Mixed bag for me this week. I felt like the show chopped itself into TWO shows and then just inserted things wherever it could. Friday was a puzzling mess for me. Maybe it was my mood because we got snow? At least I'm not my brother, he's sitting on 5 feet right now!! eek! Buffalo South Towns are always dumped on! 

Ok, here we go... grab something good, sit back and I'll tell you a tale...or seven! 

So there was a LOT happening with week and when I sat down to write this, it's so apparent that there's a million stories going on and it's hard to keep track. Especially when we jump from timeline to timeline and it makes me dizzy!! We can't say it's boring though...right? RIGHT!!?? 

SMARTIE OF THE WEEK: I'm starting off with the good stuff!! Sure we could dwell on Elizabeth and her father and stupid Finn but why bother? WE have THIS!! Thank the writers that they put her smack dab into Nikolas and Esme's Tower of Terror Tale! Do I think Liz wouldn't automatically run to the police and get the ambulance there? Do I care?????? NO!! I'm loving it. Her connection to Nikolas, her figuring out ol' Esme was faking it and her just leaving because she has other matters to attend to!! LOL "WELP, Nikolas, figure it out"!! MORE please. She'd better not bring Finn on board to help with this or I'll scream! 

SMARTIE TWO OF THE WEEK: Geesh, Laura, we've needed you in this here town! She just knows things. Like... Holly being in cahoots with Victor. To be fair, anyone with eyeballs could see she was acting guilty but it takes Laura to spell it out to Robert. He finally climbs on board and they set Holly up to give Victor the wrong address for Anna :clapping: 

NOTE: I would like everyone to take notice that the two most intelligent people on the show this week were women!! 

EDIT OF THE WEEK: I rag on the editing department weekly so I'm throwing them a kudos this week. I LOVED how the Fake-Out Anna capture was done!! The cutting between the chase and at the end, the house being empty while Anna escaped. Oh, it was just like Prime Time!! 

VISIT OF THE WEEK: Sprina Fans got a little closer to their dream of Spencer and Trina finally figuring out that they are in wub and ready to roll. Rory has been out of the picture for awhile now, hasn't he??  Anyway, Trina goes to see Spencer and they discuss the letter he left. Then he finds out she went to Comic-Con with the Cop and he's all jealous. In the end, he ended up walking out and Trina stood there wondering (again) what is up. 

COTTAGE CORE OF THE WEEK:  Oh geesh, I have to bring them up because it's a step toward Willow and Nina reveal. Michael gets the bright idea of hosting a bone marrow drive. Leo finds Dex's phone! Drew offers to help Willow find her birth parents!! To be continued.. PS. So obvious Drew has nothing better to do in his life but find her parents. He of course, does suspect that Carly has lied about the DNA test she had done. We will see how this plays out. 

CAUGHT OF THE WEEK: Whoops. Holly-- you have some explaining to do! says Robert

NOW WE KNOW OF THE WEEK: Speaking of Holly, we saw her shoot Lucy and then change out of her wig, mask and clothes. We all knew it but confirmation was given. 

DNA TEST OF THE WEEK: No, it's not CODY... it's Curtis!! Seems like he doesn't have the genetic markers for schizophrenia after all! Not only that, he has ZERO! Portia points out how unusual that REALLY unusual. It made us all pause: Is Marshall NOT his father or does Marshall not have the disorder!!? Either way, Trina is clear! 

SOAP 101 AND 102 OF THE WEEK:  Joss continues to get closer to a sweaty Dex and actually gets her mother to go fetch some antibiotics! Who better to do that than the woman that nursed Jason and Sonny numerous times for various mobular injuries. And I get it...Dex is the 'bad boy' with a heart and Cam is the nice guy that gets the shaft. Only, I'm not a Dex fan...he just doesn't 'fit' for me. BUT I'M TRYING because I know this will be a 'thing'. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  HA HA HA!! Liz finds out Nik is the father of Esme's baby!! 

MISSING OF THE WEEK: Um.. the hooker? 'Member them?? It was a great story with good momentum and then.......??????? Hell, even Heather seems to be gone!! What the heck?! Couldn't you have at least hooked someone from Trina's Trig class or something!!? 


Trina visits Spencer and both walk away with nothing resolved 

Curtis does not have the markers for schizophrenia. 

Gladys is tempted by Ms Wu to gamble money away 

Michael and Willow want to launch a bone marrow drive 

Michael realizes Dex's phone was lost by his gatehouse 

Joss nurses Dex with a little help from mama

Brick is in trouble with Sonny for helping Carly

Esme fakes a baby mishap and Elizabeth realizes her ruse

Finn and Jeff have it out, Liz tells her father to leave

Austin wants to know RIGHT NOW if he and Maxie are a "Match" 

Sam and Spinelli dig up dirt on Cody but Sam is afraid it involves Dante 

Mac is sad Cody isn't his son...Cody is faking to claim the necklace

Valentin goes to the safe house to tell Anna she has to move 

Robert and Laura cook up a plan to see if Holly's a mole

Holly gives the wrong address to Victor and we see she shot Lucy 

Victor finds out Cody and Britt have the Ice Princess necklace 

Austin tells Britt a specialist will see her about her symptoms

NEWS AND NOTES: Sprina Fans Did IT UP!!!!! They got together and flew a banner for Nicholas and Tabyana over Prospect Studios! 

Twitter migration has started. I know NLG is over on Mastodon and I think others will follow. I'm at and look for the #GH hashtag. Once you choose a server, it's not too difficult. So far Twitter is holding and I'll be there until it implodes or costs to post! 

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK AND BEYOND:  Holly is caught in her deception, Gladys gambles with the future,  Look for Q Turkey Day on the 29th and Dante goes to see Heather in jail.  Also: Repeat GH on Thanksgiving Day and No show on The Friday. 

More little things that happened:  Sam and Dante had some cute 'family' scenes as did Felicia and Mac. The US Marshall guy was obviously working for Victor because I think Holly is the one that called him. I don't think Joss and Trina are worrying too much about their grades, do you? I like the Gladys/Wu touch, I need something to shake up that whole storyline. Maxie and Austin continue to vex me. Austin is so much more with Britt and everyone can see it. Happy Spin and Sam are working to get to the bottom of Cody. Having Leo find Dex's phone was a good touch too. Finn and Alexis talking in the AA meeting was a bonus. I like those two together. They are making Nina the new busy-body about town and I'm not sure I dig it. Sonny's still dimple donning around which doesn't bother me a bit. If I forgot anything else, I'm sorry!! TEW MUCH !! 

That's a wrap!! Hope you enjoyed the read! Remember you can order your holiday cheer using the link to the right. See ya next week for 3 days! 


  1. Thanks Karen

    What was Marshall taking for medication? I forget. He's probably not Curtis's father would be my guess. IDK.

    I liked the Liz scenes and I really like the scenes with our vets. Laura is so smart. Have her solve and clear Anna. Of course, Finola is probably on vacation for 2 months so it won't be too soon. She'll be on vaca for 2 months, then JPS will film his show and we won't see them together until May :(

    How did Victor find out about the necklace? I don't get to watch all the time

    I don't like Dex, but that is usually how soaps work.

    Where is the "hooker" story line? Hellloooooooooooooo...... It actually was pretty good until they completely dropped that one too.

    1. I think Marshall was misdiagnosed as he never had any other symptoms for the rest of his life. The locked him up there cause he was a troublemaker and have kept him medicated for years. Experimenting in the mental hospital...

    2. Guessing they want to trick us into thinking its Esme

  2. I could watch rebecca herbst and avery pohl everyday. both very talented.

  3. Thanks for a fantastic SS, kd.

    And as you said: " We can't say it's boring though...right? RIGHT!!?? " So much action, so many happy scenes.Why would we bother looking for something to complain about.

    Not perfect. WHO CARES. I also just rejoiced in the happy parts and forgot the rest. Loved that they kept it fast and interesting.

    Go Laura and Liz. And all you wonderful vets...bringing a little joy to our screens and more wonderful humor.

    I look forward to next week.

    1. Yes. Thankful for the vets for sure. Enjoying Joss Cam Trina Spencer and even Esme for the most part. Like having Emma Samms if only for short time too.

  4. Thanks for another great SS! It was a busy week.
    The Austin thing is so weird. His entire demeanor changes when he's with Britt. Even his voice is different.
    Love the Anna fake capture scenes. Well done.
    As were the Liz/Esme fake out scenes.
    Willow and Michael are hopeless. I don't even care about Nina being her mother.
    Joss has grown out of Cam. Girls do that. I like Dex now. He fits in perfectly thinking who's daughter Joss is.
    Letting a big story, like a serial hookster, drop is a big problem. They do it too often. It seems like they start a story with gusto and then they just don't care.

  5. This is not political at all, but all the Elon Musk talk ---- so most new bosses DO clean house and are not liked when they take over a company or building ---- just funny to me people act like he is the first boss to be 'mean' or whatever the word is...
    ----Totally think hooker stopped so Nik can still think it's Esme, but the hooker doesn't know that/haven't seen Rory in a while and the ADA is busy with Anna.
    -----I have searched and searched and find nothing about Anna on vacay so I HOPE she isn't gone long-----------love love the vets especially LAURA in charge....I still think Holly is gonna confess and either fake her death or will disappear and be gone ---- cause she has finished filming??
    ------Phyllis still in PC and/or is Joyce Guy still on recurring?
    ------ I think when Drew finds out Carly lied that he will 'dump her'.......
    ------hope whatever Dante did is kinda big ----- clearly Sam is scared.......
    ------Britt always finishes the end of this month.


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